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Harry Potter: A Hot New Musical!

I Don't Feel Like a Super Hero

A hush fell backstage as the truth dawned on the teenagers of Hogwarts. Their play was coming to an end. Did this mean that their school year was over also? So much had happened… nothing seemed the same. Their Headmaster was no longer with them. Voldemort was still on the loose. They found out that the sinister Snape had been a traitor all along. Who could they turn to? There were so few left.

Harry Potter was brooding quietly… not even his friends came near him. He was in a mood and nothing would bring him out of it. Ginny was surrounded by a cluster of girls (including Hermione) as they cooed and tried to comfort her but she didn't seem to be listening to them.

Everyone were off in their own worlds.

It wasn't until Luna came to her senses (or what was left of them) and frantically signaled that the last scene was to take place that anyone even moved. The entire school was called forth for the finale as a cardboard train pulled into a set that resembled a train station. The Hogwarts Express…


"Do you have to go home first Harry?" Ron asked as the trio leaned against a pillar and waited for the crowds to thin before boarding themselves. Harry sighed and nodded sadly. Hermione frowned sympathetically and placed a hand on her friend's shoulder.

"It was Dumbledore's wish that I stay with them until I turn 17… the legal age," Harry explained solemnly. "Otherwise I would go straight with you to the Burrow Ron… you know that." Ron winced at the snap in Harry's tone but decided not to comment on it.

"Well make sure to owl us if the Dursley's get too terrible," Hermione instructed as the three began to finally board onto the train (though they walked rather slowly). "And owl us anyway if they don't." Harry had to smile at the seriousness in Hermione's voice and he nodded in agreement.

"I will Hermione," Harry said softly, a twinkle returning to his eye. Hermione beamed at him and Ron clapped Harry on the shoulder.

"Or I could try to call you again," Ron added with a smile curving on his lips. Harry acted as if he were horrified and shook his head wildly.

"Whatever you do… don't do THAT," Harry pleaded and ducked Ron's playful shove. Hermione rolled her eyes and muttered something along the lines of 'pathetic!' before marching off onto the train.

"Hurry up you two or we'll never get a decent seat!" Ron quickened his pace somewhat urgently at his girlfriend's tone but Harry paused for a moment and looked back at the school instead of hurrying like Hermione asked. Could anything ever be the same again? What would become of the school? What would become of his friends? What would become of him?

Hermione's piercing shriek brought Harry back to his senses and he dashed over to the train. Just in time too… it was nearly ready to leave! When Harry finally had clambered onto the train and it began to leave the school he felt a new wave of sorrow wash over his body.

It was the beginning of the end. Everything he knew was going to leave him.


The stage went pitch black and the audience gasped in surprise. Even the theater was bathed in darkness and the anticipation built.

When the lights came back on the entire cast had formed long lines up and down the stage but the main characters remained in the front. Slow and soothing music floated from the orchestra pit, onto the stage, and into the audience's ears.

The spotlight fell onto Ron. He was the first to open his mouth and sing a line to the slow and haunting melody. He stood far to the right of the stage

"I've done a lot… Merlin knows I tried," he sang and looked upwards in despair. The spotlight instantly was off of him and had shifted to Draco Malfoy who was further down the stage to the left.

"To find the truth… I've even lied," he sang mournfully and the spotlight left him and leaving just a dark patch in the crowd. The light instead moved to a young man in the very center of the stage. A very familiar young man.

"But all I know is down inside I'm," Harry paused as three separate spotlights fell onto the three soloists and they harmonized on the final note.

"Bleeding." All the students in the background then took up some very gentle 'oohs' and 'aaahs' while the spotlight fell onto Luna Lovegood.

"And Super Heroes come to feast," she sang prettily but distantly. As usual. The spotlight once more vanished and then reappeared on Ginny's face (which still seemed tear streaked despite her fresh coat of makeup).

"To taste the flesh not yet deceased." Before the light flashed away again you could see her gazing openly down at Harry with a look of sadness and fear. The light turned up on Hermione's face and completed the trio of girls.

"And all I know is that the beast is," there once more came a pause before the light came back onto all three and they harmonized as the boys did.

"Feeding." As the last notes were sung the background singers grew stronger and row by row… the lights brought about their appearance on the stage.

"Ooooo," the back row sang and the lights came up gloriously on their faces.

"Aaaaah," the row before them added and the lights also flashed on their faces.

"Aaaaah," the next row added and the same happened for them.

"Ooooo!" the front row finished and at that point the harmonies and the volume was so overwhelming that the audience came close to tears. Then all at once… the voices came to an abrupt stop. They continued to stand on the stage as a strange and mysterious voice filled the theater.

"And crawling," the soft and silky voice began, "On the planet's face. Some insects called the human race." The voice took a brief dramatic pause before continuing on with its monologue. "Lost in time… lost in space." The audience found themselves transfixed by the voice and could only concentrate on the haunting and dark words that it was saying. "And meaning." The instrumental carried on until, as a whole, the cast echoed the final word in song.

