Title:Im no hero

Chapter:Gathering around for that one last time...

The falshbacks are in Italics,and the phone conversation...

Um its a little language at the end...

She walks up to his grave site, and puts two roses on the head stone. A tear zigzag down her face.

"I love you."She wispered wiping the tears away from her eyes. The wind blew, she felt him,she new he was at peace...There was a ruffle,she turned around. Casey was standing there,she came over to her and put her arm around her.

"I miss him." She said looking at Casey.

"Yeah we all do,it just takes some time."Casey said taking her hand.

"Its been two weeks now...I just..."Olivia trailed off. Casey hugged her,that was the only time she felt secure since Elliots death,she couldnt hold it in any longer.She broke down right there in Casey's arms.That was the first time she had showed any emotion...

Flashback:Two weeks and a day earlier.

Olivia is walking in the presient, Elliot spotted her immediately and smiled.He came up to her.

"Hey."He said smiling."You free tonight."

"For you I am."She said as they walk to her desk.

"Good."He said sneaking in a kiss."You know its crazy, here I was looking for love when love was right in front of me."

Olivia smiled looking at him."I have something to tell you so make sure you come by tonight."

"Of course I will,besides I got something for you to."And with that he got up to make some coffee...

Casey let go of Olivia wiping the tears away."Its okay Liv."

Olivia shook her head."You dont understand,he was going to be a husband and a father."

Casey looked at her."Kathy and the kids---

"No Casey he was going to be my husband he was going to be the father of my daughter."...

Flashback: Oloivia walks in her apartment.She sat her things down and start getting ready for tonight.Thinking about how she is going to tell Elliot that she was pregnant,wondering what Elliot surprise was...The phone rung,on the second rung she answered it.


(E)-Yeah its me

(O)-Hey you,where are you

(E)-Im coming from Zales

(O)-Zales? hmm what for

(E)-Now if I tell you it wont be a surprise now will it


(E)-Cant tell you sorry hon---

Just then Olivia heard screaching tires,then gunshots.


The phone starts breaking up. There was a struggles then she heard Elliot yelling.


There was another gunshot,then---

-He's dead bitch, he shouldnt got his ass in stuff he couldnt handle

She heard a guys voice deep and full of hatred.


She wispered,tears rolling down her eyes.

-Ha ha,you should be here to watch him die bitch...hmm

She heard another guys voice

-Yo come on man before someone see's

-shh, have a nice life girl...

And with that the phone went dead...

Casey looked at her."You and Elliot..."

"Yeah for a month or so."

"Olivia Im..."The only thing Casey could do was hug her...

Hey thats all for now what do yall think. I usualy dont write E/O but it was on my mind so...Tell me what yall think...