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As Lupin and Sirius walked to the Life Just Sucks meeting, Sirius continued to get the odd and occasionally interested glances from people on the street. Sirius just smiled at them all sweetly and continued walking, whereas Lupin didn't even notice because he'd been paying attention to something else.

"Remus," Sirius addressed him after turning to look at him and discovering that his eyes were still toward the floor. "Why are you looking at the sidewalk?"

"What?" Lupin asked, jumping slightly and then looking back up at Sirius. "I'm not looking at the sidewalk. I'm looking at your shoes. I just…" He paused to consider his words, taking another glance down at the four-inch high heel shoes Sirius was sporting. "I just don't understand how you can wear those things. Doesn't it hurt?"

Sirius snickered at him, and looked down as well to admire the shoes. "Oh, you bet those hurt. Not as much as your furry problem, I'm sure, but they made my feet ache for some time. But I've gotten used to it." Giving a grin and looking back up at him, he added, "Of course, they do occasionally hurt. But luckily you can't tell anything from the tights."

"Yeah… those tights," Lupin repeated, now taking a look at another bizarre part of Sirius's outfit. "It's just… wow, Sirius, wow…"

Sirius immediately slapped Remus on the arm. "I told you! That's not my name anymore!"

Rubbing his left arm, Lupin sighed. "I'm sorry. Padfoot." He added for emphasis. "But this is just really odd. Whenever I call you that all I can think of is… well, you and your other name and your more manly self. Can't you just pick out a different name?"

"Oh," said Sirius sarcastically, rolling his eyes. "So first I'm already having gender issues, and now you want to give me name issues too?"

"That's not it!" Lupin said, shaking his head. "I just think it'd be a lot easier if you used a different name."

Sirius ignored this. "You know, Remus, you seem to be a lot more obsessed with my appearance that your other girlfriends'."

"I am not!" insisted Lupin automatically. "And besides, the fact does remain that they were girls while you're just- Yes, that's another thing," he went on, changing topic. "What was all that nonsense about back at Harry and Ron's, when Malfoy walked in?"

Sirius's perfectly styled eyebrows furrowed as he ran his memory back to when Malfoy came in, and figured out exactly what 'nonsense' Lupin was talking about. Beneath cheeks covered in blush, he turned pink slightly and innocently asked, "And what nonsense would that be?"

"You know exactly what nonsense I'm talking about!" Lupin answered, giving Sirius a furtive look.

Sirius, still choosing not to say anything, replied with, "In the event that I've mixed it up with all the other nonsense that's gone on today, you'll have to remind me again."

Lupin's walking slowed down, and so Sirius did the same, watching him closely as Lupin took a breath and blurted out, "The part where you said you were my girlfriend."

"Oh, er, that?" said Sirius, with a giggle. "That was just a bit of fun, Remmy, don't be so uptight about it."

"Well. Erm. Good," said Lupin stiffly.

"Although," Sirius went on, fluttering his eyelashes. "It would be fun to joke about, and it would help with my disguise, considering that no one would ever guess it was actually me. Because you and I would never actually…um…"

"Yes, that's right," Lupin nodded. "The part about us never… you know."

Sirius nodded too. "Though since you've spoken of my nonsense, I feel it's only fair for me to ask you about all of your nonsense with 'I'd suck boys'. Hmm? What was that all about, Mr. Lupin?" He pressed it on him, leaning in closer and draping his hand on Lupin's shoulder, enjoying the way Lupin always went red and stiff when it came to talking about relationships.

Lupin's mouth opened. It closed. It opened again. "That wasn't-" It closed again, and Lupin searched for words. "I was just being… oh, gee, look, isn't that the meeting place across the there?"

Sirius turned away from Lupin and gazed across the street. "Oh. What do you know, it is. You may be in luck this time, sweetie, but don't expect it to happen again."

Lupin faltered, unsure if he wanted to address the conversation they'd just had, or how Sirius had begun to use new words such as 'sweetie.'

"Come on, let's go!" Sirius shouted, and took Lupin by surprise by grabbing his hand and dragging him in a run towards the street end, and then crossing over to the other side.

"You walk in those shoes, you run in those shoes, you dance in those shoes," said Lupin. "You're continuing to astound me, and it's still relatively early in the day. Who knows what else will go on with this whole feminine persona of yours?"

"Aw, you're a dear," Sirius smiled. "Let's go in, hun."

Lupin and Sirius entered a small building, which was a tiny bookstore in other times of the day. They headed toward the back where they spotted chairs and a few rather other grumpy or sad looking people.

They waited in silence for five minutes as the leader of the group waited to see if anyone else would turn up. Only one other person came and joined, a black man who Lupin recognized as former student Dean Thomas, and prayed to Merlin that Dean would not recognize Sirius whatsoever.

"Well… I suppose we ought to start now," the leader said. "Everyone, have a seat and let's announce our names." They all did as the leader instructed and sat down, and Lupin and Sirius looked around at the six other people at the meeting with them, one of which was a witch whose face was covered by a hood.

"Dean," began Dean.

"Blaise Z," said a dark skinned man, and Lupin recognized him as another former student.

"Ali," said a witch with dirty brown hair.

"Pam," an older woman said.

"Sue," said the witch with the hood, and she lowered it down.

It was as though a brightly lit light had illuminated the room. Radiance, beauty, and glory radiated out of Sue, from the way her glossy blonde hair curled perfectly, to the deep pools of blue eyes that scanned the room, and the perfect little nervous smile her ruby red lips created.

