Hiya peeps

This is a Kyo+Yuki M rated story! You no likey, you no ready END OF STORY!

I feel that I am obliged to tell you that I am a huge smut fan and as such this story will be inspired by my dreams (we all know what kind of dreams I'm talkin about). As this is the case, if you blush easily this might not be the story for you!

I would also just like to add that all the POEMS/RHYMES in this story were written by me!

With the exception of the few lines that are in bold, those lines have been borrowed and tweaked a bit. If you wanna use my poems, ASK FIRST!

Well with no further ado I give you...drum role please...the first chapter of...

Diary of a SINNER!

----The Times He Rhymes----

I went into his room to put a spider in his bed, that's all, I swear. But that's when I found it, hidden under his pillow, that's when my troubles began...

I'd found his diary, the "glorious princes" personal journal. I could finally make his life hell, IT WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! That is, until I read what it said...

All the roads that lead to you are winding,

And all the lights that guide the way are blinding.

I don't see you as the rain comes down,

All see upon your face is a frown.

The rain clouds my vision, I see you no more.

I've lost all sight of you in this downpour.

The real you'll have grown to love and cherish,

Seems like it's about to die, to perish.

Is there no way to keep you from the pain?

Is there no way to keep away the rain?

The storm goes on it rages all around you,

And still you do anything you want to!

First comes thunder and then comes the lightning,

Something that for me is very frightening.

Because all the roads that lead to you are winding,

And all the lights that guide the way are blinding...


I was completely confused, what the hell is that supposed to mean?

Who wouldda guessed that Yuki wrote his journal entries as a rhyme? I kept reading, hopping to find some dirt that I could use against him in the future, but all did was dig myself in a bigger hole. I meant to screw with his mind, but I just ended up screwing with my own...

I tried to tell you how I felt today,

But I chickened out and walked away.

If I told you you would call me disgusting,

Laugh in my face and be untrusting.

Just because we're cousins, must you stay away?

Fighting with me each and every day.

In my position there is nothing left to do.

Though my feelings for you are genuine and true.

There is no way that we could be together,

That's one thing that won't change ever.


OH, so "prince" Yuki's in love...I wonder who it is. Wait a minute, why would it be disgusting? Unless...IT'S A GUY! Holy fuck, that's a disgusting thought. Oh my god! I have enough dirt on him to last me a lifetime, WOO HOO!

Wait...Just...One...Second! Did he say cousins?

HOLY FUCK, he's in love with Shigure!

Wait, that can't be right, he doesn't fight with Shigure, he only fights with...

"Oh shit", the book fell from my hands, banging onto the floor with a surreal thump.

SOOOOO... waddaya think?

I'm sorry if the poems are a bit cheesy XD

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