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Wutai was beautiful this time of year. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom and the entire place was filled with their scent. Rugs were hung out of windows and brooms were deployed with full force. Even the streets were being cleaned. People were chatting and children were running away with stolen honey cakes.

Reeve watched them run with amusement. He had often done the same thing when he was a child. Those memories were especially dear to him. They were a time when he had no worries and nothing but having fun to work on. It was difficult to believe he was even away from Midgar and his work. He had been cornered by Cloud and Cid in his office, demanding he go to Wutai with them.


"Godo called, yelling about how something was wrong with Yuffie and that we needed to fix her."

"Fix her? What's wrong?"

"Dunno. Get out of that damn chair and we'll find out. You're closest to her, so you're coming."

"She hasn't spoken more than three sentences to me in the past two months."

"I don't give a shit, you're coming."

So here he was, taking time away from his job to 'fix' whatever was wrong with Yuffie. He was exceedingly fond of the ninja, even if he had to keep a close watch on his materia when she was around. It had become a sort of game by this point in time, him hiding the materia and Yuffie finding it. Thus far, he had not won, but he would eventually. There would be a place he would hide the materia and she would never find it. Now if only I can find that place, I'll be set.

"There's Staniv." Cloud pointed to a person walked toward them.

"I'm glad you've arrived so soon. We're all worried. Lord Godo is waiting."

They found Godo in a study, pacing furiously and muttering to himself. Lines creased his face where none had before, and the anxious look in his eyes made everyone uncomfortable.

"You're here! Good! Now you can fix her."

"Fix what, exactly?" Cloud said. He had never been one to ask questions delicately.

"I'll show you!" Godo went to a wall that held a giant mirror and pushed a piece of the frame. A door slid open beside the mirror. "Go in here and don't make a noise. You can watch through the mirror."

Reeve went through first. He felt a thrill at being in a situation from a mystery novel. The hero discovering a secret passage and a two way mirror. It was short lived, seeing as both Cloud and Cid were in there with him. Cloud settled against the wall opposite the mirror, arms crossed. Cid just stood with his arms crossed. Reeve stepped to the side, allowing Cloud a clear view of the room. He watched as Godo told Staniv to bring Yuffie to him.

Moments later, a young woman entered, bowing demurely at Godo. She was beautiful, dressed in a traditional kimono with exquisite embroidery. Her hair was pulled up in an elaborate style with many ornaments adorning it. Perfectly applied make-up completed the look. There was something tickling the back of Reeve's mind about the woman, something familiar.

"Yuffie." Reeve felt more than saw Cloud jump slightly in shock. Cid had eyes as wide as the tea cups Shera used.

"Yes, Father?"

Father? When did she start calling Godo that? And what is she doing wearing that outfit and being obedient?

"I've decided that it's time for you to marry. I'm looking into suitable husbands for you."

"I'd rather not marry, but if you wish it so, then I will not argue ."

"Good. That's all. On your way."

"Yes, Father." Yuffie left he room, taking delicate steps instead of her usual ground eating pace. They waited until Godo shut the study door before leaving the hidden room.

"Did you see that? THAT'S MY DAUGHTER! Being calm and obedient and dressing appropriately! She's even started doing embroidery again! She serves TEA! And now she's even agreed to an arranged marriage!" Godo's face was red with anger and he was nearly sputtering. "You're her friends! You find out what happened to my daughter and FIX IT!"

"When did this start?" Cloud asked.

"Two months ago, right?" Reeve said before Godo could answer.

"That's right. One day she just started being a proper daughter. Nearly gave me a heart attack when she served me tea...the only thing she's not doing right is living at her mother's house. It's hers, but an unmarried girl shouldn't live alone."

Two months ago, Yuffie had visited him. Something had been bothering her at the time, but he let it go when she said it was nothing for him to worry about. Now he regretted it. She had been happy to see him, even when he filled her shoes with jell-o in the middle of the night. She had hugged him after beating him up for doing it.

"Where's the house at? We'll go visit the brat and find out what the hell's the matter with her." Cid looked like he wanted to smoke an entire pack of cigarettes at the moment. He only did that when worried.

They got directions to Yuffie's house, and set off after their friend. Reeve was lagging behind the others, lost in thought.

What in the world could happen to make Yuffie change so drastically? That girl bounces back from things that would break most people. But something broke her. It's not that she's dressing differently. The spark in her eyes is gone. She doesn't even bounce when she walks anymore.

"Reeve, any ideas as to what happened?"

"Hmm?" He looked over at Cloud, startled out of his thoughts. "No, she was acting a bit strange the last time I saw her, but nothing comes to mind."

"Well, the brat better have a damn good reason for acting like this. Walking around being all lady-like."

"You say that like it's a bad thing, Cid." Cloud spared his companion a glace before going back to scanning his surroundings. It was a habit they all shared from their days fighting in AVALANCHE.

"It sure as hell is! That girl ain't a lady any more than I am!"

"You would look hideous in a dress, Cid. Might I recommend wearing a tutu instead?" Cid scowled at Reeve, which only made him chuckle. "All joking aside," Cid snorted but remained silent. "Why do you think Yuffie is not capable of being a lady?"

"Cause she's a bratty materia thief!"

"Oh, how I pity you, Cid, not noticing Yuffie's feminine qualities."

"I'm too busy making sure my materia stay put to notice anything, jackass!"

"Such a pity...she's an excellent cook and fights dirty in pillow fights."

"Probably burn everything in the damn house..." Cid went on muttering to himself.

"You get in pillow fights with her, Reeve?" Cloud had an actual expression on his face for once, one of shock. Reeve calmly and quickly pulled out a camera and snapped a photo of it. It was never too late to gain blackmail material. He waited until he put the camera away to answer.

"She stays with me when she visits Midgar. I thought you knew that."

"No, I didn't. That's a little inappropriate, don't you think?"

"Not at all. She has her own bedroom, and we plot about just how we can prove Vincent is a vampire after all. The only problem we keep running into is how he can walk around in daylight...he got slightly annoyed when we threw a garlic wreath around his neck when he came to visit once."

"I can imagine..."

"Wait, she's got her own room at your place, and the damn vampire's there too!" Cid said, once again joining the conversation.

"Oh, yes. Her own set of keys as well. As for Vincent, it's so much fun for him to come over and play."

"You know Reeve," Cloud said. "Somehow when you say that, it sounds illegal."

Reeve chuckled, but did not argue the point. It truly did sound illegal, but Yuffie was over eighteen and quite capable of defending herself. He had felt the evidence of that more than once in the form of bruises.

"Just what do you guys do together? Besides trying to prove Vincent is a vampire?"

"You ain't doing anything indecent, are you? I'll wring your neck if you took advantage of that brat's affection."


"Oh, please. Yuffie fucking adores you. You're the one she runs to see and knocks you on your ass with a hug."

"Ah, I do love being glomped. I feel quite special for being the only recipiant of her glomps."

"You better not be getting anything else..."

"Are you insinuating something?"


"Just making sure."

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