This is a VERY short drabble I wrote after the Season Two Finale. It's about what is going Jack's head while he's bound and gagged on the dock. I don't know if it makes much sense but I like it...I don't use names because I like fics that are a little confusingbut you can kind of figure out who he's talking I hope you enjoy!

Fix This

He had led her into this trap. This death trap. He had known what the consequences might've been. But then why? Why did he take her? Taken her into certain danger? Because he had thought he could fix it. He thought that he could fix all the problems, andget Walt backwithout anyone getting hurt. But he had been wrong. Two people were dead and now they were captives; bound and gagged. Why had he led her there? Why? The look on her face when she had found out that he had known; known that they were walking into a trap had killed him. He had told her he had a plan and she had trusted him again. Put her faith in him again. But his plan hadn't worked. They had been captured. He had watched her struggle on the ground; watched her cry out in pain. Even when he had taken her on his back he had let her down. They had both been taken. He had led her to her death. Why? Did everything he touch go wrong? Was Sarah the only miracle? Could he do no more? He hadn't even gotten to tell her loved her, not that after what he had done he even deserved to. Should he just give up? No, he couldn't.She was still alive, bound and gagged next to him. And he had to protect her. He had to fix this. He was Jack and he had to fix this.

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