Just a lil' Oneshot I thought up. My first gravi. fic, so no flames.

Disclaimer: I don't feel like being creative 'cause it's 1:03 in the morning, so here it is. I don't own Gravitation or any of it's characters. I'd love to own Kumagoro-kun and Ryu-chan though:3

o0 Cinnamon Strawberries 0o

Hiro struck a final chord and Bad Luck's recording session ended.

"That rocked!" screamed a pink-haired chibi.

"Shu-chan, you rock!" yelled a mossy-green haired chibi, "Can I have your autograph?" he smiled widely, holding out a pen and pad to the young singer.

"Sakuma-san... an autograph?" Shuichi wondered, staring at Nittle Grasper's lead singer.

"Pweeeeeze?" cried Ryuichi.

"Ryuichi, what are you doing?" Mr.K demanded, picking his former client up from the floor.

"I want Shu-chan's autograph!" Ryu whimpered.

"You can get his autograph later, Ryuichi. We've got an interview in half an hour." Tohma Seguchi stated, dragging a struggling chibi out the studio door.

All the members of Bad Luck sweat-dropped watching one of the great rock legends being dragged out of the door. It was so strange how Ryuichi Sakuma, genius of song and poetry could be so chibi and adorable.

o0 Later that night... 0o

"Shu-chan!" squeaked Ryuichi, glomping onto the young boy.

"Sakuma-san?" Shuichi wondered aloud, looking at his idol on top of him.

"Please, call me Ryuichi or Ryu!"

"Okay... Ryu-chan..."

"Does Shuichi want some ABC gum?" smiled the cute green-haired chibi.

"Sure, what's the ABC stand for?" Shuichi answered.

Ryuichi stared at Shuichi before softly planting a kiss on his lips, his tongue slipping into the younger singer's mouth.

Shuichi was shocked. Oh my god... Ryuichi Sakuma, my idol is kissing me!, he thought in disbelief. Wait... What's this sticky thing?

Ryuichi broke away leaving a stunned and astonished Shuichi looking back into his eyes. "ABC stands for Already Been Chewed."

"Already... been... chewed..." Shuichi whispered to himself, his bearly audible voice trailing off into a tense silence between the pair. His tongue wrapped around the sticky substance in his mouth. It tasted of strong cinnamon with a hint of strawberry. Ryuichi uses strawberry toothpaste?

"More." Shuichi blurts out after half a minute of pure silver silence.

"Hm...?" Ryuichi questions, not sure of what the pink-haired boy had said.

"More gum, please..." the young singer repeats, avoiding the mossy-green headed man's gaze. He could feel it staring at his lavender eyes. His face flushed a cherry-blossom pink that matched his hair.

The chibi takes out a stick of cinnamon gum and takes it into his mouth, chewing slowly, not taking his baby-blues away from the cute boy's eyes.

Shuichi could not wait any longer. He took his hand and shoved Ryu's lips down on his own. The kiss was sweetened by cinnamon, strawberry and a hint of peppermint.

"Hm..." Shuichi mumbled after the kiss ended.

"Does Shu-chan like ABC gum?" inquired a broadly smiling Ryuichi.

"It's delicious, just like strawberries."

o0 Fin 0o

Hehe. This was fun, I've been obsessed with this pairing for a few days now and I wanted to do something about ABC gum, 'cause my friend Sdnoo had been telling me about one of her ABC gum stories and I was chewing cinnamon gum the other day. Anyway, I hope to write more soon!