The Divine Sharingan

By: Lady JenDragon

Summary: On a C-Class mission, Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke believe they are returning three sacred jars to the temple in the village just beyond. However, Sensei Kakashi has been given separate orders. Dangerous ninja's have been lurking around the western Hidden Leaf country borders. Ninja far more advanced than Jounin level. He is to rendez-vous with a contact and collect any information then report back to Konoha to Hokage Tsunade.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto and its characters. But, I will have some fun with them.

Author's Notes: This is my first Naruto fanfic. I typically stick to Ranma ½ and Inuyasha. But, this story line is fascinating. I am profoundly amused by the characters in Naruto, especially Sensei Kakashi. Anyway, hope you like the ideas rolling around upstairs. Not like I can give them back. And away we go!

ALSO: I've recently updated and reorganized this story in the past few months. After reading several Fic's, I found I REALLY like the Sakura and Kakashi pairing. Sasuke just isn't good enough for Sakura in my opinion. Additionally, I had two separate story lines; The Divine Sharingan and an Untitled one where I finally pair Kakashi & Sakura. But I decided I don't have that much time to devote to both so I merged the story lines under this title. The first 12 Chapters are the background story where I introduce a new character important to Sakura's future. Chapters 13 and on will be where Sakura and Kakashi's path eventually merges. So, with that in mind, do begin.

Chapter One

Falling from the Sky

Outside Nagi Village, Western Hidden Leaf Country

Four bulky shapes exited the dark forest, lush from the recent rains, heading towards the lonely house at the far end of the field. Most of the villagers did not venture this way, suspecting that criminals hid in the thick shadows surrounding the field. The lead figure, smaller than the remaining three, moved fast across the tall grass seemingly floating on the breeze.

Reaching the small hut first, the small figure, clearly female in the morning sun dressed in black ninja uniform, cleared the surrounding field and gave the signal to the others. CLEAR. The three male figures clad in ninja uniform as well, except the slender one wearing a vest, reached the female in seconds. None wore headbands declaring their village. Their heads constantly swept side to side in case of ambush.

Suddenly, the four figures crashed through the front door of the hut disturbing the morning peace. Inside the hut, they found it quite barren and recently abandoned. A bed of tree branches and a low table were all that furnished the hut. Remnants of the previous nights fire left inside the rock ring in the center of the floor.

"Looks too quiet." Came a low male voice from the bulkiest of the three.

"We've been expected." The female voice replied. "This ninja knew we were coming long before we arrived. Hidden Leaf has grown stronger."

Kagi frowned in disappointment, her hands on her hips. Damn! She wanted to have a serious battle with the White Ninja reported to be residing here. Her own unique ninja uniform cloaked beneath the plain black, she turned in a circle then stopped to face the others.

"A spy, perhaps?" Torimaso asked.

"This ninja must possess Sharingan!" Kagi spat out, convinced this was the truth. "Damn the Uchiha Clan!"

It was the only logical explanation. The White Ninja was gifted with the Sharingan. Special genetic attributes that gave Ninja who possessed it more advantage over those who did not. No one knew of Sharingan true powers since the Uchiha Clan were assassinated by one of its own members. Those who possessed the Sharingan almost became extinct had it not been for Uchiha Sasuke in the Hidden Leaf village of Konoha. The only known survivor of the catastrophe. The perpetrator of the crime had recently been reported as having met a sad ending, Uchiha Itachi.

"The White Ninja is a Sharingan?" Cogi's, short for Cogimaru, voice quivered slightly.

"We weren't told of that." Kage, Kagi's male twin brother, furrowed his thick eyebrows.

"Doesn't change our mission." Kagi's took a challenging edge to it. "If we kill the ninja quick, we won't have to worry about Sharingan, will we?"

"Boss said the White Ninja was above Jounin level, probably above Hokage level by Hidden Leaf standards." Cogi pointed out. "We know Hidden Leaf's reputation in that area."

"Please. We could take out a hundred Hokage's." Kagi declared.

As group that was. Responsible for three Hokage-equivalent deaths in Hidden Mist village, Hidden Sound village and more recently in the Hidden Sand village over the past five years, they could take on a number of White Ninja's. Her team was better than any ninja the world produced.

"Akanta! Akanta! Good news!" The feminine voice shouted excitedly. "Are you home!"

