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The sequel to Fire Thunder, Lightening. Takes place years after FTL. Contains Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2 and Yu Yu Hakusho

AN-I don't think Inuyasha has a last name, so it's going to be Higurashi

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The New NWC Chapter 1 The Three families

Anything Goes Dojo in Nermia Ward of Tokyo

A lot of things had changed since the failed wedding. First of all after Ranma asked Colgone for assiatance in overcoming the Neko-Ken(Cat Fist). This technique makes the user invincible in battle but it also makes them terrorfied of cats and can only be activated by that fear. Eventually Ranma learns to control it and the first thing he does is challenge the Trollish Pevert Happosai for the Title of Grand Master of Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu(Anyting Goes style) and defeated him with a combination of amazon techniques, the neko-ken, and the old troll's weakness for women's underwear. However the old pervert still poked in every now and then to annoy Ranma, specifically Ranma-Chan

Now that the future of the Anything Goes school was secure, he turned his attention to his fiances. He knew who he loved after the battle with the Phoenix Leader Saffron, so after he and Akane finished High School they snuck out in the middle of the night to get married with their parents as witnesses.

When the sign on the Tendo Dojo was changed to Saotome/Tendo Dojo, all of Ranma's other fiances were crushed, but Kodachi seemed to be the most affected, as usual she turned it into a big melodrama by publicly commiting sucicide by jumping in front of a train. However she was unwittingly saved by the Lost Boy Ryouga who jumped out of the ground, therby pushing Kodachi out of the way and then asking where he was. The nice men in white coats were called and Kodachi was dragged kicking and screaming to the nuthouse. Now he only had to deal with Ukyo and Shampoo.

Ukyo had gone into a depression after hearing about the wedding which she was pulled out of by her friend and cross dressing ninja Konastu, the two of them became closer then ever. When her father Mr. Konji found out about the wedding and how close Ukyo was to Konastu he threathened to disown her if she didn't kill or marry Ranma but the Pigtailed one showed him how happy she was with Konastu and the old man's heart softened enough to let his daughter be...Plus Nabiki paid him what his okonomiyaki cart was worth plus interest. When asked why she said she made a deal with Ranma. Said martial artist cursed form was later seen in a playboy bunny suit with Nabikki taking pictures. With her father's blessing, Ukyo married Konastu.

In dealing with Shampoo, Ranma convinced Mousse that the only way win over the Purple haired Amazon was to defeat her, NOT him. Eventually Mousse believed him, got contacts and went all out against Shampoo and won, they were married soon after. They told their friends they were returning to their ancestral village in China to raise their children but they would come back.

Next Ranma and his mother Nodoka were finally able to get Genma to stop freeloading at the Dojo and forced him to come home where Nodoka tried to make him an honest man again(Good luck)

Ranma and Akane opened the Anything Goes Dojo to students and convinced Soun to join them in teaching. It was easier since he didn't have Genma, Shogi or plans to get his daughter married to distract him.

Cologne The Amazon Elder kept the Nekohaten(Cate Cafe) open in a deal made with Ranma. She lets him teach the amazon techniques he knows as part of his school and his students have work at the Cafe. Ranma tells his pupils 'It's part of your training.' None of them minded since Ranma and the Anything Goes school were famous in Nerima.

The Students of Furinkan High School launched a rebellion against their principal and overthrew him, now Takewaki Kuno was principal. Dr.Tofu was finally able to ask Kasumi on date, but only after getting horribily drunk, eventually they were also married and Kasumi moved to live with him. Ryouga somehow found his way to Akari's farm and settled down with her.

Neko Haten

Cologne Shivered

" Are you sick sensei?" asked one of the students/workers.

" No I haven't gotten sick in 160 years. I felt great disturbance in the Chaotic Aura of Nerima. It was as if it were intensifing. Readying itself for something to come." Replied the Amazon.

A creature appeared out of nowhere in the center of a throne room and instantly bowed before a figure sitting on a throne. This person had purple hair with a stripe of gold through the middle. This figure of authority wore a red tunic and pants with a amber cloak over it.

" You called master?" the bowed creature asked.

" Yes I have a new assignment for you. It involves..." the bowed person's eyes widened and then their lips formed a smirk.

" This shall be fun. Thank you Master." The bowed creature disappeared in poff of displaced air.

