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Chapter 42

Kagome and Keitaro sat in the gardens playing together, well mostly Keitaro ran circles around his mommy and Kagome patiently played peekabo with him. The tyke was barely a year old and was already using more complex speech patterns so Kagome spent all day teaching him new words and numbers. Sesshomaru hadn't been kidding when he'd said youkai children grow faster. But she wouldn't have things any other way, she loved spending her days teaching her son as he grew bigger. As the sun set completely over the wall, casting the gardens in violet shadows the miko caught up her giggling son and planted a firm kiss on his round little cheek.

"Let's go find Daddy, hm?" she asked him, not wanting to keep him out doors once the sun had set. It was starting to get a little cooler in the evenings.

"Papa!" he chirped merrily, bouncing his legs in her arms and she laughed, turning to head inside. Suddenly a familiar aura washed over her and she stopped, turning around. Yoko? Her aura was filled with pain and desperation and it was overwhelmingly strong, almost as if…

A shadow dropped over the gardens darker than that of twilight and Kagome's head snapped to the sky, a surprised yelp escaping her as she ducked into the doorway just in time to see the large demon form of Yoko come crashing down through the gardens, skidding until she hit the opposite wall, completely decimating the structure.

"Yoko!" the large demon was bleeding badly and large portions of the scaly body were blackened and singed. Sesshomaru appeared out of nowhere by Kagome's side and the two of them hurried to the quickly reducing form of the eastern demoness. The miko held her son to her chest protectively as the human shape of Yoko finally staggered out of the dust and debris, covered in battle wounds.

"Sesshomaru, Kag-" she about collapsed before Sesshomaru reached out to stabilize her.

"Yoko-sama, what happened?" Kagome blurted out, rushing to her friend's side. The lady coughed a few times, trying to catch her breath.

"The Seisenmin," she panted, "they came out of nowhere. The eastern palace is gone. All my servants," she gave a pained look and dropped her head, still breathing hard. "Everything burnt to the ground, I barely got out," Kagome noticed she didn't even have her trademark katanas with her. "They do something… something to all the demons in the area, we all were virtually powerless. Some kind of aura," she looked up at Sesshomaru desperately.

"They're coming here! They're on their way! It's like every human has risen up and is poised to attack! They're headed for the north and the south too! Whole holy armies armed with symbols, sutras and those swords. I tried to head north, but they blocked my path, so I headed here," Sesshomaru logged the information quickly.

"How far would you say they are?" he asked.

"They were right on my tail. They'll be here before night fully falls," she warned. As if on cue a commotion started on the walls, guards began yelling warnings and screams began to ring out. "They're here!" she whispered quietly in horror. Kagome turned swiftly.

"Akiko! Get Fubuki and return to my side, immediately!" the miko told her friend but Sesshomaru shook his head.

"No time, they are here partly for you, my love," Kagome's eyes went wide and she clutched her floundering son. "We need to get you out of here immediately.

"Where will we go? If they're attacking all the ruling lords at once then there's nowhere to flee!" Keitaro began to whimper, feeling his mother's trepidation.

"I will think of something, our first priority is to abandon the castle, get everybody out immediately," Sesshomaru whirled into action, dragging his little wife along. Akiko dashed off to find Fubuki and join them.

Sesshomaru began shouting orders to Sho, Daichi and his troops, trying to assemble some sort of defense when one whole section of the wall suddenly exploded. Kagome screamed and wrapped her arms around her son, turning her back to the chaos as debris few everywhere. She opened her eyes to find Sesshomaru covering his family protectively. Daichi sprinted along the destruction, barking orders for his men to assemble, already trying to form some sort of barrier against the holy men now beginning to swarm the new hole in the wall.

The miko's eyes went wide in horror as she watched them use sutras and auras to disintegrate any demon who approached them. These guards had become her friends and they now laid down their lives so the ruling family could escape. Despite the obvious danger Daichi and his men stood their ground, attempting to force the Seisenmin back with barrages of arrows from the archers perched on the walls. The screams of the dying began to rise in volume and tempo. With a firm hand on her arm, Sesshomaru dragged her from the terrifying scene, grabbing a spare blanket and covering her head with it as they moved quickly across the courtyard, sticking to the shadows near the castle walls.

Yoko and Sho appeared by their side as they moved between the castle's outer wall and the keep itself.

