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Four weeks following the global event, Sakura lay in the softness of her bed, her eyes focused on the ceiling. Shadows danced across the walls as the trees outside swayed in the winds whipping around Konoha this evening. Just released from the hospital, she felt wide-awake in the apartment she kept. Sleep would not come tonight. Why would it? She slept for four straight weeks.

And now she was awake.

There was much to think about. To have survived such an attack astounded Tsunade and several other key ninja who knew what transpired in that field. Sakura recalled little of what transpired but gave everything she remembered. Miss Shizune warned Tsunade that Sakura would remember more over time.

Kabuto and Orochimaru were dead finally. And the inquiries from the council and Tsunade seemed never ending. Perhaps it was a good thing she could recall practically nothing from that day outside Konoha. That one attack that she, herself, unleashed upon Orochimaru and his ninja.

Tsunade wanted to know exactly what happened.

But memories were scarce. Sasuke, Naruto and Kakashi did not stay conscious long enough to witness the final step nor did either of them remember certain events leading up to the event. Sakura thought that might be good thing too. Men were consumed with the need to discover new ways to obtain power. As far as she could tell, power was best in the hands of those who did not want it for personal gain.

She remembered Nakane's words suddenly. 'Only those who want to know but not use can understand the importance of such power.'

Hell, she did not remember all that happened anyway no matter how hard she tried.

Better that way, she decided with finality.

She rolled onto her back, her body alive with restless spirit. She should just get up and read. That would make her sleepy. But Sakura made no move to put that thought into action. Besides, she missed Naruto taking the Jounin Exam for like the hundredth attempt. He never usually made it to the exam for some reason or another. And it was her fault this last time.

Frustrated and feeling hot, Sakura removed her shorts, slipping them onto the floor from beneath her covers. Naked from the waist down, she smiled to herself. She wanted something but could not put her finger on it. Her eyes concentrated on the shadows on the ceiling thinking of nothing. Before she knew, her fingers stroked her abdomen. Without thinking, she removed the thin shirt and discarded it over the side of the bed.

Several seconds passed in meaningless thought, until the curtains rustled. Funny, she did not even her the window move. But now the breeze from outside was coming into her bedroom.

"Sakura?" Came the quiet inquisition.

Sitting up with the covers over her, Sakura felt her heart leap at the figure of Kakashi in the dark at the window.

"Kaka-sensei?" Sakura forced the name out.

He kept silent as he moved stealthily into the room from the window like a teenager. Her bubble gum hair fell around her shoulders disheveled when she sat up covering her shoulders. Her body came alive, becoming warm just looking at him. She felt remarkably tingly all over.

"What do you want?" Sakura widened her eyes to see him more clearly.

"I…" Kakashi stopped in mid-thought.

He thought this would be an easy visit. How wrong he was! The covers slid down from her chest until it piled just above the two milky porcelain swells. Sakura should have felt the reveal of skin but did nothing about it. The moonlight penetrating the room cast her face in vivid silver light. The sight burned in his loins.

"I…" Kakashi did not know where to begin. "I…should come back when…"

"What?" Sakura smiled wryly. "When I'm dressed?"

Now she understood what she wanted. What she had been feeling these past few days. Frustration. Her body revved watching Kakashi become flustered. Sakura flipped the corner of the covers off the bed on purpose just to see his reaction. The sheet barely covered her nipple showing off her naked flesh.

"Sa…Sakura." Kakashi got to his feet.

"Why did you come here exactly?" Sakura asked softly.

"I'm not ready for this." Kakashi turned from her then sighed deeply. "I can't give you what you're looking for, Sakura."

"You?" Sakura asked quizzically. "When is Hatake Kakashi ever ready? As for what I'm looking for, I don't even know myself. But I do know I can't stop thinking about you. That day in the cave." It felt good to admit it openly. "I can't seem to forget it. Or you."

Kakashi said nothing unable to think but nor could he turn away from her.

Sakura waited for a moment and slid the sheet slightly lower. "Don't you think it's time you stop running?"

"Sakura!" Kakashi felt the breath in his chest leave.

He could not take his eye off her. The burning in his loins spread, his blood turning hot. Sakura rose from the bed kneeling in the center just keeping the sheet barely covering her. He knew he was in serious trouble.

"I can't." Kakashi turned from her. "Not this way."

"Then which way?" Sakura wanted him tonight. "You sleep with women all the time."

"You are not a one night stand, Sakura." Kakashi wanted to leave yet his body resisted all commands. "I…"

"Come to me, Kakashi." Sakura offered with her eyes. "Show me how to feel."

"I'm not…" Kakashi lost all train of thought.

"Then prove you feel nothing for me." Sakura challenged. "One kiss. Show me I mean nothing to you."

