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Chapter 10

Sasuke froze as gentle, slightly cool lips pressed against his even as Naruto placed a hand on the back of his neck to hold him in place. It felt…odd but strangely nice and so he hesitantly began to copy what Naruto was doing, slowly moving his lips against the vampires. He could feel it as Naruto smiled and then gently pushed him backwards, urging him to lie down on the couch. Sasuke let it happen and then gasped as Naruto's tongue flicked across his lips, inadvertently giving him access to his mouth. The feeling of another's tongue exploring his mouth was very strange but after a few seconds he decided he liked it so when it started moving against his own tongue he once again copied Naruto's actions. His hands hovered slightly as he was unsure what to do with them until Naruto's free hand guided them to rest at the back of his neck. By the time Naruto finally pulled back Sasuke was gaping for air but he didn't mind.

"Well?" Naruto asked, trying to hide just how much Sasuke's answer would affect him.

"Huh?" Was the dazed answer, making the vampire laugh.

"Did you like?" He asked and the mortal nodded, still looking rather dazed.
"Good." Naruto bent back down and kissed him again.


Kakashi smiled sleepily and snuggled closer to the warmth around him, knowing that it was Iruka and that he was safe in the older mans embrace. Waking up in his arms, knowing Iruka would protect him from anything and everything was the most wonderful feeling he'd ever had in his life. Even as a child he had never felt this safe and loved. He would do anything Iruka asked him to as long as it meant he could keep feeling like this.

Slowly waking up more he moved just enough that he could see Iruka's face. He smiled at the sight of his lover so relaxed and peaceful looking. He knew that Iruka had been stressed a lot lately because of the Hunters and then his deteriorating emotional condition but in sleep he lost all of his worries. Kakashi still found it hard to believe this exotic creature wanted him, even loved him but he knew Iruka wasn't lying. He blinked as he realised he was staring into warm, sleepy brown eyes.

"Hey." Iruka said quietly, reaching out to brush some stray hair from Kakashi's face.
"Been awake long?"

"No. I didn't mean to wake you." He automatically apologised. He sighed as Iruka pulled him closer.

"You didn't. How do you feel?"

"I don't think I feel any different. Would I realise it if I do?"

"Not sure. I guess all we can do is wait and see but you'll let me know if you feel anything odd won't you?" Iruka stroked the silver hair softly.

"Of course." Kakashi blushed slightly as his stomach growled, making Iruka laugh.

"Looks like your hungry this time." Iruka kissed him softly.
"I'll go get you something, you just relax." Iruka slipped out from under the sheet giving Kakashi a wonderful view before he pulled on a robe and headed for the kitchen.


Sasuke lay in bed thinking about what had to be the weirdest day of his life. Finding out his flatmate was a vampire and that he really enjoyed kissing said vampire plus the fact that he was still seventeen and not nineteen was not something he'd ever dreamed would happen and yet here he was. Of course he didn't actually remember being nineteen anymore or any of the false life Naruto had created for him. He honestly didn't know what to think or do. Did he believe that Naruto had acted with the best intentions? Surprisingly yes he did. Did he agree with those actual actions? No, but he could see how Naruto's options had been limited at the time. Would he have done any differently under the same circumstances? As much as he hated to admit it, probably not.

But none of that helped with his real dilemma, his feelings for the blonde. At the moment he honestly didn't know what he felt. He could admit that before all this he had begun feeling more than simple friendship but now? Knowing what Naruto had done to him and what he really was, could he still feel that way about him? Yes he had really enjoyed their kisses earlier but did that mean anything or was it simply hormones? Frankly not knowing your own emotions did not help with sleeping. Sasuke rolled over and pounded his pillow, trying to get comfortable. He didn't even notice Naruto's presence as the vampire slipped into the room and over to the bed, he just suddenly found himself looking into blue eyes and then everything went dark.

Naruto brushed Sasuke's hair back as the teen lay down and obediently went to sleep. He knew his friend would be mad if he realised what he'd done but it was nearly one in the morning and Sasuke needed the sleep. He only hoped that he would be able to truly accept what Naruto was and why he had done what he had. He wanted to explore the possibilities of a relationship and he knew that if Sasuke agreed he would stay with him until the day Sasuke died unless he asked to be turned as long as he truly understood what he would be signing up for. Smiling down at the mortal he knew Sasuke would make a wonderful vampire but only if he ever truly wanted it, he would not force the change on anyone the way it was on him.


The next few days and then weeks passed fairly normally for them with neither making many comments over Naruto's status or the kisses they'd shared although the vampire knew thoughts of those subjects were never far from Sasuke's mind. But there was one thing that Naruto would forever hate himself for forgetting, Hunters were excellent trackers even in modern times.


Naruto fought the urge to pace the apartment in worry. Sasuke should have been home hours ago and yet he wasn't and what made it worse was that he hadn't even called him to let him know he was going to be late. He knew something was wrong, he just didn't know what. And the city was far too big for him to pinpoint Sasuke like he did the night he had saved him from the vampires in the alley. Giving up on waiting he took to the rooftops, hoping to see some sign of his missing friend and hopefully soon to be lover.


Sasuke sat in the corner, nursing his throbbing and bleeding head. He should have stayed home today after all. But why had they grabbed him? What did they want? He tugged futilely at the collar and chain that held him in place, causing the few people around to snicker. At that moment he wanted Naruto more than anything, wanted the vampires comforting presence and reassurance that it would be okay.

"What do you say we have a little chat with our guest?" A slender young man asked the others who quickly gathered round. What scared Sasuke was the syringe in his hand.


"Iruka? What's wrong?" Kakashi asked as his lover suddenly froze.

"Naruto…something's happened."

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