Title: Rescue Me

Author: YourSecret'sOut



A/N: Of course Sailor Moon doesn't belong to me, nor any of the characters!

Summary: Usagi has the life. She's beautiful, engaged to a wealthy man, and she's happy. Or is she? Starting college, she meets Seiya, a man who would never ignore her like her fiancé does. But she's engaged and he's her teacher. A teacher that gives her what she wants.

















First Day Jitters and Introductions

She frowned as paws dug into her skin, fur tickling her nose gently. She lifted her hand, pushing gently on the creature that was crawling all over her, her alarm clock finally reaching her ears. One eye shot open and darted to the clock, causing the young girl to sit up in bed with a squeak. She tossed her blankets, hearing a small cry from her black cat Luna. She panicked, uncovering her cat and picking her up, kissing her forehead apologetically.

"Sorry Luna, but I'm already running late on my first day!"

She placed the cat back down on the bed, running out of the room with her blonde hair tossed up in a messy bun. She closed her eyes when she bumped into a hard chest, welcoming that hands on her waist that stopped her from falling over. She smiled, looking up at her handsome fiancé. She took in his appearance, sighing mentally when she saw that he was already dressed for the day, suit and tie. He gave her a half smile, taking in her appearance of wrinkled pajamas and messy hair.

"Sorry, Mamo-"

"Don't apologize. You're running late. I would've woken you, but you told me last night that you had everything taken care of."

Usagi blushed sheepishly, glancing away from him. "I guess my alarm clock isn't loud enough," she mumbled, watching as Luna padded on by down the hall. Usagi looked back at Mamoru, pushing herself up on her tip toes to kiss him lightly on his lips. "I figure you're going to be gone by the time I'm done with my shower, so there's your goodbye kiss."

"That's it?" He asked sadly, earning a grin out of his younger fiancé. She buried her fingers in his suit, pulling him down to her height level and kissing him once more, applying more pressure and eagerly opening her mouth when he asked for entrance with his tongue. She giggled when he felt his warm hand slip under her shirt and she pulled away, poking him on his chest.

"Late. I'll see you later Mamoru."

She went into the bathroom, stripping out of her clothes as the warm water ran. She climbed in, sighing in bliss as the warm water washed over her chilled body, rolling her head back and forth as her muscles relaxed. She reminded herself that she had to make the shower quick though. She faintly heard Mamoru speaking, knowing that he was on his cell phone with a client. She sometimes wondered if his cell phone was attached to his ear. She wouldn't be surprised.

At the age of twenty-six, Mamoru Chiba was a successful man with a huge empire. He took over a company for his late father, something he didn't plan on doing. Usagi always said that the company changed him and she was right. Before the company, Mamoru was a kind man that always made time for his younger girlfriend, no matter what the circumstances. Now, Mamoru was a tough man that only cared about business and rarely spent any time with his now fiancé. He would try to plan dinners and dates, but at the last minute, Usagi was the fool sitting at the table, getting his phone call from his secretary, and hearing the infamous words.

"Sorry Ms. Tsukino, but something incredibly important has come up and Mr. Chiba said he will make sure to call and tell you what is going on."

Usagi would blow it off, acting as if it weren't a big deal. She lied. She felt lonely and she wanted back the Mamoru she started dating when she was seventeen. She didn't see herself in this predicament two years later, being nineteen and living with the love of her life–who was too busy for her. She sighed, smiling nervously.

It was her first day of college as a freshman.


HaldWell University

Usagi entered the building running with her schedule in hand. She stopped, breathing heavily as she eyed the long halls, her eyes widening slightly. She had forgotten the way to her first hour class! It was high school all over again! She growled lightly under her breath, looking down at the room number and she took off in a run, seeing that the hallways were starting to clear. She ignored the looks she received from the men, eyeing the younger girl as she passed. One dared to whistle her way and she simply sent them a glare over her shoulder.

She wasn't in the mood for someone to flirt with her. She smiled when she saw a teacher, stopping her and asking her where the room was, her smile widening when she pointed and told her where to go. Usagi thanked her with her bubbly attitude, earning a smile from the woman as she watched Usagi run off.

