Title: Stick It 8/8
Author: Melissa
Characters: Veronica, Logan, Wallace, Meg, 09ers, Duncan, Cassidy and Dick mentions
Pairing: LoVe
Word Count:
Rating: PG-13
Summary: What if Veronica had a secret no one knew about? What would happen if someone found out?
Spoilers: Takes place at the beginning of Betty and Veronica. It goes AU during her meeting with Clemmons. This chapter contains some things from 1:21, 2:21, and 2:20
A/N: I am so sorry for the wait, guys! I was stuck on this for such a long time but I got an idea in my head and I'm running with it. Unfortunately, this is the last chapter of this story so relish and respond at the end.

The next day, Logan picked Veronica up, as usual at her apartment door and brought her out to the X-Terra. When Veronica and her wheelchair were in the car, Logan walked over to the drivers side and got in. He turned to Veronica and put his hand on top of hers.

"Are you ready for this?" he asked hesitantly. Veronica wordlessly laced her fingers with his and squeezed reassuringly. She gave him a small smile and a nod before he put the keys into the ignition and started up the car.


Even before the newly-announced couple arrived at school, the gossip mills had been burning fuel and running all night. But it was Logan's loving display of affection as he dropped Veronica off at homeroom and kissed her in front of all that confirmed it. Along with the confirmation of Logan and Veronica's relationship came the confirmation that the 09ers were pissed.


When lunch period finally arrived, Logan joined Veronica at her and Wallace's table while the 09ers gave them distasteful looks from across the quad. On the other side of the quad, however the 09ers were not alone, as Weevil and some of the PCHers looked on with disgust.

Veronica squirmed uncomfortably in her wheelchair under the watchful eyes of the rest of the school and Logan took notice. He laced his fingers through hers as he had done the previous morning and kissed her fingertips.

"Hey? Are you okay?" he asked tenderly.

"Peachy keen, jelly bean. Just… I don't know. It feels almost like everyday except WE'RE public now yet it feels different." She paused. "And strange. I'm used to the 09ers making holes in my back but getting the third degree from Weevil isn't going to help me much at all."

"Don't worry about them." He replied, meaning them as the 09ers. "And Weevil will get over it and will come begging for your help once he gets in trouble again so don't worry. Things will get back to normal eventually. But if it helps at all…"

Logan proceeded to climb up onto the table as Veronica hissed,

"What on earth do you think you're doing!"

"Come down, sugarpuss. You'll find out in a moment," he whispered, winking at Veronica.

"Attention all of Neptune High! I would like to announce that I love Veronica Mars! And anyone who objects or tries to make her life hell," Logan bellowed, glaring at the 09er table on the last note, "Is pretty much dead to me, so evaporate or something cause I don't care."

He hopped off the table and sat back in his previous seat next to Veronica. She just stared at him wordlessly as Wallace remarked,

"Damn girl. You sure pick the good ones."


The next few months were uneventful with this exception of a few childish pranks pulled by Dick, who showed up the day after with a mysterious broken nose. Duncan, however, broke up with Meg a few days after the whole "I-love-Veronica-Mars" display in the quad and retreated into solitude before finally asking to be transferred to a private school in Houston. Meg, a bit scorned, ignored Veronica for a few weeks before finally apologizing and joined Logan, Veronica and Wallace at their lunch table.

Logan and Veronica's relationship grew to a new level after his declaration of love and they realized how much they loved each other without all the physical complications Logan had with Lilly. Veronica was able to tell Logan about her rape and what happened at Shelley Pomroy's party. And in turn, Logan was able to tell her about the salt lick and proceeded to bust some knee-caps until finally, Cassidy cracked under the pressure that he was with Veronica and Veronica was able to find out from Carrie Bishop that she was also with Duncan that night. Duncan was long gone by then but the powers within were enough to charge Cassidy Casablancas AKA Beaver on charges of rape and send him off to juvie until he was old enough to become able to be a part of the community soap.

After the matter was set and done, Veronica decided to go see her doctor after Cassidy admitted that he did not use the condoms provided by Dick. She was met with the unpleasant surprise of chlymydia and underwent treatment to avoid infection. She made sure to tell Logan, who proceeded to still be the loving and caring boyfriend he had been the last few months.

Finally, May arrived and Veronica was finally able to get her cast off. Logan and Veronica decided to skip the whole day to relish Veronica's freedom from her crutches and wheelchair. More or less, they were in Logan's bedroom 95 percent of the day where Veronica experienced her real first, second and third time with Logan.

As the two of them lay in their post-coital glow, Veronica remarked,

"Once Dr. Walsh gives me the say so, I was thinking of joining the cheerleading squad. Think of the fun we could have with those short skirts…" she smiled coyly as Logan kissed her brow.


(A/N: That's all folks! This story is finally finished and its about time. I hope you all enjoyed it.)