"They have the palace completely surrounded," Sho reported. "And I don't know if you've noticed, but I can't hear or move so well anymore," he said, sticking a finger in his ear as more explosions sounded around them and the shouts of anger and fear turned into shrieks of pain and anguish. Kagome tried desperately to tune them out.

"Yes, they are covering the castle grounds with some kind of aura that dampens demonic powers," Sesshomaru responded. "Gather some of your assassin squad and see if you can move to the location of the casters holding the aura and take a few of them out. Otherwise no one will make it out of here alive," Sho nodded somberly and dashed off with Yoko hot on his tail.

Akiko came running up, clutching the blade of Fubuki in her hands and Kagome sighed in relief.

"Oh, thank Kami you both made it here, Akiko," she said, refusing the outstretched blade. "No, I have to protect Keitaro, hold onto him, and use him if needed," Akiko nodded and slid the scabbard into her obi. Sesshomaru finished his analysis of the battlefield and the layout of their enemy.

"Unfortunately Sho is correct, they have us completely surrounded. They must have suppressed their auras in order to surround us so completely without any demon within noticing. With my powers dampened I cannot transform, use my cloud or my ball of light. However, Tōkijin is a sword of evil and does not appear to be effected by the aura. If I take out the wall it is going to attract attention," he looked to Akiko, "it is up to us to make sure Kagome makes it away safely," Akiko nodded somberly.

"No!" Kagome balked, we will all make it out together!" Sesshomaru interrupted the beginning of her tirade by cupping her chin.

"Nothing is more important than our son," tears began to prick her eyes as she stared up at him. "You are his last line of defense," he stared into his wife's eyes lovingly.

"Don't talk like that!" the little miko sobbed. Gently he kissed her.

"Now stand back and be ready to run."

The priestess Yui surveyed the damage. Flames had begun to lick the sky from within the palace and soon this one would join the eastern castle in ashes. The wind picked up, kicking up the black sooty remnants of many of the dog demon guard's remains bringing a triumphant smile to her face.

"Search the palace grounds, that witch must still be here. The entire western family must die, leave no survivors. Especially that half-breed demon spawn she gave birth to," she spat in disgust. Just then an explosion of a different kind rocked the earth, the blue of a demon's attack rose in the air on the other side of the palace grounds.

"How could he…?" her face twisted in rage. "Get over there! The western lord is trying to escape and where he is so will be the witch and his filthy child!" a surge of holy priests leapt to her bidding.

A streak of white bowled over the attackers outside the walls, giving Kagome the distraction she needed to slip out unnoticed with Akiko in tow. Though his powers were greatly reduced he still possessed deadly combat skills and a massively evil sword that thrived on destroying that which was holy. Tōkijin drank his fill of pure blood that night.

Kagome's heart constricted painfully, only glancing behind her once to catch sight of her beloved husband as he began his beautiful and deadly dance of death, fighting desperately so she could escape, before plunging ahead and making a run for the woods.

Shouts rose in the night as Kagome's flight was spotted, the two women quickly slipping into the forests surrounding the mountainous castle. Never looking back she surged forward, sprinting for all she was worth, her breath coming in sobs as she tried to hold her son steady in her arms, the child unbelievably staying completely silent, clinging with tiny hands to his mother's robes.

Sesshomaru cut down mobs of priests and priestesses like they were wheat in a field. Cries of pain and desperation now rose from the human combatants and not just demon as the western lord laid waste to their ranks. A priestess managed to channel long enough to blast him with a powerful wave of purifying energy. The pink energy struck the taiyoukai, washing over him like water. He let his eyes slide close and shook himself slightly as a dog shakes off moisture before snarling, disemboweling the offending priestess before she had the chance to cry out in dismay.

Once sure he had done all he could he quickly turned and followed his wife, slashing down all those who trailed her in his attempt to reach her side.

Kagome cried out in terror as she ducked under a sword swing. Her priestly attackers had quickly learned that holy attacks still did not work on the priestess and that her demon follower was protected similarly by a powerful holy artifact so they resorted to physical combat. Her burden slowed her down and it wasn't long until they harried her steps. Despite their proximity she still plunged on, dodging and blocking when she had to, using a spell to harden her hand against any blows she had to deflect. Akiko had her hands full, attempting to cut down the multitude on her trail.

The group attacking the palace had to be five hundred strong or more. For humans their supply seemed almost endless. Suddenly Fubuki appeared in cat form and ripped the face off an attacker who got too close.

