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Title: For you I will

Chapter:You and me

It was two weeks ago that I realized she was the one. It was then that I knew how I Felt about her. It was then I knew I would do anything for her.I knew that I couldnt live any longer without telling her how I felt.

I saw her today sitting at her desk, looking threw some files. I knew I had to tell her how I felt. I went over to her,she didnt notice me untill I called out her name. Thats when she looked into my eyes...her beautiful eyes. This was my time.

"Hey."Thats all I could say.

She looked at me smiling, shes doing it again,she's reading my mind. She put her hand on mine. Im blushing,I know I am, man I hope she didnt notice.

"You ok?". She asked smirking.

"Uh yeah I just wanted to talk to you."

"Ok."She motion me to sit down which I did."What do you want to talk about." She asked going back to her work.

I hesitated...Come on,you can do this just ask her.

"You still there?" She asked peering threw her glasses.

"Um...I uh,was just wondering would you...like to go out,sometime."

She gave me a puzzeling look.Great shes going to say no..

"O.k."She gave me another look then stood up.

I look up at her then smiled.

"Pick me up at 7:00."She said.

"Ok well,how does Italian sounds."

She pulled me up from the chair."Italiano sembrare prelibato."(Italian sounds delicious) She said smiling.

Man I finally asked her, tonight me and her together...

That night I got ready,putting on my best suit.At 6:45 I went to my car and drove to pick her up.

7:01 I walked up her steps shaking,Come on get a grip its only dinner...I rung the doorbell on like the second rang the door open and there she was in a slender red dress thin straps perfect fit..

"You look great."


Within ten to fifteen minutes we made it to this new Italtian resturaunt,we ordered our food.

"Thanks."I said taking her hand.

"For what?"She asked taking a sip of her drink.

"For coming out with me".

The waiter came with our food.We thank him and he went off to do his work.

"I was wondering when you was going to ask me out."She said before taking a bite out of her food.

I looked up at her."You knew."

She nodded."Yeah I did,I was going to ask you if you wasnt going to ask me before you did."

I smiled.I cant believe were actually together...For about twenty minutes we talked about things in general,life,work,kids even our recent case...

"So you saying the kid is better off without his father." she protested.

"No I'm saying the kids better off without a rapist as his father."

"People change".

Before I could make a comback my pager went off. I looked at it then sigh.


"Whats wrong".She asked looking at me.

"Cragen wants me back at the station." I said giving her an apoligetic look.

"Its cool go to Cragen."

The waiter came with the bill I paid.Then we got up.

"Im so sorry about this."

"Its ok really."She said as we walked to my car."Go to Cragen I'll take a cab home--

"Noway Im taking you home."I protested opening the car door.

She smiled getting in the car...We drove the rest of the way listening to music. We arrived at her house and went up the steps.

"Thanks,for everything."

"No problem,this just like highschool,going on a first date."Did I just say that.I must sound stupid.Her laughter broke my train of thought.

"Call me when you get a chance."

"Ok I will--

Before I knew it she had leaned in and kissed me.Her soft lips against mine. I put my arms around her waist as the kiss deepends.My pager goes off again.She took my pager and looks at it.

"You should get going."She said giving me her famous grin.

"Yeah,Ill seeya."I said taking back my pager.

She began walking up the steps but I grab her arm and gently guided her back into my arms kissing her. Her blonde hair flowing down her shoulders.

"I want you."I said running my hands down her slender waist. She smiled her blue eyes burning in mine...a perfect match.

"I love you Alex."Maybe that took her by surprise because she pulled away.I looked at her."Did I...say something,Im sorry if I--"

She shook her head."No you said all the right things."She said smiling pushing her blonde hair away from her face.

I nodded."Well...seeya."I said getting ready to go back to my car.

She took my hand."I love you to Elliot."...

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