"Mommy! Is Akanta home?" Two eager voices rejoiced.

Four figures froze just inside the door. 'Was it the target?' No. That answer was clear to Kagi. There were three figures coming towards the hut. Someone volunteerily came looking for the person residing here? Someone named 'Akanta'. An interesting new persona the ninja chose to hide behind this time. Almost, right under their noses. Once they got rid of the White Ninja, they could move freely about this region. Perhaps they should leave a little home-coming present then? Kagi smiled and signaled her group.


Morning had come too soon as far as Naruto was concerned, stretching his arms out and yawning widely. His blonde hair and blue eyes clashed with Sakura's, walking beside him, pink hair and green eyes. Wearing his usual jacket with a thick collar, he peered at Sasuke's blue back with the white/red symbol claiming association with the Uchiha Clan. Somewhere behind him was Kakashi sensei in ninja uniform with his head protector over the left eye and a bad haircut.

He settled down, knowing he had no choice but to go along. This mission proved to be anything but exciting. Delivering three 18-inch jars to the Temple in the village of Hojai, represented no challenges to him. Naruto carried the swirled jar in a sack on his back. Sasuke carried the plain jar and Sakura carried the floral jar. Another boring mission once again. Even Sensei Kakashi appeared bored too, his only visible eye half-closed last he looked. Even after losing the Third Hokage when Orochimaru attacked, they were still sent on pointless missions.

The road narrowed as it approached the top of the hill. Cliffs on both sides provided necessary access through the large hill between valleys. Looking ahead, Naruto found the road dark and inviting. Perhaps there would be criminals lurking in the shadows for unsuspecting travelers. Boom! He would take them out in an instant.

"YEAH!" Naruto exclaimed out loud, his fist high above his head.

"Shut-up, Naruto!" Sakura warned through gritted teeth.

They were entering dangerous territory. Did that boy ever think? Of course not, who was she kidding? Naruto did not think unless he was in some kind of trouble. She glanced at Sasuke's back, he kept on walking without making a sound. Ever since Sensei Kakashi made them practice their stealth walking for three days because Naruto gave up their location in the last mission, Sasuke attempted to walk in stealth everywhere. Her shoulders sank. She would never be as good as Sasuke…or Naruto for that matter. Dumb and loud as Naruto was, he also saved her life a few times. 'Now is not the time to go easy on Naruto. He's being a total jerk!'

They all suddenly paused in mid-step…all at the same time. Sakura looked around, Sasuke turned his face up and to the right, Naruto glanced over his shoulder at Sensei Kakashi who had already disappeared. Then the three young ninja's heard it.


A scream. They looked up in time to see a woman rushing down towards them. Her arms flailed as she fell fast towards the ground. Suddenly, a flash of grey stopped the woman in mid-air, cutting off her voluminous lung capacity. Her white and blue kimono clashed against the dark color of the ninja uniform. Sensei Kakashi, with the woman held firmly in his arms, landed with bent knees. Her brown hair, loosened during the fall, draped around her shoulders. The woman, momentarily caught off guard, suddenly hugged Sensei Kakashi tightly around the torso, sobbing.

"Thank you!" She barely garbled coherently through quivering lips. "Oh, thank you!"

Sakura stared dumbfounded at the scene. She had never seen anyone hug her sensei before and with such…zeal. While a mystery overall, Kakashi sensei was not a man a girl could just hug. An odd sight indeed. Sensei did not bother to try pulling the woman off him. He actually looked abashed that the woman held him so close. Was he able to breathe?

Kakashi understood the woman's reaction. She suffered from a major shock being thrown off a cliff. Her body shook against his, her arms tightly wrapped. 'Well, this doesn't happen too often.' He decided it was best to let the woman have a few moments to recover. He patted her on the head with his hand. He looked at his three ninja's eyeing him cautiously. There was no reason to be embarrassed. Lifting his eye to the cliff, he sensed nothing from the high top. Moments later, the woman now composed, pulled away and smiled as she turned her face up to her savior.

"Thank you kind sir." She looked at the covered face of the man who saved her then realized she should let go. "I thought I was dead for sure. Thank you so much."

"Certainly." Kakashi replied evenly.

He felt no ninja in the area using his senses. Why had the woman been thrust into this situation? His attention diverted to Naruto running over to them, peering at the woman's face. She was rather pretty…and young looking. 'Not a bad catch today, sensei' was certainly written on Naruto's face when the boy glanced at him.