"GO!" Akiko yelled, "Fubuki can hold form until you're away and we'll try to catch up! RUN!" for once in her life the subservient woman commanded her mistress and the miko complied sprinting for all she was worth through the dense underbrush, branches and bushes clawing at her. The dual sounds snarling and growls as both cats pounced on their mistress's attackers filled the night as she ran, her blood pounding in her ears and her heart so burdened she felt it might crack. Slowly the sounds began to fade away, but on she still went.

The little miko had no idea how long she had run, but she didn't dare stop. Her lungs burned, her son whimpered against her and her muscles screamed in overuse. A familiar aura descended on her and she about sobbed in relief as Sesshomaru finally appeared just ahead of her. He let her sob against him for a moment before insisting they keep moving.

"Akiko and Fubuki!" she exclaimed looking back the way she'd come.

"I did not catch sight of either on my way to you, they must have been diverted," her wide eyes implored him. "I did not see the neko's body so she must have escaped. My love, we must keep moving," numbly she nodded and they continued on long into the night.

"Sho," close to dawn Sesshomaru looked over to see the kitsune materialize beside them. He was covered in blood and small wounds and looked much the worse for wear, but he still held his head high.

"Most of your staff is lost, my lord. Daichi was killed in the initial defense of the walls. I did receive word however that Takehiko, Hoshiko and Toshi made it out of their ambush alive and are traveling south to meet you somewhere on the borders of Matsu's lands," Sesshomaru nodded pleased. "I have not heard any word from the southern lord though and Yoko disappeared during the fighting," Kagome suppressed a sob as her husband put a comforting arm around her.

"My lord, they had to have been planning this for years. To simultaneously attack all four palaces at once and force the retreat of the lords…" he shook his head and Sesshomaru nodded.

"It was our own pride that kept us from seeing this coming. The youkai lords must be much more careful and vigilant in the future, if we survive this," he glanced down at his wife briefly. "We must get to where Takehiko expects us immediately, before they suspect us of regrouping," Sho nodded and the three set out at an extremely fast pace.

After he had recovered sufficiently Sesshomaru transformed, taking Kagome and his son on his back, sending Sho off to find the location of the north lord and continue searching for Yoko and Matsu. His massive steps ate the ground and Kagome soon found she recognized the direction they were headed in. It would only be a short while longer before the abandoned battlefield where Sesshomaru had defeated Ken'ichi would come into view. Thankfully, her little burden had fallen into a deep sleep, exhausted from the desperation of the night before and Kagome cradled her son tightly to her chest.

As the sun rose to apex they finally spotted the legendary field. The appearance of a massive golden leopard, two thirds the size of Sesshomaru's form gave Kagome pause, but Sesshomaru's red eyes went wide in panic as one desperate thought was sent to him telepathically from the southern lord.

"TRAP! AMBUSH! GET AWAY!" the massive dog veered just in time to avoid a loosened projectile from a cleverly hidden catapult. Somehow, they had known the lords would come here. Either that or they dotted the countryside expecting them in any reasonable location.

Another holy army surged out of the tree line, headed straight for the already struggling Matsu and Sesshomaru with his burden. There was nowhere to go. They couldn't go back and face the army coming from the west. If the north had already fallen then the army would be marching already as well. To Kagome's shock Sesshomaru's whirlwind surrounded them and he placed his wife and son down gently, moving them in the center between his and Matsu's backs. Kentasu's began exploding into the ranks before them; the western lord was determined to thin their numbers before they became overwhelming. How did this group manage to rally all the humans?

"MATSU!" he roared, "target the priestesses! They're the ones trying to cast the repressive aura!" a massive roar was his only response as Matsu lunged into the middle of the army where the priestesses stood, slamming, crushing and clawing everything he could reach, his body already covered in alarmingly enormous burns and cuts.

An earsplitting shriek filled the air as three phoenix roared over the horizon, diving down to attack the heavily amassing army.

"Takehiko!" Kagome cried happily, watching the red, silver and orange blazing forms of the northern family begin burning and destroying the casters so they could keep using their demon forms. Suddenly Kagome felt a surge of power and turned, just barely able to make out a line of archers now dotting the tree line, hidden just inside the shaded trees.

"TAKEHIKO, WATCH OUT!" she screamed as streams of arrows went flying, streaking the sky with purifying pink energy. Toshi almost slammed himself into the ground in a frantic dive to avoid the dangerous projectiles. Takehiko spun desperately away, flames licked the trees as he barrel rolled, almost catching his wing tips, but the silver form of Hoshiko didn't manage to move in time. A heartrending scream tore itself from her as several arrows caught her and she plummeted to the ground, crashing heavily through the trees just outside the battlefield. Takehiko barreled after her with an earsplitting shriek, disappearing into the forest to try and aid his fallen wife.

