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People like my vampire GW story so much I decided to try a Naruto one.
Will be NaruSasu, other pairings to come.
Set in any modern city your imagination picks.

Chapter 1

Sasuke sat alone watching the other students as they fooled around. He never joined in and he knew that it worried the teachers, especially Iruka, but he didn't care. Besides, it wasn't like the other students wanted him to join in, other than a few obsessed girls. Hanging around the younger brother of an insane mass murderer who had wiped out his entire family before going on a killing spree wasn't considered the thing to do. He'd been alone since Itachi had gone mad and killed everyone else. Some days, okay most days, he found himself wishing the older Uchiha had not spared him. Itachi had been caught three years ago and given the death sentence but still people avoided Sasuke.

"Go join in Sasuke." He looked up as Iruka sat beside him on the bench.

"Hn." He turned away from the kind-hearted teacher and stiffened as a gentle hand was placed on his shoulder.

"You can't just cut yourself off from the rest of humanity." Sasuke stood and left the older man just sitting there. Iruka sighed and hung his head, he had tried everything he could think of to reach the teen but nothing had worked. Well, there was something he hadn't tried but doing that always left him feeling dirty. He had no right to mess with someone's head like that and he hated it when he had no choice but to. Maybe…Iruka smiled slightly. If he couldn't get through to the teen then no one could. But how to find him? Then again, exposing Sasuke to him may not be a good idea since that meant Iruka would have to be around him and that always gave him a migraine. He groaned and let his head rest in his hands. He wouldn't contact him but would wait and see, he had a habit of showing up when Iruka thought about him so maybe he would appear on his doorstop in a few days.


He laughed as he danced, his partner moving against him obviously flirting. He paused suddenly as something seemed to take his attention and then he grinned and laughed again. He bent to whisper in his partner's ear and she pouted. He smirked and then dipped her, kissing her deeply before puling her back upright. Before she was fully back on her feet he was gone, lost in the crowd and lights.

He stepped out into the cool night air and stretched his senses. Smiling he decided to hunt before leaving. After all, he couldn't expect his friend to always feed him.


The class watched as Iruka froze, eyes locked on the new student. The blond smiled and waved jauntily, causing the teacher to snap back to the present and walk over to his desk. Most of the girls watched him throughout the day, giggling whenever the blond looked their way and making the boys very jealous. At lunch the blond chose to sit alone and watch everyone.

"Naruto, please stay after class so we can discuss what you need to catch up on." The teen sat back down as the others left the room. Once they were all gone he waved his hand negligently, sealing the room from, prying eyes and ears.

"Never saw you as a teacher Iruka." He leant back in his chair and smiled at the apparently older man.

"Yes, well aren't you a little old for a student?" Iruka shot back. Yep, migraine was here to stay. The blond shrugged and then stood, walking towards the brown haired teacher. His smile suddenly grew and he threw his arms around the taller man. Iruka smiled and hugged him back.
"Despite everything I have missed you." The teacher whispered.

"I know. I'm, staying in the old abandoned place at the edge of town so that should help with the headaches." The blond reached up and rubbed the others temples, trying to relieve some of the pain he could see in warm brown eyes.

"Will you be okay out there alone?" Naruto laughed.

"I'm hardly a kid Iruka. I've already started patching it up a bit. Should look good when I'm finished. So…the reason I'm here is?"

"You're too curious when someone thinks about you?" Iruka guessed, leaning on the edge of his desk. Naruto pouted.

"Come on. We both know you were thinking about me for a reason. So?"

"Did you notice the boy who was alone all day?"

"Dark hair and eyes, pale skin?" Iruka nodded.

"Sasuke Uchiha." Naruto frowned at the name.

"Any relation to Itachi?"

"His younger brother and now the only member of the family left alive. Itachi forced him to watch and then left him alive. I've tried everything but the boy won't open up. It's like he doesn't care if he lives or dies."

"Hence my presence. But why do you care so much?"

"If anyone can get through to him it's you. He…he's in so much pain Naruto. No one should have to suffer like that."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence. You are way too soft Iruka, any one else would have simply done as he's wishing." Naruto sighed, he knew he was going to agree simply because it was Iruka that was asking him. He had never been able to deny him on the rare occasions he asked for help.
"So, guess that means I play the overly happy new guy who's curious about the outcast. No problem. See you tomorrow in class." He unsealed the room and left. Iruka gathered his things and left at a slower pace, still smiling. Yes, despite everything he was glad the blond was here, he had missed him a lot more than he had realised. He could put up with the headaches his being near caused for as long as it took.


