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Chapter 11


"Happy birthday dear Alex, happy birthday to you!" all the Titans sang. Alex had a large smile as he blew his candles out, as well as the two large number candles in the middle of the cake: 17! He had his little sister in his arms and she was helping him blow out the candles. When they were out everyone clapped and three year old Anna-lee giggled and squealed happily. She looked just like Arielle and had the same strawberry blond hair as her sister.

"One year away from eighteen," said Cyborg, giving Alex a few birthday punches.

"I know," said Alex with a smile as he rubbed his now sore arm. "One year from being a legal adult." He was now as tall as his father and just as handsome.

"Yeah, one year until we can finally kick you out of the tower," laughed Beast Boy.

"He's already in college," said Raven as she cut the cake. "How much farther do you want him to go?"

"Don't worry mom," said Alex, kissing his mother on the cheek. "I'm not going anywhere."

"Good," said Raven and she handed him his cake.

"Do we have coffee ice cream?" asked the almost fourteen year old, budding Arielle.

"I think so," said Bumble Bee. "Check the door of the freezer."

"I want strawberry ice cream, please," said seven and a half year old Justin.

"Here you are," said Starfire, who was in charge of the ice cream distribution.

"Can I have two scoops?" asked the almost ten year old Nicholas.

"I don't think so," said Robin.

"But I won't run around, I promise," said Nicholas.

"No," said Robin. "You sealed your fate on Anna-lee's birthday with that little trip to the hospital."

"Yeah, no more stitches," said twelve year old Caley teasingly to her brother. Nicholas got a starbolt ready, but his father shot him a death glance. He quickly put his hand down and began to eat his cake.

"I still haven't gotten a piece," said Malissa, who was one month away from being ten.

"Here you go," said Raven, handing her a large piece, making Malissa lick her lips with anticipation.

"Thank you," she said with a large smile.

"Where's dad?" asked Alex, who suddenly realized his father had disappeared.

"He's getting your gift," said Raven.

"Kinda late to be buying gifts, isn't it?" said ten and a half year old Aaron.

"Dad probably broke the original and had to buy another one," snickered Austin.

The twins laughed and their mother nudged them both. "Hey, cut it out," she said. "Only I'm allowed to make fun at your father."

"Hey, what about me?" asked Cyborg with a smile.

"Okay, only the adults can make fun of him," said Raven.

"One more year, Alex," said Aaron, patting his brother on the back.

"Yeah, then you can make fun of dad all you want!" said Austin.

"I could, but I won't," said Alex.

"And that's why you're my favorite boy," said Raven.

"What!" the twins shouted in shock.

Raven chuckled and the twins knew that she was joking. The doors opened and Beast Boy came in. He had a large, flat box in his hand that looked to be wrapped in the car.

"There you are," said Raven.

"Hey, sorry I took so long," he said running over. "I'll be back in a second." And with that he ran out of the room, with the gift. Alex looked slightly confused, but shook it off and went back to eating his cake.

Beast Boy quickly came back and got his own piece of cake at last. He and Raven exchanged a few quiet words and would look at Alex, which he found very suspicious. He knew his parents were planning something, he just wasn't sure what.

Finally they moved from the cake to the gifts. Alex mainly let Anna-lee open the gifts for him, since she enjoyed it far more than he ever could. She sat on her big brother's lap and tore the wrapping paper apart.

"You're good at this," said Alex to Anna-lee.

"I know," she said proudly. She was in a little light blue party dress that had yellow flowers on it. She was probably the most loved child that had ever been born in the tower; mostly because all of the other children took care of her just as much as the adults. She was the baby of the family and that in its self made her special. And she was a wonderful little girl, even at the age of three. She really was just like all of the other Logan children.

"Thanks everyone," said Alex after he, or rather Anna-lee, opened the last gift.

"Thank you," said Anna-lee, who still hadn't realized that the day wasn't about her. Everyone laughed and she smiled.

"What about the gift dad just got?" asked Aaron, who never missed a beat.

"Yeah, where is it?" asked Austin.

"That's his special gift and he's not unwrapping it yet," said Raven.

"Why not?" asked the twins.

"Because it's special," said Beast Boy, ruffling his sons' blond heads.

Anna-lee let out a long yawn and that meant it was time for her afternoon nap. Raven scooped her up and went to put her down. While she did that the rest of the adults began to clean up the common room from the party. Alex went to drop all of his new stuff into his room.

As he put away a stack of new CDs he heard his door open and he saw his parents walk in. "Hi," he said with a smile.

"Good birthday?" asked Raven.

"Yeah, you looked like you cleaned up," said Beast Boy, looking at all of the gifts.

"Awesome birthday, as usual," said Alex with a chuckle. "So, is this about my "special" gift?"

