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Chapter Ten:


Sarah woke up facing Jareth with his arm around her waist. She smiled in memory of what happened the day before, he loves me! Sarah snuggled against the sleeping Jareth, and daydreamed until she heard a noise. She straightened up and grabbed Jareth's arm. "Sire!" A goblin called.

Sarah gently shook him, "Jareth…. Jareth… wake up."

Jareth just mumbled under his breath and brought Sarah into him, "Sire!"

Jareth let out a growl, "WHAT DO YOU WANT!!!!"

"Your… um…. Ex future queen is here." The goblin sounded scared.

"What does she want! Tell her to go away!" Jareth smiled and started to kiss Sarah's collar bone.

Sarah's eye grew wide, "Jareth! Stop!"

"She won't leave sire!" A loud noise came out of no where, "No, that is the Kings room you may not go in here!"

A woman burst into the room, just as Sarah managed to get Jareth off of her. "YOU!!" The woman pointed a finger at them, "How dare you take my king away from me!"

"One, don't come into my king's bedroom unannounced. Two, he's mine and was never, yours, so I didn't take anything away from you. And three how dare you push our goblins around!" Sarah glared at the woman.

"Why you filthy human whore!"

"Excuse me, you will not speak of my future queen in that manner. Now, Allishe what do you want." Jareth's irritation showed in his voice

"I want to know why you left me for a mortal." Allishe huffed.

"Because she's better and I lover her. Now is that all or did you have an actual point in coming here? Aside from pissing me and my fiancé off." Jareth spoke in a matter-of-fact tone.

"No mortal is better than a me." Allishe said in a cocky tone.

"I'd beg to differ. Now, Allishe, you got your answer; so if you'd kindly vanish from my life that'd be great."

"You'll regret this Jareth." Allishe threatened then left after giving Sarah one last death glare.

"Well, that was pointless." Jareth turned his attention back to Sarah. "Now, where were we?"

"I was about to get up, thank you very much." Sarah moved to the bed. "I have to go tell Amadahy and Nen the news" Sarah said with a smile.

Jareth sighed, "I'll go with you" Sarah smiled. "Even though I could like of better things to do." Jareth said under his breath.

"I heard that."

"Yes, but it's true." Jareth noticed Sarah went into her room. "Sarah, what are you doing?"

"Getting my bathing suit on, because I'm going to end up going swimming." Sarah called. A moment later Sarah bounced back into his room, "I'm ready."

Jareth offered his arm to her and she took it. "Do you want to get flash there or walk?"

"I wanna poof there, and can they be are best man and maid of honor?" Sarah asked.

"Um… I kind of promised that to my sister and her husband when they got married about 500 years ago… but they can be a brides men and main."

"Who else would be one then?" Sarah questioned.

"Let's not get into that right now." Sarah glared but nodded, and they left.

they are now in front of the lake

"Amadahy!!" Sarah called, as she ran closer to the lake.

"Sarah!" Amadahy exclaimed. "What are you doing back so soon?"

"Jareth and I had a fight…" Sarah saw her confused look, "But we got over it, anyways, and now… we're going to get married!" Sarah squealed.

Amadahy said nothing, instead she laughed and tackle hugged Sarah. They stood there laughing until Jareth and Nen came up behind them. "So I take is Sarah told my wife the news."

"Isn't great Nen? Jareth is going to finally settle down and be married." Amadahy looked at Sarah again, and hugged her while laughing.

"So, umm…. Do you want to be a bridesmaid? I mean we don't really have any plans, but you're my first friend here and well… would you?" Sarah said nervously.

"Of course! But one day you will have to tell me how Jareth tricked you into marrying him." Amadahy joked.

"He had me when he sang to me… but I still hated him… I don't know how it happened… all I know is that it did, and I'm so happy it did." Sarah tried to explain.

"Well then, friend, I am happy for you." Amadahy put a hand on her shoulder.

"We both are." Nen added while wrapping his arm around his wife's waist. "And we're happy for you too, Jareth."

"Yes, well…. I knew she'd be mine." Jareth said cockily.

Sarah slapped his arm, "So.. Who wants to go swimming?"

The rest of the day Sarah and Jareth stayed at the lake, spreading the good news. Many of the nymphs were jealous, of both Sarah and Jareth. And many come-on's were made to the both of them, concerning there.. Pleasure. When the sun was setting Jareth decided it would be best to go back to the castle, and Sarah reluctantly agreed.

In the throne room

"You're going to need a throne." Jareth informed Sarah. He was sitting up right in his chair and Sarah was perpendicularly sitting on him, with her legs over the side of the throne.

"I get to have a throne!" Sarah smiled up at Jareth.

"You'll get to have a lot of things."

"So, when are you going to start telling people?" Sarah questioned, then quickly added, "Aside from the nymphs, of course."

"I suppose that I will formally announce our engagement at the masquerade; but I'm going to tell my sister when she comes, which will probably be at least a week before the ball itself."

"Oh… so where am I going to stay when she gets here?" Sarah started to play with Jareth's hair.

"My room, of course. Where else would be fit for a queen?" Jareth sounded as though it was never a question as to where she would be staying.

"I'm not a queen yet." Sarah mumbled.

