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"Where daddy?" a little girl asked her mother in the plane. Her mother looked at her then looked out the window where she saw the clouds that looked like a V. She took her daughter and pointed at the V. She told her about that being the symbol of a GIRL. Then she remembered. Her and her daughter sat there thinking.

"He's somewhere sweety," She finally answered. She looked into her daughter's eyes. They were green like her's, Oh would she kill to have those eyes be blue like her father's. But, as much as she wished her daughter got her father's eyes, she wouldn't want to change a thing about her Princess. Princess Maddie.

Magdalene Claire Neveu was born into the world when she was six months. Not nearly a whole baby yet. She was, a little miracle. She was... so tiny, so cute, when she was born. But, since she was premature, she had to be kept in the hospital for months. Just to be observed, and just so she would live a day over one. The doctors said she wouldn't live to be four. That she would 'pass away' before or about her third birthday.

But, Maddie came and conquered life. She went through her firsts', her first words, first steps, first hug, first smile and the unforgettable laugh that she had. She went through her terrible two's. It wasn't really terrible until she almost died when her heart stopped beating for two seconds. And tommorrow, she would be four. She would pass her discovery age of three when she questione everything that she set her eyes upon. But somehow, Sophie knew that Maddie would question things FOREVER. After all, her mother and her father work solving questions that they all had.

"Mommy, hug," Maddie said wanting a ug from her mother as the lane desencded from the air. Sophie smiled and took Maddie in her arms. As the plane went back on land, Sophie looked at her beautiful daughter's eyes and saw hapiness in them, she smied. She knew she made the right decision. She made the right decision moving. Moving somewhere she thinks they belong. Moving to America...

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