Usagi saw the room number and she sighed in relief, bolting for the door and swinging it open, looking like a mad man to her fellow students. Who happened to be seated, waiting for class to start. Her shoulders sagged and her cheeks flamed, getting a few amused looks from the students'. She cleared her throat, adjusting her purse as her blue eyes scanned the room for an extra seat, glancing at a boy that pointed to the empty seat next to him, basically flagging her down. He looked a bit too eager to have her sit next to him and it was a bit awkward.


She jumped, but recognized the high-pitched voice. Who wouldn't? Anyone who knew Minako Aino would recognize her voice from a mile away. Usagi smiled, laughing to herself when she saw a hand waving in the back of the class and she hurried, seeing the seat that Minako saved for her. She let remarks slide when she heard two people comment on her hairstyle, stopping and clenching her fists when she heard a familiar name to make fun of her hair. Minako raised a brow, hearing the name also and she called for Usagi again, not wanting to have her friend cause a scene.

"I was nervous about being really late," Usagi whispered as she took her seat, Minako squealing in excitement due to the fact that she got to sit next to her best friend and be in the same class. "I sped on the way here though," she added after the bell rang, leaning back in her seat to relax and calm down her beating heart.

Minako grinned, "Speed demon," she mumbled, looking around. "I chose the back because I figured we're too far back for the teacher to see that we're sleeping."

"Minako! I am not going to sleep. Maybe you are, but not I–"

"Please. You slept almost every day in high school. This will be no different I'm sure, odango," she teased, receiving a glare from her best friend. She giggled, her eyes darting to the two figures that entered the room, everyone quieting down.

Usagi took in the appearance of the first person that walked in, a tall woman with red hair. Her eyes were slanted and to Usagi–she looked plain evil with her wavy red hair that reached past her rear and her piercing blue eyes. She chewed on the end of her pen, groaning quietly to herself when she got the feeling that this teacher would be a true bitch. She hated that feeling because she was usually right. Her eyes slowly drifted to the second, someone that caught Minakos eye in a hurry.

It was a man, Usagi guessed mid-twenties. Girls' immediately started to whisper among themselves about his handsome looks and Usagi wasn't going to disagree. He was tall, handsome face and a sexy smile to go with it–which he flashed the class. He had black hair, hair that happened to challenge the length of Usagi's own. Usagi wasn't necessarily into long hair on men, but miraculously, the man pulled it off and it didn't look bad at all.

"Class, I'd like to introduce myself. I am Mrs. Beryl, your teacher for this class, Sociology. First off, let's get something straight. You disrupt my class while I am speaking, you won't be on my favorites list and I will make sure to make your semester a living hell. This isn't high school. We are not going to baby-sit you and let you get away with childish behavior. You're all old enough to know how to act and you're all old enough to also know when it's your turn to speak."

Minako let her blue eyes widen, glancing over at her best friend. Usagi returned the glance, slouching down in her chair in fear. "I don't want to be here anymore, Minako," she murmured.

Piercing blue eyes flew her way and she froze, her eyes widening slightly as her pen slipped from the place between her lips. Minako also froze, her mouth forming a straight line as Mrs. Beryl stared in their direction. They exchanged glances, confused and a bit terrified.

"I'm sorry, I didn't get your name. You there, blonde haired sloucher," she pointed out, Usagi swallowing hard as she sat up straight, feeling like an idiot.

"Tsukino. Usagi Tsukino," she stammered out, blushing hotly from the sudden attention. She glanced at the man standing next to Mrs. Beryl, frowning slightly when she saw amusement crossing his features.

"Well, class," Mrs. Beryl spoke; a small sadistic smile coming to her heavily glossed lips, "meet Ms. Tsukino. She's the first to prove that she's still in high school mode; not knowing when to be quiet while someone else is speaking. Don't follow in her steps."

'Ouch,' Minako thought to herself, glancing at her best friend with sympathy. Usagi glanced down at her notebook, her fear being washed away and replaced with the stronger feeling of a complete idiot. She merely inhaled, the blush from her cheeks disappearing.

Students' stared in shock, all of them feeling bad for Usagi and a bit amazed that Mrs. Beryl heard her say something. They didn't hear a thing. Their eyes darted to the man who stepped forward, giving Mrs. Beryl a small smile. Few wondered if they were a married couple teaching a class, but they highly doubted it. The man was way out of her league.

