Chapter two: Too late?

"Now Daniel," Vlad cooed, "I'd have thought that was obvious even to a c grade student Samantha is here with me."

Danny's blood boiled as he gripped the cell phone so tightly that his knuckles turned white. Tucker seemed concerned that he would break it and attempted to wrestle it from his friends grip. Danny making himself intangible so that Tucker merely passed through him and crashed painfully onto the sidewalk.

"If you've hurt her…" Danny growled into the cell.

"Daniel, can we please dispense with the clichéd threats? I have a very important meeting to attend. I'll be sure to tell Miss Mason that you called." Vlad sighed.

"Look Vlad," Danny said with a shaking voice as he struggled to keep his tone civil. "What is it you want from me this time?"

On the end of the line Danny heard Vlad chuckle softly.

"You know Daniel that's a very unhealthy attitude." He laughed "Not everything is about you."

It was Danny's turn to sigh.

"Are you kidding me? You spend all your free time plotting against me!" He moaned.

"NO I don't!" Vlad snapped before admitting sheepishly "On Sundays I catch up with my soap operas."

Despite his concern for Sam Danny couldn't resist a dig at the twisted old bachelor.

"What a catch." Danny muttered sarcastically.

His remark seemed to have cut to the bone as Vlad's voice suddenly became icy. "Samantha is safe for now." He growled. "I'm sure that she'll be pleased to tell you herself on Monday." Vlad hung up leaving Danny staring at the cell.

"Well?" Tucker asked, rubbing his elbow. "Is Sam okay?"

"Hello! Vlad has her! How can she possibly be okay?"

"Define 'has her'" said Tucker making air quotes as he spoke.

"She's at his place."

"Which we already knew." Tucker reminded him "Danny I know Vlad's evil and everything but maybe she's not in as much trouble as you think she is."

"Then why didn't she answer herself?"

Tucker struggled to find an excuse. "Um...' he ventured "maybe she was enjoying the buffet."

Danny didn't look convinced. He transformed into his ghost form and glided into the air.

"I'm going after her!"

"Danny wait!" Tucker called after him "What about your curfew? What are you going to tell your folks?"

"Tell them I'm staying at yours!"

"And how are you going to explain your sudden appearance to the Masons?"

Danny thought for a moment. How could he explain traveling several hundred miles with no visible means of transport? Worse still it was the middle of the night, the Masons weren't too keen on him already if he shows up in their daughters bedroom in the middle of the night and starts beating up their host it really wasn't going to make a good impression.

"I'll cross that bridge when I come to it." Danny muttered and with that he sped off as fast as he could.

"Call me when you hear something!" Tucker called out to the black and white blur now speeding away towards the horizon.

"Was that my cell?" Sam demanded barging into Vlads study with her arms folded angrily across her chest. Vlad had disappeared from the dinner table some time ago, feigning concern for their host but really suspecting Vlad was up to something Samantha had told her parents that she would check on him.

It had been difficult to explain her relationship with Vlad to her parents. 'He's my best friends half ghost nemesis probably wouldn't have gone down too well so she stuck to 'he's a friend of the Fenton's.' They seemed to buy that, it was half true after all.

Eventually after some searching she had found him in his dark study braying into her cell phone.

"Yes it's yours" Vlad smiled turning to face her, "but I'm afraid the signal's very bad in these parts. I could barely hear a word."

Sam stormed over and snatched it from Vlad stuffing it into her bag which was lying open on the sofa. He'd clearly been going through her things.

"Look," she snapped at him. "I don't know what it is you want from Danny but you leave my parents out of it or I swear I'll…"

She didn't finish her sentence there was a flash and Vlad was suddenly transformed into ghost form. He sent a bolt of ectoplasm at her which sent her skidding across the polished floor and crashing into the large red velvet drapes framing the windows in Vlads dingy gothic study. As Sam grabbed one to steady herself. The red velvet collapsed down onto her sending everything black. After a moment of darkness Vlad pulled the covers back and met her gaze with glowing red eyes.

"You'll do nothing my dear because I think that you at least are smart enough to see the consequences of your actions. You stay quiet and they stay safe." He grinned.

"It is interesting though that you are so concerned for others safety and yet completely forget about your own, I'll remember that."

"Danny knows I'm here!" Sam warned him, struggling to pull herself free from the drapes.

Vlad looked annoyed.

"Why does everything always have to be about him?"

"You tell me? You're the one with the unhealthy obsession" Sam snorted.

"You think I'm frightened of that boy?" Vlad demanded shrilly.

"Well he has kicked your ass and outsmarted you innumerable times".

"Four is not an innumerable number of times. Even for a c grade student!" Vlad snapped before coming to his senses. "This time however Daniel isn't my concern. Nothing will stand in the way of my project."

"Which is?"

"Well I was going to let you see the prototype at tonight's seminar but as you've proved yourself incapable of not interfering I'm afraid it'll have to be a private showing between your parents and I."

Sam struggled angrily against the folds of velvet restricting her. Vlad merely laughed and pushed her back down. As Sam lay panting on the floor Vlad clicked his thin white fingers and a large matronly woman appeared.

Her grey hair was pulled back into a neat bun held in place with two pink pins. Her enormous bosom shook as she knelt down and scooped Samantha. As she was thrown over the enormous woman's shoulder Samantha noticed a glowing green amulet poking through the woman's blouse.

"Nanny Olga…" Vlad started but Sam cut in.

"You hired a nanny?"

"Well," Vlad reasoned, "I've never really had children in the house very long."

