Title: Stick It
Author: Melissa
Characters: Logan, Veronica, Meg, Duncan, Wallace, Madison, Dick, Luke, Clemmons

Pairing: Duncan/Meg, LoVe (eventually)
Word Count: 782
Rating: PG-13
Summary: What if Veronica had a secret no one knew about? What would happen if someone found out?

Spoilers: Takes place at the beginning of Betty and Veronica. It goes AU during her meeting with Clemmons

A/N: The title is taken from the gymnastics movie, Stick It. Also, I'm looking for a beta. E-mail me at if interested.

Veronica and Wallace round the corner of one of Neptune High's numerous hallways. Veronica's eyesight trails over to a cluster of lockers where Duncan and Meg stand with their heads together cooing and smiling at each other.

"They seem friendly," Veronica says bothered, as Wallace glances over at the lovebirds.

As she opens her locker, there is a tap on her right shoulder.

"Veronica. My office. Now" Vice Principal Clemmons says sternly.

Veronica clasps her hands together with fake enthusiasm.

"I love this school!"


"Veronica. I was looking over your transcript and I found something that was quite amusing." Clemmons says in a some-what happy tone

"Meaning?" Veronica says confused

"I noticed that you used to do gymnastics as a child."

Veronica gulps and nods. "I did."

"It seems that you were quite good… you won numerous titles and competed in many state-wide competitions. As you may know, our cheerleading department is desperately lacking in the talent aspect. We cheer fantastically but when we compete… lets just say it's not a pretty sight."

Veronica just stares at Clemmons dumbfounded. "Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

"Veronica, I am recruiting you to join the Neptune High cheerleading squad."


Veronica is sitting at her usual lunch table with her head in her palms when Wallace comes up to her.

"Hey, Supafly. What did Clemmons want?" Wallace says opening his lunch bag.

Veronica shakes her head and shrugs it off. "Just nothing. Nope nothing important."

Wallace looks at her disbelievingly. "C'mon V. I know you better than that. What's got your goat?"

'Okay you asked for it.'

She leans over and whispers into her BFF's ear. "Clemmons wants me to join the cheerleading squad."

Wallace jumps back and laughs. "Now why would he want that?"

"Because I used to do gymnastics and I won competitions." She mumbles.

Wallace stares at her intently, hoping this is a joke. "You're kidding with me, right?"

"I wish I was. He has me scheduled to get fitted for my uniform AFTER he makes me go to practice after school today."

Wallace shakes his head and laughs. "Poor V." he ponders his thoughts for a moment. "When did you ever do gymnastics?"

"My mom started me off when I was four. I began competing at age nine; I won my first competition when I was ten. I quit when Lilly died." She explains. She wags her finger at him. "Don't you dare tell anyone until after this afternoon. Capesh?"

"Trust me, V. This is so strange I can't believe it. And now I'm gonna have to beat up any guy who leers at you in your cheerleading uniform. Those things are skimpy. Not that I mind on other girls but we're BFF's so…"

Veronica holds her hand up to silence him. "Its okay, Wallace. I got you."


At 3pm, Veronica walks into the gymnasium to see all the other cheerleaders stretching in their sweats. Meg immediately notices her walk in and run up to greet her.

"Hey Veronica! What are you doing here?" Meg says in an overly peppy tone.

Veronica shakes her head and smiles. "Clemmons recruited me for the squad."

Meg's hands fly up to her mouth as she jumps around excitedly. "I can't believe it! You're on the squad!" She yells loudly and it echoes among the high ceilings.

Madison overhears and comes stomping over. "No, no, and NO! There will be no skanks on MY squad." Madison says angrily, emphasizing on the "my".

Veronica smirks. "I guess Clemmons over-looked you then." She pointing to the short shorts and too-tiny top Madison is modeling. "Did you borrow your sweats from your sister?"

Madison scowls. "Can you even do a cartwheel?"

Veronica gives her a smug smile. "I can do more than that." She begins to do a quick stretch then goes over to where green and yellow mats are set up on the hardwood floor.

As she's about to do her round-off backhand spring, Duncan, Logan, Dick, and Luke walk into the gymnasium. As Veronica starts to do a few flips, everyone stops to stare.

Once she sticks her landing, Veronica's face is flushed and her hair askew. She looks up and sees Meg, Duncan, Logan, Madison, Dick, Luke and all of the other cheerleaders gawking at her.

The gymnasium is silent until Meg cries out enthusiastically, "GO VERONICA!" Then Madison stalks off to the locker room, glaring at Veronica the entire time.

On the sidelines, Logan, Duncan, Dick and Luke let out in unison a "Woah." Veronica smirks and Meg runs up to her.

"Veronica, that was absolutely amazing. Where did you learn that?"

Veronica continues smirking and says elusively, "Around."