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-When it hurts to remember-

-Chapter 5-

-Memories, how they do haunt us-

"Everyone has something in their past that they want to hide."

Pride sat at the edge of his bed. All these thoughts kept crossing his mind. Who was he really? What happened? Who was that man? Why did he seem so bent on keeping Pride close to him?

There were just to many unanswered questions, and Pride didn't have a clue on where to start looking for answers.

The door slammed open some time later. Pride didn't know how much later after he'd arrived home.

After what had happened, he'd ran all the way back to the comfort and safety of his own room. Envy looked pissed. He was dripping went from head to toe. He looked as if he'd just tried to swim the ocean or something.

'Of course he's wet. It's been raining for like two hours.' Pride thought to himself as he stared at the homunclus in front of him.

He was so mad that Pride swore smoke was coming out of his ears. "Where did you go, chibi?" he growled dangerously as he stalked over to the bed.

"I came home." he replied in a scared tone. Envy looked as if he might pull out his hair in anger.

Suddenly he stopped what he was doing, ranting, and a sickening smirk crawled onto his thin lips.

He began to strip his wet shirt. (If you can call it that) and began to crawl in bed. Pride yelped in surprise as he soon found himself pinned to the bed.

"Nee...Edo let's play." he purred seductively into the younger sin's ear as he licked the shell. Pride yelped.

"Please...don't..." he whispered almost to no one. "Nani...What was that?" Envy asked sitting up and straddling his waist.

Flashes of a certain black haired General suddenly flew through the younger sin's mind.

Before he knew it, something that he thought was a memory flew through his mind.

"Rooooyyyyy!" someone cried out as said person came in them. Said person soon collapsed onto a younger person. "I love you, Roy."said a tired voice. "I love you too, Ed.

Envy made quick work of the younger sin's clothes. "I want to hear you scream my name." Envy purred as his fingers played with the smaller one's backside.

"Please..." Was all Pride was able to get out. He was still slightly dazed from the memories. Envy glanced at his toy. Pride's almost dead eyes stared blankly into the ceiling.

With a shrug of the shoulders, Envy took him again and again and again until he grew tired.

That night, Pride dreamed of a certain black haired General.

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