"What happened?" Naruto was first to ask his question.

"My name is Umino Kikaya." She looked up at the cliff.

Sasuke followed her eyes along the cliff to the top, his hands in his pockets. He, too, felt nothing from the cliff. The woman appeared genuinely scared. He doubted the woman slipped or threw herself off.

"I was accosted by robbers and dragged off the road. I was returning from a village in the next valley over from a visit with my sister. They took everything I had and threw me off as they ran."

"You look okay to me." Naruto placed his face close to her.

Kikaya drew her head back from the blonde-haired boy, attempting to get a closer look at her. He sure was the loudest one of the four. He was suddenly drawn back violently by the pink-headed girl. Kikaya had to force herself not to laugh openly in front of them, placing a hand over her mouth.

"Naruto!" Sakura yanked Naruto away, half throwing him into the cliff face. "Can't you see she's been through enough trauma for one day! Geez, you're so dense sometimes! Give her some space!"

Naruto gained his feet quickly, rubbing his head where the cliff made contact. Did Sakura always have to get so violent? Geez, he just wanted to make sure the woman was all right. Like that was a crime? What did he do wrong this time?

"Sorry!" He sputtered automatically.

"No point in going after the robbers now." Sasuke spoke his thoughts, diverting all attention to him. "They're long gone by now."

"I agree." Kakashi nodded. "We should get moving. Do you feel confident enough to walk?"

Kikaya nodded then got to her feet with the sensei's help. Was this ninja's face always hidden from view with his head protector angled down over his left eye? As a ninja, would that not pose a problem? She paused as the blonde boy said with zest.

"That's right!" Naruto clasped his hand over his bicep and flexed his arm. "We have a mission to do."

Sasuke moved off first, not acknowledging the woman at all. Sakura waved a quick bye and moved to walk behind Sasuke. Kakashi moved at a slow pace knowing Naruto would want to say a longer good-bye to the woman. Naruto lingered for a moment then waved enthusiastically at her.


"Thank you once again." Kikaya waved until the four-some were out of sight.

Kikaya counted to ten on her fingers. A creepy smile formed on her lips. Suddenly, a group of five ninja arrived in a circle around her. Her shoulders sprang up, her eyes narrowed at where Kakashi and the young ninjas disappeared around the bend in the road.

"That went well." She spoke quietly to herself.

But she learned nothing about them before they left. Hardly a problem. But it would make their next meeting far more interesting. Plus, she had not discovered anything new. The young boy, angry it seemed, was part of the Uchiha Clan. Member of the sharingan no doubt.

"Kikaya?" A voice spoke coarsely from her right.

"You didn't have to throw me so hard, Tensuro." She turned dark eyes on the largest ninja. "A little farther and no one would have caught me."

"Wouldn't have looked authentic if I gave you a little tap, sis." Kage declared.

"Doesn't matter." The slender man, the only ninja with a vest, moved to where the road bent. "The poison was delivered?"

His eyes found the group moved quickly down the road. Kakashi must train them hard to keep up. Hidden Leaf ninja were known for speed. The Jounin ninja Kakashi being the best he had seen thus far from this country, the Sharingan known to reside in his left eye would be a future problem.

"I doubt Kakashi even noticed I injected him." Kikaya smiled at Kagi. "Apparently, our bonus showed up after all."

"Indeed." Kagi agreed. "We knew the new Hidden Leaf village Hokage would send a Sharingan to this area once word spread foreign ninja were present. Come, we must make sure our calling card has been discovered."

With that, the group disappeared in a whispered fog that left no trace.


The white form moved towards the structure with elegant and cautious steps. Those ninja in the area earlier were now gone. They were looking for something or someone. She failed to discover the group's whereabouts, her own mission coming first. With her mission completed, she could focus on these foreign ninja's who claimed no attachment to a particular village. Most likely runaways from various villages, she concluded. Tsunade would need to know more about the foreign ninja operating here. Their presence would only bring death and destruction.

Opening the door, she stealthily entered the hut and froze. The sight that greeted her stunned her for a few seconds. She barely recognized the sound of the door closing behind her. On the wall, the body had been nailed in fifteen places. Through the hands, feet, neck, and every joint to be found. Blood flowed down the wall, pooling on the floor. Dark eyes stared from dead space, the life now extinguished. 'HARUMI!' Closing her eyes, she winced for the pain the woman endured. For she was alive when they nailed her to the wall.

