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Chapter 3: Irwin Gets a Mamodo

Irwin was despised… he wanted a mamodo… why… well he didn't really know… he envied Billy who was just transformed Kanchome into a baseball bat and was trying to get ice cream from an ice cream trick.

"Come back here ice cream truck! Let me get all your ice cream!" yelled Billy.

"Maybe I just want a mamodo yo." mumbled Irwin.

"If you do get one… we must fight." said Zofis appearing before him then began to beg on his hand and knees, "Please fight me! I don't want to be part of this world anymore!"

Mandy came and dragged Zofis away… who was crying.

"Maybe if I get one I can impress Mandy." said Irwin, "Where am I going to find one."

That's when a small horse walked by carrying a spell book in it's back pack, that's when the horse noticed Irwin.

"Oh hello little horsy…" said Irwin,. "That's that book."

The Horse look at Irwin almost thinking, "Do I want this dork as my book keeper?", in the end the Horse let Irwin read it.

"Hey I can read it!" said Irwin, "Shudoruk!"

That's when the horse gained armor.

"Your one of those mamodo things, aren't you yo?" asked Irwin.

The horse nodded happily.

"What should I call you?" asked Irwin thinking about it.

"Meru, meru, mei!" said the horse, (translation: Call me Schineder."

"Oh, I know, I'll call you Ponygon!" said Irwin.

That's when the newly dubbed Ponygon began to maul his book keeper.

"Stop it yo!" cried Irwin as the horse like mamodo mauled him.

Sometime later Irwin was showing Kanchome and Billy his new Mamodo.

"Cool you have you own Mamodo too." said Kanchome.

"That's right! This is Ponygon!" said Irwin.

Once again "Ponygon" began to maul him.

"So are we going to fight?" asked Billy who still didn't know what the whole Mamodo fight was about.

"I don't know." said Kanchome.

"I am going now going to show Ponygon to Mandy to impress her!" yelled Irwin.

Ponygon yet again mauled Irwin for calling him Ponygon.

"I don't think Ponygon likes you." said Billy.

That's when Ponygon began to maul Billy as well… Kanchome ran away screaming.

Sometime later Irwin was showing Ponygon to Mandy.

"Hey, Mandy you like my new Mamodo." said Irwin.

"So you have one too." said Mandy, "I guess that makes us enemies for the time being."

"What?" asked Irwin.

"We're enemies, you are aware that we are supposed to fight until one of the books is burned." said Mandy.

"I didn't know that." said Irwin.

"That's right… so I don't want to see you unless it has to do with a fight." said Mandy.

Mandy walked away smiling evilly, hopefully this would get him off his back.

That's when Zofis showed up… "Now Irwin, I'd like to talk to you mamodo… don't worry, I mean no harm." said Zofis.

Zofis pulled Ponygon aside… and the two began to have a heart to heart… a one sided heart to heart… but a heart to heart none the less.

"You're not going to become king." said Zofis.

"Meru?" asked Ponygon in shock, "Translation: What?)

"In fact I don't think anyone in the wretched town will become king." said Zofis.

"Meru?" asked Ponygon becoming confused (Translation: Why)

"Because… this town scares people away. I can only hope and pray that my book is burned as soon as possible." said Zofis.

"Meru." said Ponygon (Translation: What?)

"I wish I could tell you get out of here while you still can! But I can't! That thing is your book keeper!" cried Zofis.

"Meru?" asked Ponygon (Translation: Thing?)

"I can sense he's only ¼ human and that's all." said Zofis.

"Meru… meru mei?" said Ponygon (Translation: So… you can understand me?)

"Oh you want that recipe. You put the lime in the coconut and you shake it all about." said Zofis.

Ponygon stared at Zofis realizing that Zofis was just winging it and was guessing what he said by his reaction.

Ponygon decided to just walk away from the conversation.

Sometime later Zofis and Grim were watching TV.

"So I heard there's another mamodo in town." said Grim.

"Yeah… the black kid that says yo all of the time has him." said Zofis.

"Uh-huh." said Grim with a nod.

"Zofis! Grim!" yelled Mandy entering the room.

"Can't we have at least one second alone so we can watch TV?" asked Zofis.

Mandy glared at the TV which some just broke down.

"What do you want?" asked Zofis.

Before Mandy could say what she wanted… the door bell rang.

Mandy walked over to the door to find a crying Irwin, "Please! I don't want to be enemies! Please, just please! Why can't we be allies."

Mandy shut the door on him, Grim and Zofis saw this.

"You told him you had to be enemies until one of the books were burned, didn't you?" asked Grim.

"Yep." said Grim.

"You know…" said Zofis with a smirk, "If you declare him your enemy then I'll just have to give him my book so he can burn it…"

"What?" asked Mandy.

"We're enemies in the battle for Mamodo King in other words, it will be until I burn his mamodo's book or he'll burn mine. He'll gladly burn my book if that means you can be together." said Zofis.

Mandy began to complicate, if she let Irwin stay enemies then Zofis will get Irwin to burn the book… but if she says they're not… then well… Irwin will just annoy her again. Mandy choose the path… either way Irwin would still bug her, she opened the door to the still crying Irwin.

"Okay… we're no longer enemies." muttered Mandy.

"Darn it! I wanted to get my book burned." moaned Zofis.

Grim laughed at Zofis' plan… of course Mandy would choose the way that would be better.

"Really! Did you hear that Ponygon" said Irwin to Ponygon who wasn't too far away.

Ponygon heard what Irwin called him and began to maul him once again.

"So it looks like his Mamodo hates the name he gave him." said Grim.

"You know… I think I like his mamodo." said Mandy with an evil sarcastic smirk.

And so, another mamodo joined up in the city of Endsville… after all it was a very unpredictable city.

Next Time: A young French woman and her mamodo show up looking for a challenge... but she takes pity on Zofis and decides to make it her mission to burn it's book... will she succeed or will Mandy just make it worse? Find out next time!