A/N: I got the idea that Richard Horvitz plays both Billy and Kanchome, both of them have similar personalities. So one day I thought why not have an AU fic where Billy is Kanchome's bookkeeper. Now I also knew it wouldn't be fun if Mandy didn't have a mamodo too then I figured out who'd be perfect... Zofis. However Zofis is way different in this fanfic... why? Well you'll figure it out. Anyways please don't suggest mamodos for character, only Billy, Mandy and Irwin (getting an unnamed mamodo in chapter 3, hints: Not an OC, popular character, has a big role). Brago and Sherry are main characters in the fic and Sherry will still want to burn Zofis' book but for a very different reason, Zatch and Kiyo will be reoccurring characters too...

Disclaimer: I don't own Zatch Bell or The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. If I did then there would be uncut Zatch Bell and I'd own Grim.

Grim: Hey.

Me: I was only kidding.

The Grim Adventures of Kanchome and Zofis.

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: It Begins…

It was just a normal day in Endsville… and that means it was anything but normal. Grim, Mandy and Billy were walking down the street when a weird a little boy in footy pajamas and he had a duckbill ran down the street and into Billy crashing into him and sending a yellow book into the air. It landed on Billy's head.

"Hey I have a new hat!" said Billy.

"No Billy that's a book…" said Mandy.

Billy took it off of his head looked inside it as it began to glow. "Hey I can understand these squiggly lines." said Billy.

"That means you can read it…" said Mandy who realized something, "Wait you can read? Grim… is it the end of the world?"

Grim checked a watch, "Nope not happening for a while…"

"It says Poruk… ha-ha Funny words…" said Billy.

The little duck billed boy turned into a weird looking monkey in a pink puff of smoke.

"Hey it's a monkey!" yelled Billy.

"I'm not a monkey!" yelled the now a monkey.

It changed back to a puff of smoke, "You're the one who read my book!"

"So it's been 1000 years already." said Grim.

"What are you talking about?" asked Mandy.

"As you know there are many worlds, one of them is the mamodo world. Every thousand years 100 mamodo children descend to earth in order to fight for king. In ruder to fight they must find human who can read their spell books, with it they can use their spells which they use to fight however if the spell book is burned the mamodo is sent back and is no longer in the running for king. The last one standing is the king of the mamodo world. The human is chosen to read the spell books and some how what chose them, chose Billy as a Bookkeeper…" said Grim.

"Do you like Chocolate!" yelled Billy.

"I like Chocolate!" yelled the duck billed boy.

"I'm Billy!" yelled Billy.

"I'm Kanchome!" yelled Kanchome.

"Let's go get chocolate!" yelled Billy.

Both left to find chocolate.

"I want one… I want a mamodo Grim" growled Mandy.

"I told you have to be chosen… you might not be chosen this is something's that's out my hands…" said Grim.

She grabbed Grim by the collar, "I don't care… get me one!" demanded Mandy.

An evil laugh filled the air both Mandy and Grim turned to where the laugh came form, an evil looking creature that looked neither male or female was standing in the shadows.

"I heard you wanted one of us, well today is your lucky day. As it turns out you're my bookkeeper…" said the creature who was mamodo.

"Really?" asked Mandy letting go of Grim.

"Yes…" said the mamodo as it floated towards Mandy, "Now as you know I need your help to become king… and with that I shall show you power… I'm Zofis and what is your name…" said the mamodo known as Zofis.

"Mandy…" replied Mandy.

"It is a pleasure to meet you" said Zofis handing Mandy the magenta book, Zofis stared into Mandy's eyes… hypnotizing her.

Later that day at Billy's house…

Zofis came in after mowing Billy's lawn while Mandy was drinking a Lemonade.

"Okay, I mowed the lawn now what should I do?" asked Zofis.

"Now you can clean Milkshake's litter box." said Mandy.

"Um… I think those two are already cleaning it…" said Zofis pointing to Kanchome and Billy in the letterbox.

"Hey, these don't taste like chocolate!" yelled Kanchome.

"But they go great with Dog Stake Sauce!" said Billy.

"Fine then you can do one of my chores… you have to walk Saliva before he may try to bury you…" said Mandy.

After being burred by Salvia three times Zofis realized something… it was the one being controlled.

"H-h-how did this happen… I was the one who's suppose to be controlling her!" yelled Zofis.

Then Zofis looked at Saliva and looked into his eyes. The dog's eyes became purple, "First I shall weaken her then take her mind…"

Zofis walked to Mandy's house where Mandy was waiting for Zofis. Saliva came running in barking madly. Mandy just glared at the dog and he returned to normal. Mandy walked outside and saw a laughing Zofis who stopped when Mandy returned unharmed. Mandy slowly walked over to Zofis.

"I do admit it's rather cute that you tried to take over Saliva and have him attack me so you could take advantage of my weakened state but…" said Mandy.

"How did you know?" asked Zofis.

"I just do…" said Mandy, she grabbed Zofis collar and said "I'm the one in control here, now go walk Saliva now… at the beach this time." She gave Zofis a glare that it scared.

"Yes ma'am!" said Zofis.

And so Zofis walked Saliva on the beach how Saliva burred Zofis up to its neck as High Tide was coming up. Saliva managed to walk away and get home but Zofis.

"Anyone, anybody… help… help! HELP!" screamed Zofis.

At Mandy's house Saliva got home safely as Mandy heard Zofis cries for help from the beach, she let out an evil smile… having mamodo would be better than having Grim…

Next Time: Zofis wants out, Mandy is more evil than it is and may even be sucking away its evil... can Zofis find a way to get out of Mandy's crutches? Or will Zofis be stuck with her the entire battle?