Soooo, I typed this up for fun and, on the advice of a friend, decided to post it. It's just a cute little story with Reno and Elena, who I think look cute together. And me, but that's just 'cause...Anyway, I have the whole thing typed, and I'll get it up soon. Oh, and I can't think of a good name for the story, can anyone help?

Elena: (cause I want her to) Wolf does not own Final Fantasy or Gold Saucer /Which I guess are actually the same thing./

"Hey, Reno, can you take me up in the chopper?" A girl around six years old, with white-blonde hair and pale blues stared at the man sitting at his desk. The man had messy red hair that came to a tail at the base of his neck and bright blue eyes. "Please? Mr. Tseng won't take me up in it, 'cause he hates me."

"He doesn't hate you." Reno turned back to his desk. "Yeah, I'll take you later."

"How later?" The girl pulled herself up on Reno's desk.

"When I finish my work."

"You're not taking this beautiful chance to skip out of work?" The girl began swinging her legs.

"Tseng threatened to cut my salary if I did. Get Elena for me, would you?"

The girl nodded and jumped off Reno's desk and skipped into the hall. She glanced down the hall and ran to Elena's office.

"Who is it?" The woman who looked up had brown eyes and blonde hair that was combed to one side.

"Wolf." The girl pushed open Elena's door and stuck her head inside. "Reno wants you for something."

Elena sighed and stood up. "Do you know what?"

"Uh-uh. But he says he'll take me in the chopper afterwards."

Elena pushed Wolf carefully out the door and followed her to Reno's office.

"What'd you need, Reno?" Wolf ran in and cart wheeled as Elena spoke.

"I need you to sign this for me." Reno held the paper out to Elena.

Elena took the paper, signed it at the bottom and handed it to Reno. "Anything else?"

"We're going in the chopper! You should come!" Wolf bounced up to the desk. "Will you? Please, 'Lena!"

Elena glanced at Reno, who shrugged, and squatted next to Wolf. "You really want me to go?"

Wolf nodded. "Uh-hu. You will, won't you?"

Elena laughed. "Alright. When are you going?"

"I'm going to change, you should too." Reno stretched.

Elena nodded. "I'll be back in half an hour."

Wolf watched her leave and then turned back to Reno. "This is ok, right?" She was dressed in a smaller version of the Turk uniform but without the tie or coat and a dark red T-shirt.

"Yeah. Now, wait here until Elena or I get back." Wolf nodded and watched Reno leave the office.

--- --- ---

"Yay!" Wolf kneeled on her seat and stared out the window of the chopper. In the seat in front of her, Reno was dressed in a dark blue T-shirt over a white long sleeve shirt, jeans and a pair of boots.

Elena glanced over her shoulder at the excited six year-old. She was dressed in a light blue, button-down shirt, jeans and boots that matched Reno's.

"Wolf, sit down."


"No buts. Sit." Elena reached back and pulled Wolf down into her seat.

"Now I can't see!" Wolf pouted and sank low in her seat.

"Yes you can. Look out the window."

"I can't see the ground."

"Here, you can sit in my lap." Reno glanced quickly over his shoulder.

"Reno! You're flying." Elena shook her head at Reno.

"Then let her sit in your lap." Reno glanced over at Elena, and smirked at the look on her face.

Elena glared at him. "Alright, fine. C'mere, Wolf."

Wolf whooped and climbed into Elena's seat. She sat on Elena's knees and leaned against the window.

"Wolf, sit still." Elena held onto Wolf as she bounced on her lap.

"Oh, look! The ocean!" Wolf pointedout the window. "It's so blue."

"Yeah." Reno glanced over at her and Elena, both leaning against the window. "How does the Gold Saucer sound?"

Wolf screamed and spun around. "Really! You'll take us?"

"Reno? Are you sure?" Elena turned around as well.

Reno shrugged. "Why not? We're both off work. Don't you want to go?"

"Please! C'mon, 'Lena. Can't we?"

Elena still looked on the verge of saying no, but Wolf gave her the irresistible puppy dog eyes. "Please, 'Lena?"

"Alright." Elena laughed. "But you've got to get in your seat when we're over the ocean. Alright?"

Wolf nodded and hugged Elena. "Ok." She turned and scrambled back to her seat. "How long's it gonna take?"

"A few minutes." Reno suddenly smiled slightly. "Maybe fifteen or twenty."

Wolf nodded and turned back to the window, staring out at what she could see of the ocean. The helicopter rocked and she glanced around to see Elena glaring at Reno.

"Don't you dar-" The rest was cut off by a scream from both girls as the helicopter dove.

"I've lost control!" Reno yelled, gripping the cyclic (The controller thingy) as the ocean sped up towards the helicopter. Just before they hit, Reno pulled back on the cyclic and pulled the collective, (The gas, sorta) pulling the helicopter out of its dive. (I don't actually know that this was possible or not, but whatever.)

"Reno! You jerk!" Elena screamed, closing her eyes. "Are you alright, Wolf?"

Wolf looked up, her eyes wide, and nodded. "I'm ok."

"What if you hadn't been able to get that back up?"

"Elena, calm down." Reno put his hand on her shoulder. "I know what I'm doing."

Wolf suddenly began giggling. "That was cool!"

"Wolf! Don't encourage him."

"Sorry." Wolf fell silent, still giggling.

After ten more minutes, they reached the Gold Saucer. Reno landed a little ways away so as not to be seen and they had to walk into Correl.

"Yay! The Gold Saucer!" Wolf bounced around, giggling excitedly. "We get to go to the Gold Saucer!"

"Wolf, calm down." Elena put a restraining hand on the girl's shoulder as they climbed onto the lift.

Wolf bounced in her seat and stared out the widow the entire ride up to the Saucer. Reno sat between her and Elena with his arms over the back of the seat and Elena sat watching the other passengers.

Wolf: Ok, first chapter. Let me know what you think. And now, on a totally unrelated subject, I found out why they call it "Final" Fantasy. It was because the company was on the brink of bankrupsy (sp) and that was the last game they could afford. Hence, "final". It obviously ended up being HUGE and the rest is history. As it were.