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Chick Flick

It all started simply enough. It was another rainy day in Smallville, Kansas. It was the fourth day in a row to be exact. The rain had not stopped since early Tuesday morning and after four days stuck in the Kent house with nothing to do, Lois Lane had enough. She was not going to sit around and twiddle her thumbs on what was supposed to be the first week of summer. Her classes at Met U were over for the break and she had looked forward to soaking up the sun or swimming with Chloe. The awful weather had destroyed her plans. Not only could she not go out to enjoy her first week of vacation, but Chloe couldn't save her from this endless boredom; the roads had flooded.

Lois stared out the rain covered windows at the dark rain clouds that looked as if they'd never go away. At first she had tried to take the miserable weather in stride. She had to do some summer reading for when classes started in the fall. At least she was able to get some work done. However, by day three of the never-ending rainstorm, she had finished two of her three required books and couldn't stand to read another page. She slammed book number three at page five and began her stare down of the dark rain clouds. It was going to be another long day.

"I think I've entered the twilight zone. Usually I'm the one who is doing the moping around here." A voice brought Lois out of her focused glare at the ugly weather. She turned around and groaned loudly. She had thought nothing could make her day worse, but she had forgotten one thing. She was stuck here with Clark Kent. She was almost certain that by the time the rain stopped only one of them would be walking out of the house. She planned on being the sole survivor at the Kent farm of rainstorm 2006.

"Come on Lois, it isn't that bad." Clark said ignoring her glare.

"Smallville, you might not care about wasting away while our first week of freedom goes up in smoke, but I do. Stop trying to make it seem like being cooped up in here with you is something I should be thankful for. I am not kidding when I say that I am in a bad mood. If you want to live to see another rain soaked day, you should stop telling me that it isn't that bad. It's bad. It's worse than bad. It's something right out of my nightmares. Why did your mother have to pick this week to go to Washington to meet with the other senators? Why did I have to pick this week to stop by for a visit? Why did the roads have to flood? Most importantly why did I have to get stuck here with you? Whose idea of a sick joke is this? Someone is trying to drive me insane. What have I done to deserve this punishment?" Lois ranted on and on while Clark stood there trying to decide if he should tell her that the weather channel called for more rain tomorrow, or wait until she found out herself.


"This is it. I am going to die of boredom. If not boredom I think the rain will continue until it drowns us all. Smallville, if I die by the time this is over, it's your responsibility to make sure I'm buried in the middle of the desert. At least then I won't have to worry about too much rain."

"Lois, you need breathe. I think you are going to hyperventilate if you keep this up." Clark said calmly as he put his arms on Lois's shoulders and led her towards the kitchen.

Lois was too frustrated to fight him, so she let herself be led into the kitchen to find that Clark had warmed up some of Martha Kent's famous apple pie. She smiled despite herself. At least she would die well fed.

After they had finished off half of a pie Clark decided to see if Lois was in a better mood. The last thing he needed was to upset the beast he was sharing pie with. If the rain kept up he was almost certain that she would snap and he would have to tie her to a chair until the rain stopped. It figured that on his first week of summer vacation, Smallville would experience a freak apocalyptic rainstorm. It was even more typical that he had to spend his week alone with Lois. He feared for his safety almost as much as he feared for hers; not to mention the fears over his sanity. Tensions were high to say the least.

"Feeling any better?" Clark ventured timidly, trying desperately to avoid her ripping off his head.

Lois sighed softly and surprised him with a small smile. If she was stuck here with the prince of plaid she might as well try to make the best of it. Maybe if she tried really, really hard she would be able to go a little while without wanting to gouge her eyes out. Sometimes she enjoyed her bantering with Clark. It made things interesting. As she thought this she instantly corrected herself, there was no way she was going to make it through another day of this rain.

"Do I need to answer that?" Lois replied sarcastically.

"Well don't say I didn't try then." Clark answered indignantly.

"Oh calm down, Smallville. I guess you managed to make me feel a tiny bit better. Don't look so shocked. I really like pie, that's all." Lois responded sternly.

"That's better." Clark said with his famous Kent smile. Lois couldn't help but smile back at him.

"What now, Smallville? The pie effect only lasts so long. It doesn't look like the rain is stopping anytime soon, and we have a great deal of time before I get tired. It's only noon, we have a day full of boredom ahead of us."

"We could play a game?" Clark suggested hopefully.

"No, we played one last night and you lost." Lois replied.

"I think not Miss Lane. You cheated. Chumpy is so not a word." Clark shot back.

"It is too a word. Someone is a chump, therefore he is chumpy." Lois replied defensively.

"How come I couldn't find it in the dictionary?" Clark responded, determined to make Lois admit defeat.

"You haven't gotten a new dictionary in decades. They probably didn't use the word chumpy way back in the 1800's." Lois answered ready for a fight.

"Fine, Lois. Whatever you say." Clark replied while rolling his eyes.

"You're no fun Smallville. You give up too easily." Lois smiled.

"She smiled again!" Clark shouted to no one in particular. "It is a sign of the apocalypse. The rain is really going to kill us now!"

Lois slapped him playfully. "Shut up Smallville and come up with something else for us to do."

"We could watch a movie. The VCR is broken but we have a few movie channels available." Clark suggested.

Lois frowned, but then weighed her options. She could mope around in boredom or watch a random movie with Clark. She let out another sigh as she made her decision. "Fine, we watch movies, but I get to pick." she yelled as she suddenly stood up and darted into the living room.

Clark didn't expect her sudden burst of energy, but quickly darted in after her. "Lois, wait a minute you picked the movie last time." he yelled.

It was too late. Lois had already flicked on the television and was searching through the channels. 'Too late Smallville. You don't have the remote." Lois smiled victoriously and waved the remote in Clark's face.

"I can easily change that." Clark replied as he tried to pull the remote out of Lois's hands.

"Oh no, you don't!" Lois yelled as she fought to keep the remote. Lois pulled Clark onto the couch as she tried to wriggle away from his grasp on her arm. "Let go, let go!"

They continued the war for the remote each gaining control for a second, only to lose that control moments later. Clark was now sitting on top of Lois trying to tickle her into submission completely oblivious to how this scene would look to anyone else who happened to stumble in the room. They were lucky it was raining buckets outside.

"Don't you dare!" Lois yelled trying to get away while still clinging tightly to the remote. She gave Clark a giant push and he tumbled off balance onto the floor pulling her with him. They landed on the wooden floor with a smash that shook the Kent house.

"Look what you did." Clark spoke with disappointment as he held up the remote which was now in pieces.

"What I did? You were the one who resorted to tickling. Anything that happened after that was completely your fault." Lois replied accusingly.

"Great, it messed up the television." Clark said angrily as he looked up at the TV which was now switching through channels at a rapid rate.

The channels started switching faster and faster while both Lois and Clark crawled over to see if they could fix whatever the problem was.

"What does this button do?" Lois asked pointing to a blue button hidden on the side of the TV.

"I don't know but don't…" Clark started.

"Oops!" Lois said fake innocently as she pushed the blue button.

"…press it." Clark finished while giving Lois an irritated look.

"Now look what you did." Clark said as the television screen went from flipping through channels to bright green.

"Oh chill out Smallville, all you have to do is press it again and it will turn back." Lois reassured as she pressed the blue button again. As soon as she pressed the button a blinding green light filled the room and both Lois and Clark disappeared. The television screen went black.