"Hey…" Randall greeted, walking carefully over to Owen, who was sitting on the deserted steps of the school, and sitting down next to him. After the previous month's events, he wasn't quite sure how to approach the poor guy. Luckily, Owen got off fairly easy though he was still under intense probation.

Owen looked up almost reluctantly and looked at Randall with an exasperated expression.

"Look," he began with a sigh. "If it's about that, I already said it was - -"

"- - But it's not!" Randall cut him off before he could finish. Yeah, he had already said that he had forgiven all of them, but… It just didn't feel right.

Owen sighed again. "Why can't you just accept my forgiveness? You know I only blame Dodger."

"I know, but… I never would have played along if I knew that would happen." Randall looked down, ashamed, and kind of twiddled his thumbs idly like a grade-schooler in trouble. It wasn't like him to be sheepish, but it wasn't like him to not give a damn about his friends either.

"Neither would anyone else!" Owen replied, getting impatient. "Just drop it already!"

Why was Randall being so… Not Randall-ish? "Drop it…" He repeated. His tone was softer than before. It was almost as if he were pleading Randall not to push the subject.

Now it was Randall's turn to sigh. "Fine…" Defeated, he got up and brushed himself off. "But if there's anything I can - -"

"It's okay." Owen assured, looking away stubbornly and waiting for Randall to leave. He hated him being like that. It was better when Randall was a perverted jack-ass. Then at least he was amusing. Now, he was just getting annoying. Owen knew Randall had good intentions, but he really didn't need the sympathy.

Much to his dismay, however, when he turned his head back, Randall was still there. Hell, not only was he still there, but he was bent over and his face was only inches away from Owen's – and he looked serious.

"Wh-what the Hell-?" Owen, surprised, jerked his head back. A light redish color just ever so slightly tinged his cheeks. After he regained his composure and took a few good, deep breaths, he thought of a remark.

"I know you're a complete pig around women, but I didn't know you fancied men," Owen retorted, trying to cover up his embarrassment. It was indeed clever, but it probably wasn't the best thing to say when Randall was all serious-looking. Randall, however, just grinned wolfishly. This made Owen a little uneasy.

'Be careful what you wish for…' rang through his head. He had wanted the old Randall back, and here he was.

"Yeah," Randall replied teasingly, kneeling down on the steps and getting closer to Owen. His lips were now barely hovering over Owen's ear, his hot breath tracing it.

"Maybe I do 'fancy' you." With that, he nipped lightly at Owen's ear before quickly giving him a peck on the lips.

Owen was so stunned by this action he could only gawk. Usually he was so calm, but that small peck made him look like the Easter Bunny had just walked up to him in drag and given him a lap-dance. This only made Randall smirk. Deciding to take advantage of the situation, Randall leaned in and licked Owen's gawking lips, only succeeding in shocking the boy even more.

Satisfied, Randall got up and started back to his dorm.

"See you later," he called behind him. Owen could only nod dumbly in response as he tried to grasp what the hell had just happened.