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SUMMARY: AU. Natsume Hyuuga, a popular lead guitarist and singer/rockstar of a popular band called Red Lining is having a concert tonight. Unfortunately, he wanted to buy something in a CD store and had a fight with a stranger that doesn't even know who the hell he was! What will he do? Oneshot.

Red Lining
Chapter 1

"That's it, guys! Recording session's over!" Tsubasa, the manager of the popular band called the Red Lining, said as the band started dispersing, ready to get out of the room. "Oh, and please remember Natsume, smile at the fans and don't scare them!"

"Tch." Natsume muttered to himself, "as if they're scared… they're still running after me anyway."

He started out the door followed by his friend/bassist Ruka.

"Don't even try to sneak outside!" Tsubasa warned the two. "We only have 4 hours left and I want you resting now!"

Natsume ignored him. "Whatever. Ruka, c'mon."

And so the two left.


"Natsume, why don't we just follow Tsubasa this time... We might be seen by swarming fans." Ruka started once the two were outside of the Pop Building.

Natsume didn't answer and just continued walking down the street not caring whether he was being observed by the many unfamiliar faces in the streaming crowd.

"Where are we going anyway?" Ruka asked because he knew Natsume's just as hardheaded as a bull.

"To the mall." Natsume stated.

"Natsume are you crazy? We could die there!"

"Ruka you're overreacting… I'm just going to buy a CD because I couldn't find it anywhere else."

"Fine… I'm just going to that coffee shop." Ruka said pointing to the small coffee shop nearby. "I'll just meet you there."

Natsume nodded. "I'll be fast."

What could happen in a CD store anyway? He asked himself as he walked straight to the mall.


"We're here!" Mikan shouted as she and her best friend Hotaru entered the huge mall.

"Don't be so stupid Mikan. It's only a mall." Hotaru said leaving Mikan behind.

"Hotaru! I'm just excited because I'm gonna buy something!"

"What are you going to buy anyway?"

"A CD that I couldn't find anywhere! My radar tells me that the Beat CD store still has it!"

"You have radar inside you?" Hotaru asked with a sarcastic tone. "Alright. Go now, I'll just follow in awhile. Meet you there." Hotaru said turning left.

"Awwww... Hotaru! You're not going to come with me?"


Mikan cringed. "Fine. When I get that CD, I'll be laughing my head off because you didn't see my victory!"


"Now got to find that CD." Natsume muttered to himself as he heard his same phrase from a stranger just beside him.

Natsume raced an eyebrow as his eyes followed the hyper brunette. "Weird." He mumbled as he walked through the CD racks.

For a couple of minutes, he finally found the CD he was looking for in what you can call an empty deserted CD rack.

The only copy left.

'Got to have it.'

As he finally grabbed the CD from the rack, a pair of rosy white hands made its grab from the other end of the CD that he was now holding.

Natsume looked up and met two pair of brown eyes coming from the stranger he saw just awhile ago.

"Hey… I was the one who got this first, so do you mind if you get another copy?" Mikan said to the boy with ruby eyes.

"Get your paws away from my CD. I was the one who grabbed it first."

Mikan's face turned red, "Don't you call that paws! Can't you see? It's called hands!"

Natsume ignored her and pulled the CD away from her.

"Hey give that back to me!" Mikan shouted. "Who do you think you are anyway?"

Natsume, who was heading for the counter, turned around, and looked straight at the girl.

Here he was, a popular rockstar, the lead guitarist and singer of the band called Red Lining... and a stupid girl doesn't even know who the hell he was?

He looked at her with disbelief as he thought whether he should consider being happy or not.

He finally answered, "I'm Natsume Hyuuga."

Everyone at the CD store put their heads up as they heard the popular name of Natsume Hyuuga.

Voices, whispers, giggles could be heard from around.

He looked at the girl's glaring face. "And you are?"

"Mikan. Mikan Sakura... and I want my CD back." The girl spat out.

"Get your own. I got this first." Natsume stated staring at Mikan's already annoyed face.

"Fine! If you're going to be like that, I'll just get that from you…" Mikan said lunging forward to Natsume. "…I'll just get that forcefully!"

Mikan jumped at Natsume causing him to fall backwards on the floor.

"Give me that!" Mikan said trying to grab the CD from Natsume.

"I won't." Natsume simply said.

"Yes you will!"

"I said I won't."

"Fine. Start with Plan B now!" Mikan shouted. Group of people started to watch them now.

"What do you mean Plan B?" Natsume said looking puzzled.

"I'll get that using my tickle hands!" Mikan started tickling Natsume's ribs.

"Hey, stop that!" Natsume said.

Finally Natsume started to loosen the grip at the CD.

Mikan got it and finally stood up away from Natsume.

Mikan smirked. "That's what you get for not giving the CD to me!"

Mikan was about to leave when suddenly Natsume called out.

"Hey." Natsume stood up from the ground.

Mikan looked at Natsume. "What?"

"Here." Natsume said handing out two free VIP tickets.

"What's this?"

"Duh. It's two free VIP tickets to a concert later."

"I know! But why are you giving this to me?" Mikan said as she got it from him.

"You'll see."

"Whose concert is it anyway?" Mikan asked.

Natsume sweat dropped.

He stood up from the ground and left the store, followed by the group of fans around him.

"I'll make your life a living hell, Mikan Sakura." Natsume promised as he walked out of the mall.


Mikan paid for the CD and waited for her friend.

What a weird person. She thought and saw a glimpse of her friend on the nearby rack.

"Hotaru!" Mikan shouted, running up to her friend.

"I don't know you." Hotaru said leaving Mikan.

"Hotaru! You're being mean again!"

"Do you know who the hell that person was? The one you just tackled down the floor?" Hotaru asked.

"Oh, you mean the weird guy who gave me these two free tickets?" Mikan asked as she pulled out the tickets from her pocket.

Hotaru nodded.

"Actually, no. But he said he was a guy named Natsume Hyuuga."

"And why did you have to tackle him down?"

"Because he was trying to get away with my CD." Mikan pointed to the small plastic bag she carrying.

"Mikan, you're really so stupid. I'm leaving."

"Aww… Hotaru don't leave me! I'm not stupid!" Mikan said following Hotaru out of the store.

"Yes you are. You just had a fight with a rockstar."

Mikan raised an eyebrow. "Wha-what do you mean?"

"Natsume Hyuuga is the lead guitarist and singer of the band Red Lining!"

Mikan just stared at her best friend.

"You're really an idiot Mikan." Hotaru said finally leaving her.

Mikan stopped at her tracks and stared emptily at the sight before her.

Mikan swallowed hard whispered to herself. "My life's going to be a living hell…"

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