"Now, let me introduce myself. You all can call me Mr. Kou, I am here as a student teacher. At times I will substitute for Mrs. Beryl, other times I will teach as she watches, but most of the time you will see and find me sitting at my desk, correcting your papers. I am just as helpful as Mrs. Beryl also, so if any questions come about, don't feel shy to come and ask me."

All girls' gave each other knowing glances, knowing that they would be staying after class for extra help from the handsome student teacher. Usagi placed her pen back in her mouth, her blue eyes lingering on Mr. Kou for a few seconds before his eyes locked with hers, causing her to glance away quickly.


The bell went off and Usagi let out a loud sigh, getting out of her chair immediately along with Minako. Minako patted her shoulder, following her down the isle. "Usagi, sorry that the bitch attacked you," she mumbled, glancing sideways and blinking when she caught sight of a head of white hair, a man that let out a cute laugh. She went back to her friend, continuing to follow her.

Usagi shrugged, "It's okay I guess. I'm over it, though slightly embarrassed."

"Hey, don't be."

They stopped, both of the blondes turning their heads to stare at their teacher, Mr. Kou being the one that had spoken. Minako let a large smile come to her face as Usagi stood, staring at him emotionless. He smiled lightly, looking at Minako. "I didn't get your name."

"Minako Aino! I didn't get yours."


"Well, I mean your first name. You see, we're going to be here for awhile, so why not get comfortable with the teacher?"

Mr. Kou raised a brow in amusement, letting out a chuckle before answering the loud blonde, "Seiya. Seiya Kou, but with Mrs. Beryl around, call me Mr. Kou."

"Roger that," Minako told him, giving him a salute. Usagi glanced at her, shaking her head slowly at her flirtatious friend that never stopped flirting! She needed a man to tie her down and she needed one fast. Usagi couldn't believe how fast she went through men. She went through them like underwear and it amazed Usagi and the rest of their friends'.

"Usagi, don't let Mrs. Beryl bother you," Seiya mumbled, returning his blue gaze at the petite blonde with the unique hairstyle.

"Kinda hard," Usagi replied, biting her bottom lip. Anyone who knew Usagi knew that she wasn't the independent type and she didn't know how to stick up for herself at times. Minako did most of it–all of it for her.

"She's a tough teacher, but she has a nice side," he told her, giving her a reassuring smile. "Just try not to talk during class again, alright?"

A smile slowly crept to her lips as she nodded, "Right, but I'm gonna have to admit that I can't wait when you start teaching. I have the feeling that you won't bite my head off right away."

"The feeling is right," he told her, his smile widening. The blonde was cute; he wasn't going to deny it. Though she was his student now, he was a man and he couldn't help checking her out. He noticed her as soon as he stepped into the room and he couldn't stop watching her. He wanted to get to know her and he would, using being her teacher as an advantage. "But run along you two and stay out of trouble."

"Us? In trouble?" Minako joked, rolling her eyes. "Hardly."

Seiya smirked, nodding his head, as he got comfortable in his seat, "Trouble makers written all over you two. Get outta here."


"He's hott."

Usagi bit into her sandwich, glancing at her blonde friend with her eyes wide, scanning the large campus. She chewed, looking at Minako in confusion. She blurted the two words and she was clueless as to whom she was talking about. "Who?"

"Mr. Kou! Hot damn!"


"I know what you're going to say Usagi. 'You say that about every guy!' True, but wow, Seiya. His name is even hott."

"Mr. Kou. Calling him by his name makes it seem like..we're too comfortable with him. Plus, we don't really know him well enough to call him by his first–"

"Think he's hot?" She interrupted, a sly grin coming to her face. She nudged her friend with her elbow, wiggling her brows that caused Usagi to laugh. Usagi shook her head, taking a sip of her pop.

"Minako, I'm engaged. I don't judge."

"Don't lie right to my face Usagi. Geez."

Usagi grinned, shaking her head once more as she avoided the question about their Sociology teacher. She took another sip of her pop, glancing around at the students' that had their noses in books or eating like herself. Seiya was a handsome man, it was obvious, but she was engaged so his looks meant nothing to her. Or his deep, rich voice that made her stomach feel odd. She had Mamoru, the man she loved and loved her back just as much.

College wasn't a place to check out other men while engaged.

- - - - - - - - -

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