Only Toshi remained and soon the barrage of deadly arrows forced him to the ground in human form or risk following in the fate of his mother. A wall of fire heralded his transformation, deliberately strafing the ground as he touched down, leaving a trail of molten dirt and singed bodies in his wake. The orange haired youth screamed in anger and streaked into the ranks of the archers, furiously taking vengeance on those who had hurt his mother.

The battlefield began to close around them; the holy Seisenmin encircled them and pushed them back to back, battering the demons with their devastating holy attacks and auras. There was nowhere to go, and weakened by the auras the taiyoukai didn't have the strength to flee with their injured. It took an entire army of holy soldiers to hold down the taiyoukai. Sesshomaru still didn't know the fate of Takehiko and Hoshiko. What was left of the demon armies had rallied behind their lords, but the air was now thick with black ash, signaling just how many floated around them, purified.

In desperation, Sesshomaru detached himself from the fighting and snatched up Kagome, dragging the panicking miko, one last hope in his mind.

Kagome had no idea where he was taking her; there was nowhere to go… until she spotted a familiar stone ahead. Pulling her to him as they approached it he hugged her close and gave her one last burning kiss, placing a kiss on his wailing son's forehead too before grabbing her small wrist and forcing her hand against the carved stone.

"If you have any mercy left in you, Kami's. TAKE THEM BACK!" he shouted fiercely, his nose wrinkled and his fangs shimmered red from the light of the fires that burned in the forests around, as though he could intimidate the very gods into complying with his wishes.

"NO!" already she could feel the pull of time as her form began to become corporeal. "NO! SESSHOMARU NO! PLEASE!" his eyes were filled with such intense pain as he backed away, she could hardly bear it.

"I love you," he whispered as the forms of his wife and son faded away to time. Her last sight of him was as he turned, throwing himself back into the fighting with a roar like none she'd ever heard from him before. A keening sound like it was ripped from his very soul.

She felt as though her chest might crack open entirely as she screamed herself raw, hugging her son desperately to her as vertigo set in, blue enveloping them. Keitaro cried, upset by the upheaval his mother was experiencing, but she couldn't stop, she felt as though her soul was tearing in two, worse even than when Kikyou had possessed part of it. In the silence of the void she screamed until she couldn't and then she cried. Having spent herself all she could do was sob, nearly doubled over by the pain in her heart, she could feel Keitaro clinging to her and wailing as well.

Not again, she sobbed pitifully as the ground solidified around her, the dingy light of the shrine house washing over her broken form. I can't lose him again like this! My heart can't take it, I need him! She crawled over to the shrine stone and pounded on it with her hand.

"Take me back! DAMNIT, TAKE ME BACK TO HIM!" she collapsed on it sobbing, but the stone was silent. "No…" she sobbed, "no, I can't-…" her heart broke all over again. "I need him, please," she begged.

Exhausted, having no idea how long she'd sat there sobbing, the wriggling and squirming of her son made her gather herself together once again. Gazing down at him through watery eyes her son's bright blue eyes looked back at her balefully.

"Papa? Where's Papa?" a heart wrenching sob escaped her and she hugged him close.

"I don't know, my little pup. But we're going to find him, ok?" she brushed his silky grey hair out of his eyes and he nodded, his little ears, flattened to the side of his head began swiveling around slightly as his toddler mind waded through things.

"It's ok, Mama. Papa's strong," he touched her hand gently, not understanding the severity of their separation and her eyes filled again.

"Yes, pup, he's the strongest," she smiled sadly and kissed his forehead, hugging his unruly head to her chest and rocking him gently. Realizing she hadn't fed him in over a day she finally took stock of her situation. It looked as though she'd never left at all, save her new appearance and the child. Her backpack still lay just where she'd set it in order to examine the stone so long ago, not even a layer of dust coated it. It even appeared to be the same time of day she had disappeared. A younger Kagome had to have been here only minutes before.

Only now, years later, did a memory float back to her, so long forgotten. A memory of hearing someone cry as she floated the blue void of time travel to the battlefield where she turned the tide in Sesshomaru's favor.