Feudal Era Japan

Kagome was making dinner in the kitchen of her home in the Feudal Era when her son Akira popped out of nowhere right in front of her.

" Akira? How you do that?" Akira smiled and jumped off the table. He was now a teenager by human standards, he was wearing a a lab coat made of fire rat fur and matching pants.

" It was simple, all I have to do was switch the air I'm standing in with the air in the place I wish to go. Therefore I'm carried along with it."

" You must spend all your time studying with Sesshoumaru."

" Oh yeah, I gotta keep up with Michiko." Akira spent the last few years at Sesshoumaru's Castle learning more about Alchemy. " Is Shippo here?"

" No he's off somewhere with Souten." Said Kagome. (cue glittery background) " It's so rommantic, the two of them, traveling together, sleeping under the stars in each other's arms." Akira sweatdropped.

" ...Right. And Akemi?"

" Out back training with your father." Akira went their and saw his sister and his dad fighting. Akemi was also a teenager, still prefering to wear her fighting kimono.

" Iron reaper!" Akemi shouted she dove towards Inuyasha, he jumped away and Akemi only hit the ground, Inuyasha lunged to attack, but Akemi pushed off with the hand in the ground using her momnetum to launch herself into a double kick, catching her dad in the stomach and knocking him on his back. She lunged to finish him but Inuyasha rolled over, getting to his feet in mid roll and tackling his daughter. He pinned her to ground and placed his other claw at her neck.

" Akemi, you're dead." He said. Akemi groaned.

" I still can't beat you." She said as she got up.

" You're getting better, you almost had me that time."

" Hey sis, you know for momment it looked like my brother was fighitng with our father." Akemi glared at Akira while Inuyasha laughed silently. It was a joke amoung them that about Akemi's feminine assets or lack there of.

" I'm surprised you were able to spare a momment from your precious Michiko!" There was also a joke amoung them about Akira and Michiko as a couple.

" Michiko and I are sworn rivals!" Akira shouted back.

" Yeah, yeah, sure sure."

" Dinner time!" Called Kagome. They had dinner together and talked about random things until dinner was over. Kagome smiled happily to herself.

' When I found the well hidden in my families shrine and ended up in the Feudal Era I thought it was all a dream. Fighting Nakaru and his minions over the Sacred Jewel shards was a nightmare, but now I have a carring mate. " She looked towards Inuyasha as he inhale his food and asked for more. ' And two wonderful children' She saw Akira use Alchemy make Akemi's food jump out of reach when she tried to grabbed it. The older sibling growled and swatted Akira on the head. ' It's a dream come true.' She was snapped out of her thoughts Akemi spat out her food across the table.

" AKIRA WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY FOOD?" Akemi shouted. Akira was the picture of innocence.

" Why sister dearest, whatever do you mean?"


" Akira, don't mess with your sister's food." Inuyasha replied automatically.

" But I didn't do anything to her food." Akira protested. " Try mine and see if it tastes the same." Akemi gave him a skeptical look but tried it anyway, and promptly spit it out. " See? Why would I tamper with my own food." He ate some of it to prove his point.

" It tastes fine Akemi." Inuyasha reassured her after he shovled in a good deal of her food. Akemi glared at her little brother before running out of the house.

" Akira what did you do?" Kagome asked in a no nonsense tone.

" Sora wa himitsu desu.(That's a secret.)"

" Akira." Kagome growled.

" Aw leave him alone Kagome. Pups from the same liter are supposed to prank each other. In fact Sesshoumaru put wax in my rice every morning when we were little." The neko hanyou could feel a migrane comming on.

" You two tried to kill each other!"

" Nah we were just fighting over our old man's sword." Inuyasha grumpled before gulping down more food.

In a clearing within Inuyasha's forest.

" Akira is a creep! And he nevers gets in trouble either!" Akemi ranted to her best friend Katsuro, son of Kouga the Leader of the Wolf demons. They'd knew each other since they were pups and could tell each other anything.

" I could take care of him for you." Katsuro offered.

" I'll take care of him myself...but you can help if you want." Akemi replied. They snuck back to her house and found Akira reading a book. They grabbed bucket, filled it with water and were about to dump it on him when Kagome called "Akemi, it's the night of the new moon, time to visist your Obaa." This alerted Akira but not in time to avoid the water.

"Child's play." He said before drying himself off with Alchemy. Kagome found just as he finished.