Dean, Blaise Z., the leader, and Sirius all began gaping, and Lupin couldn't help but stare at her in wonder too, despite the fact that he felt he didn't want to at all, and just wanted to give Sirius a good smack in the head. Shame on him. After all, if Sirius wanted to be a woman, than he was doing a poor job of it now.

Ali looked over at Sue with admiration and jealousy in her eyes, and Pam gave Sue a suspicious gaze even as she too admired her. "Sue? Aren't you really Mary Sue?"

"Um… yes?" she answered, with that perfect musical tone in her voice.

"Hey! I once dated-" Sirius began to say to her, but Lupin finally managed that smack in the head. Sirius grabbed his hair and started fixing it again, and glared at him. "What was that for?"

"You are supposed to be a woman!" Lupin breathed.

"But look at her!" Sirius moaned. "I mean, she's gorgeous, absolutely lovely. We could still date. If only I could look as stunning as that, I'll never compare with the way I look now!"

"Yeah… she is quite good looking, isn't she?" Lupin muttered to himself. He looked back at Sirius for a moment, and noticed the envy racing through Sirius's eyes. Lupin shifted in his chair and looked over at the floor before looking back at Sirius once more. "You look beautiful."

Sirius blushed and looked away, fluttering his eyelashes some. "Aw, Remmy, you really mean that?"

"I- um…" Lupin stuttered.

"Mary Sue, what are you doing here?" the leader asked, still basking with everyone else in the splendor and perfection of Mary Sue. "Surely your life is so perfect that you wouldn't need to come to a place like this!"

"But that's the thing!" Mary Sue wined, and a tear fell down her cheek. "I'm so perfect and good looking that everyone out of the fandom hates me! I don't want to be hated! Everyone is supposed to love me!"

"I'll love you!" volunteered Dean, Blaise Z., Ali, Pam, and the leader in unison. Sirius and Lupin were still a little too distracted by each other to pay attention to Mary Sue.

"I'll be your best friend!" added Ali hopefully.

"Oh… that's so nice," Mary Sue said, smiling and blinding the room with the sheer sparkling whiteness of her perfectly straight teeth. "But I just… I don't know. I wanted to come here and complain about my life, but you're just not the sort of audience I can do this too. I need to go home to my seven hundred-room mansion and sing sad songs in my beautiful melodious voice. I'll just… I'll just go. Bye." With that, Mary Sue jumped up and trotted out the door, everyone's eyes following her sadly. When she left, the glowing radiation Mary Sue had brought faded away.

"Aww," Dean, Blaise Z., Ali, Pam, and the leader said miserably.

"Well… that was interesting," said the leader. He cleared his throat and straightened up some. "Let's continue, shall we?" He looked over toward Sirius, whose turn it was to say his name.

Sirius, however, was too busy looking and then looking away from a certain werewolf.

The leader coughed loudly. "I said, let us continue saying our names, shall we, Ms. Zebra Tights!"

Sirius gave a start. "What, oh, me?" he asked, looking around with a nervous smile. "Hi, I'm Padfoot."

Lupin winced slightly, expecting someone to see through that name. "Um. Lupin."

"I'm Paul," the leader announced. "Let's begin."

So they did.

"When life just sucks
When things get tough-"

They were interrupted by a loud thump, which turned out to be Ron Weasley, who had just arrived and tripped over a stray book lying around the floor. Embarrassed at this entrance, he addressed everyone.
"Sorry, excuse me, oops…"

"And you are?" Paul asked.

Ron looked quite unsure of what to say.
"Oh, I'm not—
I'm just here to—
My life's not—
I'm here with—"

Immediately giving up on whatever he may have said, Ron raised a hand in greeting and announced, "RON! Ron! I'm Ron!"

Sirius and Lupin exchanged glances, both smiling slightly at how out of place Ron seemed to feel here. The other members looked amused too, and spotting this, Ron fumbled and muttered, "Well. This must seem quite entertaining."

"Sit down, Ron," Paul offered, motioning to some empty chairs.
"We'll continue the life complaining."

Ron gave an awkward smile in response, pulled a chair out, and joined everyone in the circle to continue the meeting.

"You must then trust
It'll be fine soon enough"

"Just listen, Paul
I'm having a problem with this," Blaise Z. spat suddenly.
"This credo
My life I don't know
I've been so confused, okay?"

"All right," said Paul.
"But look, Blaise— are you a girl or boy?"

Blaise Z., looking very annoyed at this question, fumed and sarcastically replied with, "How should I know?"

"The author told you so," explained Paul.

"A boy?" answered Blaise.

"Now you're sure," said Paul.

"Yes, but I'm still stuck," Blaise Z. told him.

"So why's life suck?" asked Paul.

"They said I'm Italian," Blaise answered.
"But I'm black
Look, I find sometimes life is hard to live
Because my introduction's not informative

And so the fanfic writer speculation began
Because no one knew if I'm a woman or a man."

Lupin looked over at Sirius and raised an eyebrow. Sirius gave him a smirk back, a pout with his lipsticked lips, and a display of his blue painted fingernails, as if to prove to him that right now, he was being a woman, and that Lupin could forget about making those kind of remarks.

The meeting continued.

"The book may close
The time's not gone
The magic lives on."

Author's Note: I tend to call this the 'Fanon Chapter' just because of all the fanon stuff I've used in here, like dear old Mary Sue. :p Also, the comment Blaise had about being Italian came from some icon I read about a year ago about how all the Blaise fangirls were upset that Blaise was black and not a hot Italian guy. It amused me, so I threw it in there.
I have to work on a few more songs and perfect the new version of 'Another Day', and then there should be an update after that.