Chapter 1: The invite.

Danny Fenton turned the invitation over in his hands for the hundredth time and once again scanned the elegant writing.

"I don't see what your problem is Sam," He sighed leaning back on his best friends' bed as she moodily stuffed her clothes into a suitcase on the floor. "It looks fun."

"Luxury resort, spa, pool… I'll go if you don't want to" Tucker chimed in from a beanbag in the corner.

Sam scowled at them both as she shoved her favorite t-shirt into the case. It was Friday night and the three of them HAD been planning a zombie movie marathon all weekend but now that was out of the window. Why weren't they as annoyed as she was?

For the first time in what seemed live forever she, Danny and Tucker had no homework, no revision and no ghostly villains to chase. It was supposed to be a relaxing weekend but her parents HAD to ruin it for her.

The three of them had arrived back that evening laden with popcorn only to be told that the Masons had been invited away for the weekend. Sam had no choice but to go with them.

"It doesn't seem right!" She insisted slamming the case shut.

"Look I know you're disappointed," Danny said sympathetically, "we all are. But the invite's got your name on it to."

"But why?" Sam insisted. "Doesn't it seem strange to you?"

Danny and Tucker shook their heads.

"Look," Tucker reasoned. "This guy is looking for investors. So he books a neat hotel and invites rich people and their families along to a seminar. He's just trying to impress them."

"The invite was unsigned." Sam said pointedly." And it doesn't have the name of the hotel. Doesn't that strike you as odd?"

Tucker shrugged unconcerned. "Your parents called the number on the invite and spoke to this guy; he'll have told them where to go. I'm sure it's okay."

Sam didn't look happy. She sat down on the edge of her bed looking concerned.

"Do you think he's trying to scam my parents?" She asked.

Danny sat up and put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"I suppose its possible." He relented "but maybe that's all the more reason you should go and look out for them."

Sam nodded and smiled at him.

"Perhaps you're right. I'm just sorry our plans were a bust." She admitted.

"A weekend of pigging out in front of the TV probably wasn't going to be very good for us anyway." Tucker sighed, stretching back on the beanbag.

"That was the point Tuck: Danny reminded him. "But it doesn't matter now. You have fun Sam. I'm sure Tucker and I'll find something to keep us both amused."

"I am so bored!" Danny declared as he slouched over the counter in his kitchen. So far that day he and Tucker had been to the mall, cinema, and park. They'd even been to the library they were so bored. It was amazing how hard it was to occupy yourself when your plans for the weekend have gone out of the window. He and Tucker had spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen watching Jack baking cookies, Danny hadn't liked the look of the green gloop he'd used instead of butter. A strange smell was coming from the oven and filling the room with pale blue smoke.

"Dad your cookies are burning." Danny called in a bored voice.

"Any ghostly inklings?" Tucker asked quietly as Jack dived into the kitchen and yanked open the door.

Danny shook his head. "I never thought I'd long for a ghost attack." He muttered.

"I'll say!" Said Jack slapping on his oven mitts, he had overheard the last part of the boys' conversation. "You should never long for a ghost attack boys"

And with that he ducked down to pull his cookies from the oven. A strange light filled the room as he emerged.

"Mr Fenton," Tucker enquired cautiously, "Should cookies glow?"

"These are no ordinary cookies!" Jack beamed proudly as he pushed the strange blue lumps onto a baking tray; they melted through the metal and fell through to the counter.

"These babies are the latest in anti-ghost confectionary; Spook shortbreads!" Jack continued excitedly. "Swallow one of these and you'll repel ghosts until it passes through your digestive system. Who wants to try?"

"No thanks Mr…" Before Tucker could finish his sentence Jack had picked up one of the smoldering shortbreads with a pair of pliers and crammed it into the poor geek's mouth.

Danny looked cautiously at his friend as Tucker chewed, swallowed and turned green. Danny reached out to grab Tucker as the boy started to retch. A wave of blue energy flew out of Tuckers mouth and pushed Danny back. Clutching his stomach and groaning Tucker sped off to the Fenton's bathroom.

Danny rose to see Jack holding a cookie out for him.

"Maybe later dad." Danny called, running after Tucker.

"Hmm…: Jack Fenton mused as he watched his son disappear. "Maybe they're still a little hot from the oven."

Cautiously he crammed a shortbread into his mouth. He chewed for a moment, then swallowed, then…

"Maddie! Clean up in isle 2!"

As their car pulled into its destination Mr. Mason shook his daughter awake gently.

"Sammykins," He cooed softly "We're here."

Blearily Samantha rubbed her eyes and took in her surroundings. It had been a long journey and she'd fallen asleep the last few miles rather than listen to her parents continuous apologies for ruining her zombie-fest and their constant assurances that she's have fun.

They had felt so guilty for ruining her weekend that they'd ordered her an original prop from George Romero's classic 'night of the living dead' special delivery. It arrived just before they'd left and so she'd spent the entire journey with a severed zombie head on her lap somehow feeling that her parents had missed the point. It wasn't so much the movies but the chance to spend a 'normal' weekend with her best friends that Samantha was most looking forward to.

As her eyes adjusted she got out of the car and stretched.

"You never said it was a woodland resort."

"You never asked." Her mother reminded her as the driver opened her door to let her out.