" Akira you picked a good night to come home, since it's the night of the new moon, we go back to visit your obaa." Akira and Akemi smiled, like typical grandparents, their obaa spoiled them rotten when they visited.

" I guess I should go now." Katsuro said and started walking away.

" No I think she would like to meet the father of her great grandkids." Kagome teased. This caused the wolf demon to freeze in his tracks.

" Come on Oka-san, Katsuro is my best friend. Thinking about him as my mate is too werid." Akemi said unaware of the pink on her cheeks.

" II'lll see you later, Akemi-chan." Katsuro stuttered before running off. Akemi chuckled silently at her friend's antics and turned to see her mother giving her a knowing smile. Akemi brushed it off and jumped down the well, her family following.

500 years later

They all jumped out of the well and arrived at Higuarashi Shrine. They were meet by a small fox with a mixure of silver and gold fur. Kagome picked up the kit and rubbed it behind the ears.

" I knew it was only a matter of time." She said to herself. " Otou-chan, your daughter is adorable." Two vases in the well house transformed in to Souta and Kina, they were both adults now.

" I know, Oka was gushing over her for the past hour."

" What's your name little one?" Kagome asked while tickling her under the chin.

' On no, she's turning into mom!' Thought Souta.

" We named her Emi." Said Kina.

" Uncle Souta, why were you and Aunt Kina disguised as vases?" Asked Akemi.

" Hide and Go seek." The kitusne said. The group went to the main house.

" Kagome, welcome back." Said Mrs. H.

" Good timing Kagome, we need to talk about something." said Ji-chan.

Sometime later

" A haunted temple huh?" said Inuyasha.

" Yes, the local houshis and mikos have been unable to exorcise it, and they have requested our help." Said Ji-chan

" I heard lots of werid stuff happens in Nermia." Said Kagome.

" It sounds like fun! Let's go!" Said Akemi.

Elsewhere in Japan

In a forest filled with dead human bodies a bear demon laughed triumphantly.

" With the power of these humans souls, and the astral amplifier, I shall become the most powerful demon in the human world!"

" Don't count on it!" Shouted a voice from the end of the clearing. " Beatsoi, D level bear demon. Wanted for mass murder of humans, stealing from Koenma and being really ugly." The speaker smirked. " Time for you to pay."

Beatosi backed away in fear.

" No... it can't be... the Raven Mazoku."

" I see my rep presedes me." Raven Mazoku said while walking forward. " Now are we doing this the easy way or the hard way?" Beatsoi turned and ran away as fast as he could. Raven Mazoku sighed. " Why do they always run?" He pointed his hand with pointer finger foward and his thumb straight up. " Spirit Gun." A stream of blue light shot from his finger and impaled the fleeing demon through the chest, he feel forward dead. Raven Mazoku kicked him onto his back and grabbed a necklace with a red ruby on it.

" Yusuke, you're supposed to capture them, not kill them." Said a blue haired girl, wearing a kimono and riding on a paddle.

" My way's faster. Besides I got Koenma's toy back." Yusuke tossed the necklace to Botan.

" It's not a toy Yusuke! Whoever has this becomes exponentially more powerful with each soul they consumed."

" Apparently it doesn't work, that guy was a wuss." Botan pretended not to hear him.

" By the way, isn't it you and Keiko's anniversary?" asked the Grim Reaper. Yusuke stiffened and looked horrified.

" Oh no! Keiko's going to kill me!" He ran through the forest, as fast as he could, which needless to say is pretty fast.

Yusuke Urameshi 35 years old and the only half demon to ever become Spirit Detective. When he was 14 he was hit by a car saving a little boy's life, died and after several trials was able to come back as detective for supernatural criminals. Durring a case it is discovered that he is the ancestral son of a Demon King named Raizen and is fired. He traveled to Demon World seeking his roots, makes peace with his ancestor and returns to Human World to marry his sweetheart Keiko Yukimura. He is later rehired as Spirt Dectective but the reasons are yet unknown.

Back at Yusuke's hometown

A teenaged boy with brown hair was spraying grafetti along his school's wall. Sirens were heard shortly afterwards and a pair of police officers came out.

" Keiosu? This is the 10th time." Said one of the officers.

" 11th." The boy muttered. The second officer looked through their notebook.

" He's right." The boy smirked.

" But who's counting?"