Snatching the bag up she rummaged through it, finally finding the car keys. Bundling him up tightly against her, unwilling to let him go even to walk out to the car she slung the backpack over her shoulder, severely missing the weight of Fubuki at her side, willing her tears not to fall again. She didn't even know what had happened to Fubuki or Akiko. They weren't present at the final confrontation. A sob threatened to choke her and she forced it back. She may have lost everything else, but she still had her son. As she stepped out into the golden afternoon light she glanced at her little car and realized she had a problem.

Keitaro would need a car seat.

Sighing in defeat she sat on the ground again and put her head in her hand, letting the tears overwhelm her once more. The weight of losing everything threatened to suffocate her and now, a stupid little thing like not having a car seat for her son nearly broke her all over again. This was just a terrible day. Keitaro desperately tried to get her attention, his mother crying so much upset him greatly, especially since he couldn't fathom why. Papa always fixed everything, why would now be so different?

The sudden sound of a car shook her out of her deep depression and she glanced down at her son worriedly, trying to see through her red, puffy, and watery eyes. This was a dead end, dirt road deep in the middle of nowhere. By the sound of it, the person driving it was traveling much too fast too. In alarm she rose to her feet, pulled the blanket over the squirming child's head and backed toward the shrine, glancing around, uncertain what was coming toward them. People in this world wouldn't understand what a hanyou was. Getting into the car would be almost useless with no seat to secure him in, save to lock them inside. No one should be out here, her mind screamed.

A very expensive, dirt caked, black Porsche came skidding into the tiny little parking area. Before she could blink the door was open and a vision of silver and black stood there in the open door, the car beeping in protest that engine was still on. Kagome couldn't believe her eyes and she refused to blink for fear that he might disappear.

Standing there, with his mouth slightly open as though in amazement, was Sesshomaru, clad in a white button down rolled to his elbows, a loosened black tie, black dress pants and dress shoes, his silver hair spilling about him in his usual pristine waterfall.

Keitaro bounced happily in her arms, shoving off the blanket as she stared agape, tears streaming down her cheeks, holding out his little arms toward his dad.

"Papa! Papa!" still covered in the dirt and grime from their flight and the battle he had forced them to leave he had never seen a more beautiful sight in his entire life. Finally gaining his senses he closed the distance to his still frozen wife. Her brain refused to work and until she felt his strong arms encircle her and her son, his heady, intoxicating scent descending on her and filling her senses she refused to believe he was actually there. Throwing her arm around him she clung to him, burying her face in his shoulder and sobbed as her son practically climbed up his father's shoulder to cling around the other side of his neck. Sesshomaru's deep rumbling laugh filled her and she couldn't stop her tears.

"I thought I'd lost you," she choked, clinging to him as though her life depended on it. His hand against the back of her head held her against him as he dropped his own head to nuzzle her hair and neck.

"I had no idea if sending you back had worked," he confessed, his voice husky with long suppressed emotion. "I'm so sorry I wasn't here on time, I wanted to be here before you arrived, but I couldn't chance meeting your younger self," he pulled her back and kissed her ferverently, drinking her scent like a dehydrated man drinks water. Groggily her mind registered the fact that he spoke in a much more relaxed manner than she was accustomed and seemed very comfortable in the technology to which she was originally raised.

"You've been waiting all this time for me?" she asked when they finally broke their kiss. He nodded slightly, smiling down at her.

"What's four and a half hundred years to wait, right?" she giggled despite herself, hiccupping a little from crying so hard and he wiped away her tears with the pads of his thumbs tenderly. "And my son," he said, lifting her burden from her arms and hugging the giggling boy tightly. "I hope you understand, I had to chance sending you back," he pulled her protectively into his arm while his son sat in his other. "We lost badly and there was no good way off that battlefield that didn't involve a lot of bloodshed. There was no way I could have protected you and gotten all three of us out alive," she curled against him and closed her eyes.

"I left a few hours after a certain, college-aged Kagome had and followed the same route you took. I wasn't sure how long you lingered at the shrine before you disappeared, but I was some distance down the road when I felt your aura pulse and I knew it was you arriving," he nuzzled her hair. "Let's get you guys home and cleaned up, we have so much to catch up on," she nodded in agreement and let him lead her to the car, laughing when she saw the baby seat already in the back. He grinned. "You know I'm always prepared."

The car ride 'home' was spent catching Kagome up on all the things that had happened since she'd disappeared. The Seisenmin won the battle of course, but many demons actually did escape and went into hiding. Apparently there were quite a few caches of demon literature and artifacts that were never uncovered by the holy crusade and many survivors flocked to those sites and quickly went underground. Many clans were reformed and once again grew in strength, shrouded in secrecy. The Taisho clan was one such resurgence.

