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Chapter 1

"Happy birthday dear Alex, happy birthday to you!" all the Titans sang and then clapped. Alex had a large smile as he blew his candles out, as well as the two large number candles in the middle of the cake: 13! Yes, Alex Garfield Logan was thirteen years old, making his mother feel very old even though she was only thirty-three.

"Yes, I'm a teenager!" shouted Alex triumphantly.

"And that means your finally a true Teen Titan," said Cyborg, ruffling the freshly new teenager's blond head.

"Yes, but he's not going to go out and fight crime," said Raven as she began to serve the cake around to the large Titan family.

"Yeah, I've got enough to do," chuckled Alex. He really did have his plate full, what with school, sports, clubs, and just having fun with his friends. He was in the eighth grade, having been skipped ahead a year when he was seven, so he was the last in his grade to turn thirteen. This was his family party, which was on his actual birthday. His friend party had been on the previous Saturday.

"Finally, now I'm the oldest kid in the house," said Arielle, who was going to be ten in three months, as she accepted her piece of cake.

"I'm second!" said the nine year old Caley as she took her cake next.

"I'm third," said seven year old Austin, who was going to be eight in seven months.

"No, I'm third," said his twin Aaron. "I'm older."

"No you're not!" said Austin.

"Yes I am!" said Aaron.

"Dad, who's older?" asked Austin.

"Which one of you has the birthmark?" asked Beast Boy as he scooped ice cream onto everyone's plate.

"I do," said Aaron, sticking his tongue out to his brother.

"Then Austin's older," said Beast Boy.

"Hah!" said Austin victoriously.

"So does that mean Nick is the fourth or fifth oldest?" asked Caley about her younger brother, Nicholas, who was going to be seven in two weeks.

"I think that makes him fifth oldest," said Alex.

"I'm gonna be seven, not five," said Nick. He had the same facial features as his older sister, but had dark hair like his father and green eyes like his mother. At the moment he was missing one of his top teeth and this caused him to whistle when he spoke.

"Yeah, but now you're the fifth oldest kid," said his older sister, Caley, explaining.

"And Malissa is the sixth oldest then," said Arielle, referring to Cyborg and Bumble Bee's daughter who was going to be seven in one month. Even though she was adopted, she looked a lot like Bumble Bee, and that meant she was a beautiful little girl.

"And I'm still the youngest," sighed Cyborg and Bumble Bee's second, adopted, child Justin, who was four and a half. He didn't really look like Malissa, his eyes and skin were a little lighter, but he was a very cute little boy.

"There's nothing wrong with being the youngest, big guy," said Cyborg kissing the top of his son's head.

"Enough of this age business," said Raven. "Everyone eat your cake or you won't get a second piece." That shut the children, and one teen, right up and they began to eat their cake.

"Should I get Alex's gifts out of hiding?" asked Bumble Bee softly to Raven.

"Yeah, he seems pretty preoccupied," said Raven.

"Nicholas, do not consume so much at once!" said Starfire to her son. "You shall choke just as you did at Caley's party of her birth."

"No I won't," said Nicholas as he attempted to put a spoonful of ice cream into his mouth.

"Hey, listen to you mother," said Robin, taking his son's spoon out of his hand and putting it down on the plate. "Besides, you eat too much sugar anyway."

"No I don't!" said Nicholas.

"It's a party, let him have some sugar," said Beast Boy.

"Yeah, and you can try to get him to go to sleep at night," said Robin.

"Excuse me, but I believe I'm the one who gets Nick to sleep at night," said Alex, and Robin couldn't argue with that. Every night Alex read a story to Nicholas and somehow got the hyperactive kid to fall into a very deep slumber.

Alex, who was now starting to mature, had become very aware of his special powers and one day his mother sat him down and told him everything; from his demon heritage to his powers. Raven concluded that Alex's abilities were as follows: like his mother he was an empath, had healing powers, and, when he really concentrated, he could levitate pretty high into the air. Now he couldn't exactly fly, but levitation did have some advantages.

And, unlike his mother, Alex had the ability to calm people by focusing on them. He also figured out that when he chanted the mantra his mother had told him, he was able to stop arguments and fights and cause the two parties to immediately come to an understanding. Everyone was pretty sure that he was going to be responsible for world peace someday.

"Alex, look at your gifts!" said Justin pointing to his mother and father who were carrying the gifts in. All the kids turned and gasped.

"Awesome!" said Alex, forgetting about his cake and running over to all of his gifts.

"Dang, we were so close," sighed Cyborg.

"Alex, we're not doing gifts yet!" said Raven. "Everyone's still eating cake."

"Please?" begged Alex.

"No," said Raven. "Get back over here and finish your cake."

Alex sighed and made his way back over to the table. He sat down and began to eat the rest of his cake and ice cream with a fake pout on his face.