"Meaning…" The lights stayed up for several seconds more and then went out entirely. The audience also paused for a moment, soaking in the ending, and then began to applaud loudly. Several jumped to their feet with emotion and clapped with gusto, tears streaming down their eyes. Others remained seated and clapped a little softer but still were entirely moved by the performance.

No matter how they chose to express it… the audience loved Harry Potter: A Hot New Musical!


Soon, the curtain calls took place and several small characters rushed to the stage first to receive some applause. Among them were Blaise, Cho Chang, Crabbe and Goyle, Seamus, Dean, Marcus Flint, Hagrid and those orphans from the orphanage scene. The other students quickly dodged Hagrid's unsteady form (he was still a little distraught from the funeral after all) and quickly went backstage again.

After them came Luna, Neville, Pansy, and Lavender. They took their quick bows and quickly dashed off the stage (though Lavender did have to pull Pansy along a bit). Shortly after the three girls and Neville, the Death Eater's appeared. This received either loud applause or good-natured booing. No one really KNEW that they were the real deal. Bellatrix, Mrs. Malfoy, and other men and women in masks appeared on the stage and held their wands out menacingly which caused the audience to laugh and shriek.

Once the Death Eaters were clear, the two teachers strode out proudly. McGonagall was looking as fierce as ever and Snape as greasy and brooding as usual. The audience went wild and while the Gryffindor Head bowed graciously, Snape gave a curt nod and was on his way. Right after came Draco (who was all alone) and he bowed with a flourish and a smirk before also exiting out of sight.

Ginny and Viktor came next and the two bowed but refused to touch each other. The audience ignored this however and continued to applaud as loudly as possible (some let out some catcalls which Ginny ignored but Viktor responded too). After the interesting pair, another took their place. Rufus Scrimgeour and Percy Weasley occupied the stage while various Ministry members accompanied them and beamed.

After the intimidating Ministry workers left, Remus Lupin and Tonks also came onstage and were holding hands bashfully. Tonks nearly tripped on the way out and Remus quickly caught her with a soft smile. Tonks mouthed a thank you and then the two bowed before an ecstatic audience. Ron and Hermione raced out after them, hand-in-hand and, smiling cheerfully. They bowed and, per request of several screaming audience members, gave each other a moderately passionate kiss up on the stage. Both were flushed but did not seem displeased with the public display of affection. They too were soon gone.

Then, with a dramatic flicker of lights, Voldemort himself strode out. The audience went crazy then as they whooped and hollered for their favorite villain. The disgusting man raised his arms up as if in triumph and smiled in a very snake-like manner. He too disappeared but this time in a puff of green smoke. That left only one character left and the audience was ready for him.

Harry Potter jogged onto the stage and smiled widely when the audience exploded in applause and shouts of appreciation. He waved timidly and slowly bowed (as he wasn't sure what exactly to do) before the audience. Several girls in the audience screamed loudly and held up "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" signs up so that he could see them. Harry pretended not to notice. He also noticed that several audience members had purchased t-shirts during the break between acts.

There was a variety… some read "Something's Coming… and Harry's not gonna like it", others said "Ron and Hermione forever!" or "Harry and Ginny forever!" or "Ginny and Dean forever!" or "Ron and Lavender forever!" or "Hermione and Krum forever!" or "Draco can smirk at me any day!". Others had quotes from the musical embroidered across the front or back while others just had the logo in bold print. It was all rather overwhelming for Harry and he invited the entire cast to come up and join him again.

They all rushed up again (with a few other extras that did not ask for a curtain call) and took their final bows. The cast smiled and beamed proudly and tried not to notice that Dumbledore was not able to take a curtain call.

Finally though, the cast was forced to exit and left the standing ovation with proud beams on their faces. Well… most of them did anyway. All of the students besides Draco to be more exact.

Once they were all backstage they felt themselves suddenly leaving the theater… and none of them could be happier.

They were going home.


Later that evening… as the audience members all went home to their families and the theater lights were all shut off and all was quiet once more, one solitary voice broke through the darkness.

"All by myself." Yes, the Phantom was singing sadly to himself in the rafters. "Don't wanna be all by myself… anymore!" He already missed the childish voices that irked him so and the laughter that had nearly drove him to insanity mere hours ago. Now there was only silence. "Don't wanna live all by myself anymore…" his voice trailed off and he gazed down at his magical lasso through his half masked face. He fingered it thoughtfully and began to consider… what if he brought a new bunch back? A brand new fresh talent that would stun and amaze the theater world?

It was worth a try.

With a soft smirk, the Phantom curled up onto the softest spot of wooden rafter he could find and began to dream beautiful dreams.

He could hardly wait for the morning.

El Fin?

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