Mr. Mason sniffed deeply. "Besides the country air will do us all some good... What's that smell?"

"Nature" Sam muttered, pinching her nose to block out the smell of the wild.

The Masons lead the way up the steps to the large gothic chateau, Samantha dropped back moodily as the driver struggled with the suitcases.

As Mr. Mason rang the bell an uneasy feeling swept over Samantha, There was something not right here.

After a moment the door swung open and Sam was greeted with a most unwelcome sight.

"You!" She breathed.

Mr. Mason looked a little confused. "Have you met before?"

Their host smiled and adjusted the cuffs of his immaculate white suit. "Oh yes." He nodded. "We met through a mutual friend. Hello Samantha."

It took Tucker some time to recover from his unpleasant experience. Even now, two hours later he sat clutching his stomach on the Fenton's couch. Both he and Jack had been dashing intermittently for the bathroom since eating the cookie. The last time they had overlapped and Tucker had been forced to use his hat as a makeshift bowl. Mrs. Fenton had kindly offered to wash it for him.

"How do you feel?" Danny enquired as Tucker gave out another low groan.

"Did 'urgh' not give you a clue?" Tucker moaned. "Remind me never to eat your dads cooking again!"

"Well it did work." Danny said diplomatically. "It hurt like hell when you zapped me."

"Great." Tucker moaned unenthused. "If only you could keep it down "

Danny frowned and folded his arms moodily. "This is turning out to be the suckiest weekend ever." He grumbled.

Tucker nodded his head vigorously. "I hope Sams having a better time."

"Where is Samantha?" Maddie Fenton asked leading her husband into the room. It was amazing how such a small woman could carry the weight of such a large man but Mrs. Fenton managed it. She even managed to bring Tucker his hat in her spare hand as she hauled Jack over to the sofa.

"Her parents have dragged her off to some stupid 'investment opportunity' event." Danny grumbled.

"Ah, Vlads little escapade." Jack said weakly.

"WHAT?" Danny spluttered. A burning feeling of rising panic rose up in his throat choking him.

"Vlads trying to raise funds for his new project." Jack said simply handing his son the Fenton families invite. It was almost identical to the Masons only this one was signed.

It read:

'Dear Maddie, Danny and Jasmine…and Jack.

I would like to invite you all to a weekend gathering at a luxury resort next weekend (the 25th) to offer you the chance to join me in an exciting investment opportunity which you simply cant afford to miss! While staying at the resort you will have full access to the facilities; Spa, pool etc.

Please RSVP ASAP for further details.

Looking forward to seeing MOST of you again,


"Why does Vlad need investors?" Tucker asked. "I thought he was a billionaire."

"Apparently he's got involved in quite a costly project and the government refused to give him funding so he's calling in some favors."

"But you guys said 'no' right?" Danny asked desperately.

"Of course!" Jack assured him. "I told him we couldn't afford it. I said you'd have to be as rich as the Masons to afford the kind of money he was after."

Danny groaned. "You told him about the Masons?"

"Of course." Jack smiled, not seeing the damage he'd done. "It seemed like the friendly thing to do."

"Do you know where this resort is?" Danny asked quickly.

His father shrugged "Nope, sorry kiddo. It was kinda strange actually, as soon as I said we couldn't make it and suggested the Masons there was this hissing noise and the phone went dead…must have been a bad line."

"Yeah." Danny said slowly, not entirely convinced that the hiss wasn't a sign of Vlads frustration. He rose quickly, dragging Tucker with him as he went. "I'm gonna walk Tucker home. He's still not feeling great. Are you Tuck?"

Tucker didn't get the chance to answer. Danny had already dragged him out of the door.

They were halfway down the street before Tucker managed to pull himself free. Danny was moving at a tremendous pace.

"Hold up Danny!" Tucker whined. "I'm gonna be sick again."

Danny didn't even slow down. He just kept marching forward with a determined look in his eye.

"You do realise you're going the wrong way?" Tucker asked and pointed up the side road they'd just passed "I live back that way."

"We're not going to yours Tuck. We're heading for Sams."

"She's not there Danny."

"I know." Danny snapped. "But there might be some clue as to where Vlad has taken her."

"Firstly he didn't take her, she went to him." Tucker reminded Danny unhelpfully. "And secondly…"

He waved his cell phone at the ghost boy. Danny snatched it out of his friends' hands and dialed the number.

"You're taking this a little hard aren't you?" Said Tucker as Danny waited for it to ring. "We don't even know that Vlad is out to get you this time. He might actually be trying to complete his project."

"Any project Vlads involved with is bound to be bad Tuck." Danny reminded him. "But you have to wonder why he picked the Masons. There are other rich people in the world who might invest."

"He chose them because you dad told him to."

"Exactly." Danny muttered darkly. "He couldn't get to me through my family so now he's using Sam… Why won't she answer?"

After a moment the line clicked.

"Finally!" Danny sighed relieved.

A cold, familiar voice came from the end of the line.

"I'm sorry," it sneered "Samantha is a little busy right now. Can I take a message?"

"Vlad!" Danny gasped. "Where is she?"

A/n: I'm new to DP. I've only seen a few eps but I thought it looked interesting and wanted to do something with it. I think I've seen enough to get the characters right but let me know if I make any huge mistakes…I'll try not to.