Kakashi regarded her for several moments. Sakura wanted evidence not empty words. He nodded and approached the bed knowing it was a trap. Once he tasted her, it would be difficult to pull away. But, he had to be the better man. Sakura deserved better than him.

Kakashi reached the end of the bed. She stayed in the center, waiting patiently for him to prove himself. He knelt on the bed, taking two quick movements to reach her all the while her eyes never left him. He paused, keeping his hands at both sides. He decided that to touch her would cause too much harm…to him.

She watched Kakashi hesitate before pulling his mask down revealing the slender nose, the clean-shaven skin of his face and finally over the full lips she knew existed until the mask clung beneath his chin. Few people knew his true identity.

Kakashi heard her breath catch in her throat, struggling to maintain her own dignity nearly dropping the sheet. He knew this would happen but never expected this moment to play out like this. Yet, Sakura's eyes never widened as her eyes feasted on Kakashi's face for the first time. She knelt there seemingly frozen by the reveal.

'Good god!' was all Sakura could think unable to form a single word verbally.

The man was beautiful. No wonder he hid his face from Konoha. His looks alone would distract any woman into subservient submission. Never in a million years would she recognize him on the street. Perhaps only to stop and admire him from afar.

Sakura reached up with one hand, keeping the bed sheet up with the other. She brought his face down to hers. Her heart seemingly stopped when his lips touched hers. Sakura allowed the sheet to drop between them, her arms wrapping around his shoulders.

Kakashi kept his hands at his sides to maintain his outward composure. She captured one hand, sliding his fingers over her naked hip keeping her hand over his. His body jerked slightly at the acknowledgment. Sakura took his other hand and slid it over her breast, the shock of his desire tearing through him. Oh god she wanted him tonight!

"Tell me no, Sakura." He whispered next to her ear nearly begging. "Please, I need you to say 'no'."

Sakura hesitated before pressing her lips against his full contact. She knew he was afraid. She felt it. The hesitation. The non-committal attitude. Hatake Kakashi was afraid someone else would matter. Years of non-attachment ended with the arrival of the triplets. Now, Sakura wanted his attention and commitment. But she did not ask him for it.

She wanted to take it from him.

Her hands unzipped his vest then slid it off him without rebellion. She felt the war within him as the vest disappeared over the side of her bed. Impatient, she merely tore and pulled his shirt off him, revealing the toned skin and muscled beneath.

Sakura had 100% Kakashi from the waist up.

What the hell was wrong with him?

Kakashi attempted to push away from Sakura, a half-assed attempt to leave though walking would be an issue in this state. But her arms remained around his shoulders keeping him in place. Sakura pulled herself up to him, taking his lips once more. She would not let go without a fight. Kakashi found himself responding against all logic and reasoning. Her hands slid down his back, stopping at his covered hips.

"W…why are you doing this to me?' Kakashi needed to know.

He allowed himself to falter, having trouble telling himself to leave now. If he stayed, all of his dreams could come true. Yet, he consciously could not allow Sakura to fall… His hands felt soft warm skin beneath his palms. He should leave now. Sakura slowly sat down then lay down on her bed taking him and his lips with her. The rest of him followed automatically.

His lips next to her ear, she whispered into his ear her simple answer.

"Because…I…love you." Sakura lingered as her response sunk in. "It's time to be the man you were meant to be…with me."

Kakashi let go of his fears at that moment…

Now Haruno Sakura would know the true Hatake Kakashi.


Back home, Kashi leaned against the bed in their bedroom knowing father snuck out to visit Sakura. Daisuke and Makumo read books on the bed, pretending not to notice that father was still not home yet. They knew he went off to apologize to Sakura. Well, at least try anyway. But that was over an hour ago.

"So…" Daisuke asked. "You think we'll get a sister out of this?"

"Sister?" Kashi asked with a frown.

"Well." Makumo put his book down. "Naruto says when two people apologize to one another, a child usually is created."

"It's more complicated than that." Kashi knew there was more going on than he understood about adults. "Naruto means that father openly acknowledges he likes Sakura-chan and is willing to finally admit it to her face."

"No, it means that he finally can't get away with trying to find excuses for why he shows how much he cares." Daisuke added. "We all saw him when Sakura tried to keep that bad guy from killing Kashi."

Kashi folded his arms. To think father would not admit to himself what everyone else saw annoyed him. Sakura did love their father even though he was an idiot. But, father never let his guard slip until he saw her dying. Kashi witnessed the look in his father's eye himself. Even the Sharingan eye had emotion. Naruto and Sasuke noted it and mentioned it after they were healing in the hospital.

"I think I want a sister." Daisuke decided finally. "There's already three of us boys."

"We need a girl around the house." Makumo nodded. "Yeah. A girl."

"A sister." Kashi nodded.

All three agreed on that.



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