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Summary: IchigoxRukia Ichigo just wants to read his magazine in peace. Drabble.

"So? What do you think?" Rukia proudly held her latest artistic masterpiece up for Ichigo to see.

"Looks good."

"You aren't even looking!"

Ichigo looked up from his magazine. "I said it looked good didn't I?"

"That doesn't mean you looked!"

"Well I did."

"Then what was it?"

"The day we went to the beach."

"That was easy," Rukia said dismissively. "What color were my shoes?"

Ichigo shrugged. "You weren't wearing any."

"Lucky guess. What about my hairclip?"

"Red," Ichigo said. "Just give it up and admit that I saw it."


"Will you stop bugging me if I give you more proof?"

Rukia looked thoughtful. "Maybe."

"There was a total of 15 seashells, one red umbrella, two sandcastles, and I'll assume that the orange stick figure on the left was your attempt at drawing me in the picture."

Rukia scowled as she knew this was true, but Ichigo wasn't done.

"And you were wearing a ring on your left hand," Ichigo said with finality. He turned back to the magazine he was reading.

"Hah! That proves you didn't look at it!" Rukia looked smug. "I didn't have a ring on my left hand."

Ichigo was silent for a moment.

"Would you like one?"