"Yes, but you will be soon love." Jareth ran the side of his index finger down the length of her neck. "Very soon." He voice got husky, and his finger began to slowly go lower.

"What kind of wedding will we have?" Sarah questioned while staring at his moving hand.

"A big one, like the masquerade." One finger turned into four as Jareth near her breasts. "So lover, when will you show me the 'other things' that you can do." Jareth's hand moved to the side tracing the outline of her bikini.

"I uh…." Sarah's eyes closed.

"You what love?" Jareth's hand was in-between her breasts.

"Virgin." Sarah breathed.

"Don't worry love, I'll be gentle…. For now." Jareth brought Sarah closer to him and started to kiss down her neck.


"Yes love, I promise." He chuckled against her skin.

"NO! I promised my mother I wouldn't have sex until my wedding night." Sarah said frantically.

Jareth sighed, "Fine. I'll wait…. So lets make our wedding the day after the masquerade."

"Jareth! No! Our guests need to have more notice than that!" Sarah exclaimed.

Jareth rolled his eyes, "Fine, when do you want it then?"

"I don't even know when the freaking masquerade will be!"

"Oh, right, I need to give you details, we can talk about the masquerade after we talk about our wedding. The masquerade will be in three weeks."

"Oh… well… I say three weeks to a month after the Ball then." Sarah stated firmly.

"Must we wait that long? Can't we just get married now and have a reception?" Jareth questioned running his hands along her curves.

"Your sister would kill you."

"You say that and you've never even met her."

"She's related to you, that's all I need to know, and you promised. How can I expect you to keep wedding vows if you can't keep a simple promise?" Sarah raised her eyebrows.

"Fine we won't get married now… but does it have to be in three weeks?" Jareth's mismatched eyes looked into hers.




"Two and a half?"

Sarah sighed, "Fine. Two and a half." Sarah rolled her eyes.

"Now, I've planned a whole masquerade ball… so why don't you my sister and Amadahy bond while planning?"

"Nice try to get out of it…. But since you planned the ball, fine. Now, tell me out the Ball."

"Well, the colors will be shades of red.. It'll be in the crystal ball room… the one you went to… and we'll have a throne for you by then, so you'll sit with me until everyone has arrived, and I of course get the first dance. I'll introduce you to all of the important people, and I expect that you'll be dancing with some of them; which, as long as they don't whisk you away, I'll be okay with. Of course some of my head staff will be serving, and everyone is to wear vibrate colors. And you'll receive a special surprise just before the end."

"Surprise? What kind of surprise? Will I like it?"

"I'm sure you shall love it." Jareth smiled, and ran his hands down her arms.

"And it's a masquerade, so.. Will we be dressing up? Like in a costume?" Sarah's eyes glittered with excitement.

"Yes, but no one will understand except you and me."

"Why not? What are we wearing?"

"What we wore to our first masquerade. You looked lovely." Jareth put his hand to her face.

Sarah's eyes darkened, "The bubble you trapped me in?"

"I couldn't afford to have you win, because I couldn't let you go, please tell me you understand that."

Sarah glared at him, "In a weird twisted way it makes sense." Her voice was cold and hard.

"You will love the masquerade and you'll love our wedding, and that's all that matters."

"I hate you."

"You love me."

"…. Well… I hate that I love you."

"No you don't." Jareth brought her into his and kissed her. Sarah closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around him, and his hand slid up her thigh.

Sarah opened her eyes and they were in Jareth's bedroom. "Jareth… I can't…"

"We won't have sex." Jareth started to kiss down her neck, "There are so many other things we can do, without having sex." Jareth's hand slipped under the skirt Sarah was wearing.

"But… I promised… and I don't want to risk… b-breaking the promise." Sarah gasped as Jareth's fingers slid into her, "Jareth…….. Oh Jareth, anything you want once we get married…… but ahh…. Please wait."

"Do you not enjoy this?" Jareth started to kiss down Sarah's skin.

Once Jareth got dangerously close to her breasts Sarah spoke. "Yes, God yes, but I want to wait."

"No, you don't." Jareth continued going lower.

"Yes, please, stop, Jareth" Sarah was breathing hard. "Jareth, love, I promise we won't sleep on our wedding night if you stop now."

Jareth stopped. "I'm holding you to that promise." He took his fingers out and Sarah sighed.

"You never explained the whole fairy thing to me."

Jareth smiled, "I will once Tatiana arrives."


"Tatiana, my sister, anyways once she arrives-"

"TATIANA'S YOUR SISTER!!!" Sarah exclaimed.

"Yes, she is."

"Is she married to Oberon?"

"Yes, and there's a play written with them in it because he saved William something's life."

"Wow… I'm going to meet Tatiana… is Oberon coming too?"

"Yes, of course. It's nice to know you already like my sister. Now, she and I will explain it to you the day after her arrival."

"Okay." Sarah looked overjoyed.

"Come here." Jareth said with a smirk. Sarah looked hesitant. "No, we're not doing anything, but sleep… not the kind I want to do, but still, it's getting late." Sarah smiled and climbed into his arms. Jareth held her until he thought she was asleep, "I love you, my Sarah." He whispered, then kissed her forehead, and shortly went to sleep, without seeing the smile on Sarah's face.


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