"Nicholas! You are eating too much too fast!" said Starfire.

"Nuh uh," said Nicholas defiantly and attempted to eat more cake.

"Mom said slow down!" said Caley, shooting a starbolt at her brother, hitting his spoon and sending it flying away. The cake that was on his spoon exploded onto Nicholas' face, shocking him for a second.

"You're not supposed to use starbolts at the table!" shouted Nicholas, who then sent a starbolt of his own back at his sister. She let out a scream and then sent one back at him. It wasn't long before the two were flying around the room, shooting at each other.

"Hey, not in the tower!" yelled Robin.

"Enough, do not fight!" said Starfire, who was flying around and following her children.

"Take cover!" shouted Austin and Aaron at the same time and they dove under the table, as well as Arielle and Malissa. Justin was laughing up a storm and Alex knew that once again he had to save the day.

"Azerath… metrion… zinthos," said Alex very calmly. A soft light exuded from him and coated the room.

The two little half alien children drifted back down to the floor, calmly. "I'm sorry," they both said together and hugged.

"Awe, it was just getting good," said Austin as the children crawled out from under the table.

"Were any of my gifts hurt?" asked Alex.

"I don't think so," said Beast Boy.

"Let's go you two," said Robin to his two kids, who knew they were in for another lecture. They sighed and followed their father out of the common room.

"I do not know why they fight like that," said Starfire feeling very upset about the commotion her children had caused.

"Don't worry about it, Star," said Bumble Bee. "All siblings fight, some more than others."

"You do not think I am being a bad mother?" asked Starfire.

"No, they're just normal kids," said Cyborg. "Raven and BB's kids are the weird ones, always getting along and sharing and keeping quiet."

"I'm not weird!" said Arielle defensively as she wiped icing out of her hair.

"He's just trying to get a rise out of you, sweetheart," said Raven. "Ignore him."

"Hey!" said Cyborg.

"I've got ice cream on my dress," cried Malissa.

"Come on, honey," said Bumble Bee taking her daughter's hand. "I'll get you cleaned up."

"I really am sorry about this," said Starfire. "I hope they have not ruined your party, Alex."

"Naw, I'm used to the starbolt battles," said Alex smiling. "In fact, if there wasn't one today I would think that something was wrong."

A few minutes later the room had been cleaned and the two Grayson children returned. They both went up to Alex, said sorry, then sat down calmly. Now Alex could finally get to his gifts.

By the end of the day he had received a brand new stereo, a stack of CDs and DVDs, five new shirts, and a meditation mat. He had taken up meditation all on his own, after he saw that his mother did it to calm down. With her help, he learned that when he meditated all of the emotions he was feeling from all of the people in the tower dulled down a little.

"Did you have a good birthday?" asked Raven to her son as he departed for his room for the night.

"Yeah, it was great," said Alex with a large smile and giving her a hug.

"I can't believe you're a teenager," sighed Raven.

"I know, it's so cool!" said Alex. "Well I gotta go read to Nick, so good night."

"Good night," said Raven and she watched her son run off to Nicholas' room. Now all of the children were put to bed and that meant the adults could rest for a little while. Raven went to her husband, who was tying up a trash bag. "He's a teenager," she moaned.

"Yeah, how cool is that?" said Beast Boy.

"It's not cool at all," said Raven. "I feel like we were just teenagers ourselves. How can I have a son that's thirteen? God, I feel so old!"

"Raven, you're only thirty-three!" laughed Beast Boy.

"I feel like I'm fifty-three," she said, burying her face into Beast Boy's chest as he brought her into a hug.

"Oh, you're ridiculous," said Beast Boy, rubbing her back. "You're still young. You know, most women start having kids at your age."

"I know," whined Raven. "I feel so out of place. I mean, I was a mother of four by the time I was twenty-five."

"Well so was I," said Beast Boy. "I mean, a father of four."

"I just don't want him to grow up," said Raven. "I don't want any of them to."

"I know, but it has to happen," said Beast Boy.

He held his wife for a little while and then they decided to head to bed, themselves. Parties always exhausted them out and after that lovely starbolt fight they were all feeling pretty tired. They checked in on their four children, all growing up in front of their eyes, and then headed off to bed.

They changed into their pajamas and crawled into bed. They had been married for almost a decade, but they felt like they were still young lovers. Neither could fall asleep without the other. Beast Boy snuggled up to Raven and let out a relieved sigh as he took in his wife's scent. Raven smiled and sighed as well as her husband's strong arms held her close.

"Thanks for giving birth to Alex today," said Beast Boy softly and kissed her.

"Thanks for knocking me up thirteen years ago," said Raven, kissing him back.

He let out a soft chuckled, as did Raven, and closed his eyes, allowing sleep to finally take him. Raven smiled and rested her face on his chest. His heartbeat always lulled her to sleep.