This brings to an end the first book of the 'Adventures of Ranko-chan'. The second book 'Martial Arts Family Vacation Challenge' is currently being outlined. I'm taking a month or two off to pursue some other projects, but I will be returning to this story soon.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took the time to write a review or send me a private message. Your support was crucial to the completion of this book. Thank you for all the praise (which I hope I earned at least some of the time) and even more for all the corrections, concerns, and suggestions along the way.

Specifically I'd like to thank JWG, Howard Russell, O.T.Hill, borg rabbit, and Arbe471 for constantly keeping me on my toes and helping me to become a better writer. Thanks guys!

I'd also like to single out Matrias, AshK, ranma girl 14, SakuraAyanami, and Innortal for hanging in there with this story from the very beginning. Without the support of fans like you I don't think I could have kept this project going.

And now for some awards!

The longest review goes to the hands down winner JWG

The shortest review, winning by just a period, goes to Rubel

The best plot guess goes to Dragon Man 180

The cutest review goes to weebee

The best ego boosting praise goes to Ozzallos

The "I just want to give her one, okay?" goes to Hirrayami Otoni

I'm looking forward to writing for you all again very soon.

Thanks for reading!