Turning from Harumi towards the door, she froze one more time. Her heart stopped, time seemed to halt as well. Her eyes widened then narrowed. This time, her reaction changed from shock to rage. Her two children suffered the same fate, hammered to the wall on either side of the front door. Blood from the small bodies cascaded down the wall to the floor. Her legs buckled, her eyes watered for the first time in a long time. For a ninja, crying was not allowed. Except where children were concerned in her case. Never, in all her years and missions, had she seen children so mutilated. Her heart hardened with rage beginning to swirl and well beneath her skin.

The group from earlier were responsible. She was positive. The hut reeked of their scent as she passed them during her mission. Bending down on one knee, she closed her eyes and breathed the air in deeply. Her brain sought to etch the scent there forever, making them easier to hunt down. Opening her eyes, staring at the floor, she felt her body quiver.

Tears fell from her eyes unwanted. Harumi and her children were left to announce the arrival of foreign ninja in a hut they knew she, an advanced ninja, occupied. Ninja trained in the dark ways that practiced torture and assassination. She encountered rogue ninja teams before. Were they here for a purpose?

Standing once more. She turned to Harumi. Her dedication to the job she had would make her retrieve the bodies and inform the village of the threat that existed. She worked quickly and silently while more tears dropped to the plank floor. Minutes felt like hours. Her clothes stained by blood and sweat, she stopped to stare at the corpses of people she once called friends. Friends of Akanta, the name she chose for this mission. In this hut she used as headquarters.

Harumi and her two children, now, lay together side by side on the floor of the hut. Grief for what happened threatened to drown her. No, she would not give in and hunt them down in a rampage. The fire in her raged, burning her new mission into her brain. The Hokage, Tsunade, would not need to know about what happened until after the suffering of those involved. 'And suffer they will.' Unable to control her rage any longer, she threw her head back and let it out.


In a flash of red, the sound of her voice pierced the hut, shaking the wooden frame violently. It traveled across the field, flattening the tall grass as the shockwave passed through. Trees splintered in its wake, leveling the smaller saplings. Bushes lost their leaves, flowers disappeared and animals scurried for cover in the path of the soundwave.


Kakashi froze in mid-step as the echo of the battle-cry rose above the trees. Sasuke looked up into the sky as birds rose in flocks once the soundwave hit. Sakura whirled to face her sensei for guidance. Naruto, thinking about nothing at all, slightly quivered with fear unsure what it was.

"Sensei?" Sakura asked quizzically.

Kakashi did not feel like answering. His blood ran cold, his skin rippled chillingly. Someone died, and the one who committed the act left a mess behind. Whoever found it was a…ninja. Someone trained to deal in such matters. To utter a battle-cry soundwave of such magnitude meant this person could only be a Hidden Leaf ninja. The scene must truly be a horror to the sight. Hokage Tsunade did not mention other ninja patrols operating in the area.


The temporary camp under a large evergreen tree masked their campfire from anyone who might be watching. Guards were placed strategically as look-outs for the night. Kagi looked into the sky as the soundwave sped past them through the forest. A wide smile crossed her lips.

"Our ploy worked." Kage spoke with glee, a rarity when he showed emotion.

He looked from the campfire to his twin-sister, Kagi. Suddenly, the ground rocked as the hut in the field exploded in the distance. The assembled group of eight ninja held their stance until the .

"Indeed." Kagi agreed. "A Jounin and a Hokage-equivalent in one day."

"It's been a great day!" Kikaya rejoiced.

"Well almost a good day." Cogi started. "The Jounin won't die till tomorrow remember?"

"Ah, yes." Kikaya did not see the lack of a Jounin ninja dying cause for ruining a really good day. "The slow reacting poison."

"We attack at dawn." Kagi leaned against the tree. "We'll take the young ninja's first. They'll be easier to kill. Save the Jounin for last."

"We wouldn't want him to go so quickly, now would we?" Kage offered.

Kagi nodded in agreement. That was not the reason she wanted the Jounin last. There were a number of questions she wanted to ask regarding the Sharingan that only this particular ninja could answer. He was one of the few left with the gift of the Sharingan. She sincerely doubted the young Sharingan ninja knew anything about his gift.