"Yup," said Beast Boy, taking the gift out from behind his back. He handed it to Alex, who smiled.

"I wonder what this could be," he said, shaking the box. "Let me guess, clothes?" It was obvious that it was a clothes gift box.

"In a way," said Raven with a smile.

"It kinda feels weird not to have Anna-lee open it," he said as he unwrapped his gift. He opened the box up and couldn't believe what he saw. "Is… is this what I think it is?"

"Depends on what you think it is," said Beast Boy.

Alex took it out and threw the box aside. He shook it out and looked upon a suit. But not just any suit. It was a superhero's suit. The material was light blue at the neck and slowly faded into midnight blue at the legs. On the chest was a white diamond and within it was a large A. It also came with a mask, much like Robins, but it was blue, not black.

"This is… this is…" stuttered Alex.

"Your own costume," said Raven.

"And," said Beast Boy reaching into his pocket, "this." He handed Alex his very own communicator. "You're an official Titan now."

Alex felt dizzy he was so shocked and happy. "Is this for real?" he asked, not believing it. "I mean, am I really a Titan?"

"Yes you are," said Raven with a smile, which was hiding the fact that she was very nervous about all of this.

Alex looked at the suit and the communicator and gave his parents the biggest smile they had ever seen on him. He threw them on his bed and hugged his parents as tightly as he could. He released them and then picked the suit back up.

"This is so cool!" he shouted. "Can I try it on?"

"Of course," said Beast Boy, throwing the mask, that had fallen on the floor, over to him. He and Raven went out of their son's room so he could change.

Alex put the skin tight suit on and looked at himself in the mirror. He was now really thankful that his father had made him workout, because he thought he looked rather… well, good. He grabbed the mask and put it on. He struck a pose and then quickly turned towards the doors.

"Okay, come in," he said, beaming.

The door slowly slid open and his parents reentered. Alex felt slightly embarrassed and hoped that he looked as good to them as he looked to himself. His parents were shocked for a moment, then let out a big smile.

"So… what do you think?" he asked, nervously.

"It fits you like a glove," said Raven.

"You look great!" said Beast Boy. "See? I told you working out everyday wasn't pointless."

"Yeah, you were right," chuckled Alex. "This is just… unbelievable. I can't believe I'm a real Titan now."

"Neither can I," said Raven, on the edge of tears.

"But, I have a question," said Alex.

"Shoot," said Beast Boy.

"I get that the mask is to hide my secret identity and all," said Alex. "But, won't the A across the chest and the fact that everyone calls me Alex give me away?"

"Well, you're not going to go by Alex anymore," said Raven.

"I'm not?" asked Alex. "So… I got a superhero name too! What is it?"

"Angel," said Beast Boy and Raven together.

Alex thought about it for a second and smiled. "Cool, like the X-man!"

His parents looked at him queerly for a second and then both said, "Shit!" They quickly covered their mouths, but Alex just began to laugh.

"We, uh, didn't realize that there was an X-man called Angel," said Raven.

"That's okay," said Alex. "He's just a fictional character. I'm gonna be the real Angel. How'd you come up with the name, though."

"You've always been my angel," said Raven.

"And your powers have all to do with keeping the peace," said Beast Boy. "So, we just thought that Angel would be perfect for you."

"So, does this mean that I get to go out on missions with you now?" asked Alex.

"That's what being a Titan means," said Beast Boy.

"And you think I'm ready?" he asked.

"I know you're ready," said Raven.

"Yeah, it was her decision," said Beast Boy. "I've been asking for the past two years to make you an official Titan."

"So, this is the real deal," said Alex, just to make sure.

"Yes," Raven sighed. "It is. But could take the mask off now?"

"Oh, yeah," said Alex grabbing the mask and peeling it off.

"Much better," said Raven, happy to see her son's face.

Suddenly the siren went off, and that meant one thing. Trouble! Beast Boy smiled, Alex felt like he was going to explode from the excitement, and Raven felt like she was going to cry. She knew that he was ready to take care of himself, she just didn't want her Alex out there in the danger again.

"Come on, bud," said Beast Boy with a smile. "Let's go, it's your first mission!"

"Awesome!" said Alex, putting his mask back on. The two ran out of the room and left Raven, feeling sick from the nervousness.

Suddenly Alex ran back in and wrapped his arms around his mother. "Thanks, mom," he said. "And don't worry, I'll be fine."

"I know," said Raven, hugging him as tight as she could. She released him and said, "Now go out there and show your father up."

"You got it!" said Alex with a smile and he ran off to join the other Titan men.

Raven was now left all alone in her eldest son's room. She slowly went over to his bed and sat down. She couldn't believe her son was a Titan now, fighting and risking his life for the better good. He was almost an adult, and she still couldn't get over that. But no matter what, he would always be her angel. Her little cherub.

The End