Just a different spin on our favourite TV show that you may not have thought of.

Authors Note- Well, this is just a weird little concept that buzzed around in my head until I caught it and forced it into a story. It's very different to everything else I've done because

1. It's not funny, and

2. As my friends would say, it's freaky-ass, man.

That said, I hope you…uhm, enjoy it?

Timmy was an average kid that no one understood. It was hard, being that kid. His parents loved him, he knew, but sometimes they could be just a little too wrapped up in their own lives and a little too oblivious to his. This wasn't made any better by the introduction of Vicky the babysitter. She was evil and cruel, and more than a little sadistic. Timmy became a very sad and frustrated kid, until one day that changed. He got a pair of fish; just normal unassuming fish. But Timmy made them so much more. He had friends, of course. Chester and AJ were there whenever he wanted to play his V-Cube with someone, or have crazy 10 year old adventures. But Timmy wanted someone there all the time. Someone to always listen to him, to always be there for him, to always, make everything better.

Cosmo and Wanda. Two fairies that changed from his goldfish whenever he needed them. When ever he was the most lonely or miserable, their smiling faces would be there. Of course they had adventures; small ones or huge ones from the wishes that he made. He started to expand their universe; they had a mean boss, Jorgen. Cosmo had a mother. An alien would come from space and threaten the planet. He met many enemies; pixies, a genie, book characters come to life, a muscular fairy still in love with Wanda, even one of his previous creations he'd grown out of. No matter who he was up against, Timmy, with his fairies, would always save the day.

They gave him confidence, too. If there was something he wanted to achieve, he just had to 'wish' it, and it would make him feel more able to accomplish it. Of course he had fantasies; he was smarter than AJ, he was the best skateboarder in the skate park, he had his own radio station, Trixie Tang finally noticed him, he was able to battle with his hero the Crimson Chin, he had the scariest Halloween ever, he went back in time and saw what made his teacher so ludicrously obsessed with fairies, he was able to punish Vicky…

Vicky would sometimes see the smile on his face, and wonder what he was so darn happy about. She would venture to remove it with chores or menial tasks, but it didn't seem to bother Timmy as much as it should have. Not when he had Cosmo and Wanda around, joking and laughing and letting him wish everything done.

He knew he'd grow out of them one day. But until that day came, they'd always be there to cheer him up, and to make his life just that little bit better. He loved Cosmo and Wanda almost as much as anyone real. Sometimes Cosmo was urging him into doing stupid things, sometimes Wanda was there saying a word of sensible advice. Together, they steered Timmy through hard times and good times, through laughter and through tears. But mostly they helped him survive through the boredom Vicky put him through, by having crazy adventures when he was doing nothing more than scrubbing the bathroom floor.

Magic doesn't really exist. But in the mind of a lonely ten year old boy, it's as real as you or me.

Authors Note 2- Hmm, very strange. I wrote this in half an hour at 11:30 at night, and even though it's short, I think that helps get the message across. I hope I did get the message across. Y'all know what I was talking about, right? Right? Ah well, it doesn't matter. Just something to think about, is all.