Sasuke moved around his house, getting some food before beginning his homework. He hated living here but it had been his home his entire life and he really couldn't see himself moving. Besides, who would buy a house where such a bloody crime was committed? No one sane. He didn't even know why he bothered with school, other than Iruka. For some reason he didn't want to disappoint the overly kind teacher. Unbidden his thoughts went to the new student, Naruto Uzumaki. The blond was intriguing but there was nothing more to it then that. He would be warned to stay away from Sasuke as all the new students before him had. Then why did he actually feel sad about that?

Naruto watched as Sasuke settled in to do his homework. He smiled as he watched the dark haired boy from his perch. He definitely had his work cut out for him but he wouldn't give up, he owed too much to Iruka and the other rarely asked him for anything. Probably because of the headaches his presence caused but still… He watched for a while longer before vanishing, heading back to the abandoned mansion. If you looked really carefully at the old gates you could make out a few letters of the family name once etched proudly there, U, M, K and I. Naruto walked up to the second story and gently rested his hand against the door to the Master bedroom, smiling sadly, lost in memory. He shook himself and then walked further down the hall to his room. He smiled and shook his head; orange paint was pealing off the walls but still retained enough of its colour to be recognisable. So much had changed.


"Hey!" Sasuke looked up into friendly blue eyes.
"Name's Naruto." He looked at the hand that was being held out and turned away.
"Don't shake? That's fine. So, what's your name?" Sasuke ignored the other teen, he'd leave him soon enough, just like everyone else.
"Come on, its not that hard to tell someone your name, is it?" The blond sat beside him on the bench and lent back against the tree behind them.
"Please? Tell me your name."

"Sasuke." He said grudgingly, maybe now the other teen would leave.

"Great to meet you. I'm new, obviously or I would have already known your name. So, what do you do for fun?" Sasuke looked at the other from the corner of his eye. Why hadn't he left to join the others yet?


"Okay, so you don't talk much. That's okay, I've been told I talk enough for three people." Sasuke turned to fully face him and found Naruto smiling brightly at him; there was no disdain, fear or pity in his eyes.

"Why?" Naruto was still smiling but suddenly seemed more serious, if that was possible.

"Because you're lonely." The bell rang and Naruto grabbed his arm, dragging him off to class.

Iruka smiled from his spot at the window as he watched Naruto talk to and then drag Sasuke off. Looked like it had been a good idea to get Naruto's help. He winced at a sudden flare of the pain in his head and rubbed his scalp, trying to relieve it at least a little.


"It's like talking to a wall!" Iruka looked up and smiled at the look on Naruto's face.
"Actually, a wall might be easier to get a response from. Are you sure I can't eat him?"

"Positive. He's had a hard life Naruto. Give him time."

"I have plenty of time unlike him. The rate he's going he'll suicide in another year or two. Wanna hunt with me tonight?" Iruka's smile widened, Naruto could switch so quickly and easily between topics.

"No thanks, I went last night."

"Please? Pretty please?" Naruto begged, pulling out his best puppy dog eyes and making Iruka laugh.

"Alright, alright! Will you ever learn to act your age?"

"You want me to act like a corpse?" Naruto cocked his head to the side.

"You know perfectly well what I mean." Iruka stood, grabbing his coat and followed Naruto from the classroom.
"Do you really think he'll do that?" Naruto sighed and nodded.

"He has nothing to live for. Without that…" Naruto trailed off as he spotted something promising. Iruka leant against a wall to wait, like he'd said he'd hunted the night before. It was only a few minutes before Naruto rejoined him and they continued walking.
"That was tasty." Naruto grinned.

"I'm sure it was. You seem to be making some headway, he didn't try to hit you."

"I think he was shocked that someone would actually drag him to class." Naruto laughed a bit at the memory.

"Maybe. Wall or not, please keep trying."

"Hey, I said I'd help and I never go back on my word, you know that Iruka."

"I know." They walked together for a while longer before splitting up to go home for the rest of the night, or in Naruto's case to go spy on a certain dark haired teenager for a while.