" The Judge is, and your parents too, or at least your mother." Said Officer one.

" Do we really need to read you your rights? I'm sure you have them memorized." Said Officer two.

" Oh let's just get this over with." Said Keiosu, he walked to the police car, and jumped in.


" One more offense Mrs. Urameshi, and that's it." Said the Police officers.

" Yes I understand." Keiko replied and shut the door. Then she turned to her son. They were in the living room of their home.

" Do you want to be locked up?"

" I don't care." Keisou slumped in his chair.

" But there are other people that DO care!"

" Like who? Otu?" Keiko was silent. " I'm going to my room."

" Yusuke, why aren't you here?" Keiko sighed. Yusuke burst into the room. " Speak of the demon and he appears."

" That's not funny." Said the Spirit Detective.

" Do you know what else isn't funny? You missing our anniversary, our son ditching school and getting in trouble with the police, and various people getting suspicious about where you get your money!"

" I've had a lot of cases, I can't let every demon nutcase that gets into our world have their way! It's been a lot harder after the Kakai Barrier Net came down!"


" They're fighting again." Keisou said in his room.

" My otu said people that fight like they do like it." Said a panther cub in the corner of the room. He walked over and crawled into Keisou's lap. The boy smiled and pet his familar.

" In that case my parents are crazy about each other. At least I can count on you Kuro." There was a knock on the door and Kuro vanished, Yusuke walked in.

" Hey son." he said. Keisou crossed his arms and looked away.

" Sorry but my oka said I'm not supposed to talk to strangers." he said with venom.

" Ok, I deserved that. But we need to talk about your grades and police trouble." Yusuke said.

" Why? It's not like you care!" Keisou shouted.

" I do care! I don't want you to waste your life away!"

" Then why aren't you ever here!"

"My job is more important then you know!"

" Must be to keep you away from your family all the time."

" You have to work harder in school, it's just that simple."

" Or you'll what?"

" I'll... you don't want to know!" Then Yusuke stormed out. " Being a dad is hard, especailly when you're never around." He said to himself. His hand glowed blue, he held it out in fornt of him and then brought his hand down, making a blue line in the air. He walked into it and appeared in front of the gate at the mouth of the River of Styx, the Entrance to Spirit World.

" Hey! Open this gate or I'll bust it down!" The Spirit Detective shouted. The orge in charge of the gate hurried to open it and Yusuke ran it.

" Koenma you toddler! I have a bone to pick with you!" He shouted on his way to The Lord of Reikai's office. " This job is ruining my life!" Koenma looked at him with a bored expression. Koenma was the ruler of Reikai or Spirit World and Yusuke's boss. He looks like a baby but is actually 1500 years old.

" What else is new? You've been saying that ever since you got the job."

" That was before I had a family, and now it's falling apart because of all these out of town cases!" Koenma smirked.

" Yusuke, that is exactly what I wanted to hear."

" Huh?"

" In our history, many spirit detectives have started a family and have it distrubted because of their job. That's when the second phase of their career begins. They are assigned a single city and handle only paranormal activity in that city, someone else handles the other stuff. Is this what you want?"

" If it means more time with my family, yes."

" Very well. I will transfer you to another city, it's called Nerima. You will handle any and all paranormal activity there understand?" Asked the Toddler, extending his hand.

" Yeah I got it." Said Yusuke and shook his hand, then rushed out. " I gotta tell Keiko."

George walked into Koenma's office.

" Yusuke looked unusually happy sir." Said the blue orge

" I gave him a permanent assignment in Nerima." Said Koenma.

" But isn't that the center of paranormal activity for all of Japan?"

" Yes, but he doesn't know that."

Werid things happen in the various districts and wards of Tokyo Japan. In some places wells are portals in time, taking whoever jumps into them into the far past or far future. In others the dead come back to life as Guides to other dead or as Supernatural crime fighters. But the weridest of all is the ward known as Nerima. In this chaotic place, people change genders and species with cold water, one person can be engaged to as many as 5 others, and the most bizzare forms of martial arts are born. And now things are about to get a little werider.

Author Notes



ReikaiSpirit World


Hanyou-half demon

Kuro is short for kurohyou which means panther in Japanese.

Akira made Akemi's food taste bad by using his alchemy to mess with her nose.The nose is part of how you taste things. Akira funked up air in front of her nose and everything taste bad for awhile.

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