SasuNaru (if you squint hard enough), shounen-ai, possible OOC and unbeta-read.

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More warning: Mentions of the manga 306-308


Sasuke forgot his surrounding even Sakura who was still busy reviving the still unconscious Sai and tending to the injured and immobile Yamato. He forgot everything… everything but Naruto and the indescribable pleasure of having the blonde beneath him, weak; vulnerable and helpless.

The blonde was panting hard, exhausted to the point of collapsing and worst his chakra was at its lowest level. Looking at his pathetic teammate, no ex-teammate and former best friend, made him wonder briefly if the fight would last longer if he used Kyuubi's power. But such thought was brief as his arrogant side pointed out that the outcome would still be the same because he, Uchiha Sasuke, was better than Naruto in all ways. Unlike the blonde, he only carried one burden- fraternal bonds. Unlike him, he only had the strongest feeling – hatred.

The bliss that was singing in his veins was not due to the fact that he would attain the Mangenkyou Sharingan but to the realization that he could finally kill Naruto out of his whim. He decided to look at those blue pools just so he could savor the hatred and helpless look that would be there.

Big mistake. Bad move.

But he realized it too late as he saw that there was no negative feelings in his eyes. There was only understanding and trust and it confused Sasuke. What could Naruto understand when he was just an utter retard? Why would he still trust him when he had broken such trust over and over again? Why? How?

Naruto placed his hand on top of Sasuke's. "It's okay, Sasuke," he assured as if there was no blade against his throat, "Go ahead and kill me."

Why was his voice laced in happiness? Why was it not shaking in fear?

"But will you grant my request?" Without waiting for any retort from the suddenly still black-haired ninja he guided the sword over his heart. "Will you stab my heart to it from throbbing in pain?"

This time there was only love in those blue eyes and Sasuke saw this. How could Naruto still love him after all the things he did? What was about him that he loved so much? Why would he love him when he had become a monster?

The loving gaze the blonde gave him was like the explosion that collapsed the dam holding all of Sasuke's repressed emotions and memories. Emotions like pain and sadness that he felt when he learned that he was now replaced by Sai; longing when he saw Naruto looking at him passionately few minutes ago; happiness of seeing the girl that annoyed him so much; regret of not seeing his former teacher once more. They all crashed against him like waves. The happy memories of his time in Konoha tumbled one after another.

He felt the strength he had being quickly drained from him, leaving him weak and all the jutsu he learned from Orochimaru couldn't save him nor counteract what was happening to him.

Helpless, vulnerable and near to surrender, Sasuke disappeared like a blur of black wind, leaving a confused Naruto.


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