A few generations passed and quickly the humans forgot their demon overlords and even their own crusade fell into legend, samurai leaders rising and falling. Soon even their own history became dusty and faded to legend, but a demon's memory is long. Decades turned into a century or more and still they waited underground. Once deemed totally forgotten they began to re-emerge in small numbers at a time, however now in the form of humans. Slowly they began injecting themselves into human society and shaping events how they saw fit, unknownst to their mortal counterparts. The Taisho clan became a leader in pretty much everything they set their sights on, carefully fading in and out when mortality deemed appropriate. Over the years Sesshomaru had taken on many personas until the demon clans were fully integrated into human society. To this day, no one suspects that the higher corporations and more powerful businessmen are in fact some of the former ruling taiyoukai of the feudal era.

Ultimately, the Seisenmin's crusade was a failure.

Takehiko and Toshi lived, though Hoshiko sadly perished during the battle. Matsu was injured almost fatally but managed to pull through and was now the CEO of a billion dollar energy company. Yoko remarried and moved to America, taking up a position in New York with finances, though she was apparently making a beeline back to Japan, having found out that the time of Kagome's return was approaching. The eastern lady had found being in Kagome's vicinity but not able to talk to her upsetting. Takehiko was the head of a multi-million dollar insurance company and Sesshomaru owned pretty much every bank in Japan as well as some overseas, all under different assumed identities of course. Sho worked under Sesshomaru as his personal assistant and bodyguard as well as friend and confidante.

"What about Fubuki and Akiko?" Kagome asked him worriedly. He smiled at her while he drove.

"They made it out and immediately went into hiding. It took them some time to work their way to the Taisho labyrinth where we had gone to ground, but eventually they joined us."

"The Taisho labyrinth? I've never heard of that," Kagome interjected.

"Of course not, but you saw one of the entrance rooms. They're a network of tunnels that ran deep under the western estate. Remember that cavern I took you to in the gardens when we first spoke upon your return to the feudal era?" she nodded. "One of those walls is false and the tunnels stretch for miles, actually leading away from the estate, so it became a safe haven for us.

"While we were waiting for humanity to cool down Akiko researched a way to return Fubuki to a body instead of being bound to a sword. Because it was her fang that was used to reform him she was capable of using him almost as you did. Being a youkai she couldn't access his holy powers or his attacks, but he could appear in both forms without you being present. Totosai turned out to be instrumental in freeing him.

"In my archives Akiko discovered a spell to summon an elemental. They devised a way to alter the spell slightly and it forced Fubuki's soul from the blade and into a body of water they had prepared. The properties of his soul did the rest, reforming him an elemental body, exactly as he had looked before. He can no longer turn into a cat, but I don't think he minds terribly," Kagome giggled slightly at that. "They share an apartment down town and I must say, it has been difficult to keep the two of them from ruining everything," she looked at him curiously as he smiled. "It was immensely hard for me to keep my distance even having time traveled myself and understanding the importance of keeping time intact. Neither of them wanted to abide by that and I had to scold them more than once having almost revealed themselves to you," Kagome smiled.

"I'm so relieved you made it, even in college I feared greatly for you. The Seisenmin were ruthless in erasing demons from memory," she made a face and he smiled.

"Indeed. It was difficult to watch you searching so eagerly and knowing you wouldn't find anything. All our history was carefully removed and preserved out of the reach of destructive fingers," Kagome looked at him oddly and he grinned. "At the risk of sounding like a creepy stalker, more than once a classmate of yours both in high school and in college may have had a dual identity as a certain taiyoukai," she stared at him open mouthed before laughing.

"You really are a creeper!" he smiled lovingly at her.

"I couldn't help it. The love of my life was right there and I couldn't have her. I must say though it was a very trying time to watch you fawning all over my half brother during your earlier travels," she swatted his arm and he laughed again. "Would you believe there were two Sesshomaru's in your classroom in the exact same moment?" her jaw dropped as she stared at him. "I shudder to think what might have occurred if I hadn't become as amazing as I am today," Kagome sweat dropped. "Myself in the past couldn't even detect that I was there," he shook his head in mock despair. "Oh the foolishness of youth…"

"You were what? Five hundred years old? WHAT youth?" she laughed as he chuckled.

Finally he stopped the car and she gazed all around herself in amazement and fascination.

"Welcome home, my love."

The End.

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