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"So, you ready to go?" Elena looked up to see Reno leaning against the doorframe.

"I am!" Wolf ran to Reno and looked up at him. "Are we going now?"

"Yes." Elena spoke up first. "We've already got a load of explaining to do to Tseng."

Reno rolled his eyes at Wolf when Elena turned her back and Wolf giggled.

They left the inn, Wolf waving good-bye to hanged man behind the desk. They walked to the gravestone that would take them back to the main square and Reno bowed the two girls through first. He glanced around at the spooky scenery and jumped in after them. Reno jumped out and saw Elena and Wolf on their back on the floor. He dimly registered that someone screamed and he threw himself to the side. A gun flashed and Reno swore as a bullet tore through his leg. His EMR shot from its holster on his wrist and into his hand as he landed and spun around.

"Reno." He turned to see a man with black hair and piercing, grey/blue eyes. He was dressed all in black and smiling coldly at Reno from his seat on top of the "Gold Saucer" sign. "You're as good as the stories say."

"Who are you?" Reno spat at the man's feet.

The man glanced at his men and then turned back to Reno. "My name is Renin."

"Ow!" Wolf sat up and rubbed her head, glancing around. "What's going on?"

"Ah, yes. The ladies." The man was suddenly standing at the bottom of the sign. "Come here, girl."

Wolf stared at him with wide eyes and shook her head. "No. I don't want to."

The man took a step towards Wolf and she stepped back, her eyes wide and shook her head. "Go away."

Reno watched as Wolf backed further away. "Wolf, come here."

The little girl did as she was told and ran to Reno. Renin laughed as Wolf buried her face in Reno's leg. Reno growled suddenly and pulled his EMR back into its holster as Elena sat up.

"Come on. We're going back." Reno grabbed Elena's arm and pulled her to her feet.

A man stepped in front of them, blocking the way onto the lift. Reno stopped and glanced at Elena, who was staring around with a small trail of blood running down her face.

"I'm not just going to let you leave." Renin appeared behind them. Reno ignored him and swung his arm at the man in their way, his rod jumping to his hand again. There was a flash and the man lay twitching several feet away.

"Get in there and stay." Reno pushed the two girls into the lift. Renin made a noise from behind him.

"I see. You weren't running. Good."

Reno turned around and swore loudly. "Shut up. I hate arrogant people."

Renin laughed coldly and pulled out two, thin blades from somewhere in his coat. Reno flexed his arm and began tapping his rod on his left shoulder.

Renin charged first, swinging the blades low for Reno's legs, and then changing direction and slicing upwards. Reno jumped high to avoid the blades and swung his EMR down at the other man's head. There was the grating noise of metal on metal and Reno landed right next to Renin, whose blade flew into the air. Renin kicked at him, knocking Reno off him and to the side. Reno jumped up and blocked Renin's blade as it swung down. Reno deftly spun his EMR around and sent Renin's blade flying to the side.

"Game over." Reno shoved his EMR into Renin's face.

"Wait! Reno, don't!" Wolf ran out and grabbed Reno's arm. "Don't kill him."

"What?" Reno looked around at Wolf without taking the rod from Renin's face.

"Mr. Tseng says he's got to come in alive." Wolf shifted guiltily, "He just sent a message that said; more or less, that wherever you are, you have to find this man. There was a picture attached of him."

Reno stared at her. "Tell Tseng: I hate him."

Wolf giggled and ran back to the lift as Reno hauled Renin to his feet. "I'd much rather kill you, but the job says I don't."

Renin spat. "I have twenty men here with me; you think you can take me?"

"Reno, let's go." Elena looked out from the door of the lift, holding a rag to the cut on her with one hand and a gun in the other. "If anyone moves, I'll shoot you in the face. You've already ticked me off enough today."

One of the men moved towards Reno as he pulled Renin towards the lift. Elena glanced at him and fired. There was a shout and the man stumbled back, his hand going to the long, thin trail of blood on the side of his face.

"I don't miss twice. You have three seconds to clear off before I unload this gun into you." Elena glared around at them. "One. Two." They scattered, running into the Saucer.

"Hey, Reno!" Wolf looked up from the floor as Reno led Renin in and found something to tie him up with. "Tseng says you've got half an hour to bring him back. And then there's this word-" She pointed at the screen, "-that I don't recognize, but I don't think it's a good one."

Reno looked over her shoulder and laughed. "He shouldn't be sayin' things like that around you."

"C'mon, Reno. Get this thing fired up and let's go." Elena was still standing in the door, watching the retreating men outside.

"Nag, nag." Reno began messing with the controls. The only sounds were the occasional thud and swear from Reno and the steady typing of Wolf. The lift jerked violently, throwing Wolf onto her back, and Elena into the doorframe.

"Time to go and face Tseng." Elena sighed and sat next to Wolf. "Hey, do you want to know the answer to your question? It's yes."

Wolf giggled. "So's Reno's, but he wouldn't actually say it."

Elena stared at her for a minute and then blushed and looked away.


"What were you doing at the Gold Saucer?" Tseng stared at the two adults and one child standing in front of him.

"It's my fault." Wolf stepped forward. "I made Reno take me up in the chopper and made Elena come with us."

"Made?" Tseng looked down at Wolf in amusement.

"Well…No, but…" Wolf shuffled her feet. "We went 'cause–why are you laughing?"

Tseng was laughing quietly into his folded hands. Behind Wolf, Reno and Elena exchanged confused looks.

"Mr. Tseng, are you ok?" Wolf ran up to the desk so she could look at Tseng's face through his hands. "What's so funny?"

"Whose idea was going to Gold Saucer?" Tseng spoke through his chuckles. "I knew you were the reason for the chopper ride."

Wolf made a face and stomped back to her spot next to Reno who spoke up. "It was my idea to go to Gold Saucer. But we weren't going to stay so late."

Tseng shook his head and stood up. "You have papers to do on Renin's capture. I want them finished for tomorrow. You're excused."

Wolf followed a grumbling Reno and an amused Elena out of the office. Behind her she could still hear Tseng laughing for some reason.