"Dude I'm fourteen and I'm staying one night!"

"We shall see"

"What does that mean?" Sam demanded but Nanny Olga cut in.

"Shh!" The nanny warned. Her accent was thick eastern European but there was something a little off about it. It was strained, as though she hadn't used it in a long time.

There was something very wrong. Sam wasn't exactly bulky but there was no way the nanny should have been able to lift her so easily.

"Baby needs sleep now." Said the nanny in a rumbling voice.

"I'm not a baby!" Sam protested defiantly, "and I'm not tired."

"You sleep now.'

Before Samantha could protest again a wave of green smoke passed through Nanny Olga's lips and into her own. Samantha felt her limbs grow heavy. She could barely keep her eyes open.

"No.." she muttered as she drifted off to sleep. "Danny…"

"Aw," smirked Vlad faking a pout. "Little soldiers all pooped out. Well don't worry my dear. Nanny Olga will look after you until morning. I promise you'll feel like a whole new girl by then" He finished ominously.

He cackled at his own joke before realizing just how puerile this was. Snapping out of it he turned to the robust woman who now had the unconscious Sam cradled in her mighty arms like a newborn.

"Olga," Vlad ordered changing back to his usual form, "Take Miss Mason to her room. She is not to leave and no one is to enter."

The nanny nodded before fading away into an intangible form and, taking Sam with her she floated through the ceiling.

Once they had gone Vlad one again clicked his fingers. Three glowing wolves appeared, ectoplasm dripping from their jaws like saliva.

"Watch where you're drooling!" Vlad spat. "I've just had that floor waxed."

The slavering creatures closed their mouths abruptly and had the common sense to look apologetic.

"Now," Vlad continued, "I want you three to patrol outside. Danny Fenton is NOT to enter these premises tonight. Do you understand?"

The wolves nodded.

"Good," Vlad smiled evilly, "now go. There's much to be done tonight and I can't afford any distractions."

Again the wolves nodded. As one they leapt straight through the wall to the woods outside.

Stepping over the fallen drapes Vlad moved to the window to and watched them mooch off with a twisted smile on his face.

"Nothing you can do now Daniel." He whispered watching the horizon. "Nothing can stop me now. This world's on the verge of a new age and I'm in CONTROL…. What am I doing? He can't hear me!"

Shoulders sagging slightly Vlad slouched off to find the Masons. It was almost time to begin.

Danny tore through the night sky. He was making tremendous progress he felt sure that he must be beating his own record speed. He had reached the border to Wisconsin in less than two hours and was now bearing down on Vlads mansion in the middle of the woods. But despite his impressive speed he couldn't help but worry that he was too late.

As the mansion swam into view over the top of the sea of trees stretched out below him Danny found a second wind. Eyebrows knotted in concentration he sped up as fast as he could hoping against hope that Sam and her family were safe.

He was inches away from the walls of the mansion when WHACK.

Something large and green smacked into the side of him and sent him crashing back into the undergrowth.

Pulling bracken from his long white hair Danny leapt to his feet to see what had attacked him. A large green wolf stood snarling at him, its gigantic paws clawing the earth as it got ready to charge.

'Right, guards.' Danny thought bracing himself for an attack. 'Why didn't I realise there'd be guards?'

To his surprise the ghostly beast did not charge it just stood their waiting. Danny was just wondering what for when he heard a rustling of leaves to his left and his right. 'Ah, an ambush.'

"Clever doggies." He laughed nervously.

Simultaneously the wolves let out a low growl which sent a shiver down Danny's spine. He saw the first wolf arch its back ready to pounce and leapt just as it did so. As Danny shot up into the air the wolves on either side of him also pounced.

There was a tremendous crash and three pained yelps below him as Danny turned in mid air and directed the Fenton thermos back down toward the wolves. Two of the creatures were caught in its green light and despite their best efforts found themselves trapped inside.

"Two down..." Danny muttered as he landed some distance away. "One to go."

And that one didn't look ready to give up without a fight. It charged at Danny Jaws snapping wildly. Danny shot ectoplasm at it but the animal dodged it. There was nothing else for it. Danny once again shot into the air. This time the wolf had anticipated his move and leapt up colliding with Danny, The pair fell through the walls into the Mansions second floor.

The force of their collision sent both Danny and the wolf skidding across the floor of the darkened upstairs room. Danny managed to clamber to his feel much quicker than the wolf. Before the animal could turn for another attack Danny was standing ready, Fenton thermos pointed directly at the fallen animal.

"Bad dog!" Danny snarled opening the flask. There was once again a flash of green and a yelp as the third and final guard was banished to the flask.

Danny spun the flask triumphantly for a moment before remembering the task at hand. He had to find Samantha quickly. By the looks of things he was in one of the guest rooms. 'Right now Samantha would probably be…'

There was a soft sigh coming from the large four-poster in the middle of the room.

'She'd probably be in that bed right there.'

But why hadn't she woken up? Danny and the wolf had certainly made enough noise. Concerned Danny dashed to her side.

"Sam?" He whispered. There was no response. Danny watched her chest rise and fall gently. She was in a deep sleep but at least she was alive.

"Sam?" Danny called again trying to rouse her. He shook her this time, still no response. This didn't seem to be a natural sleep.

'Just like sleeping beauty' Danny thought 'I wonder…'

Danny leant in close and kissed Sam softly on the lips. as he pulled away Samantha sighed deeply. Her eyes flickered.

"Danny?" Sam muttered groggily as she came to.

"Yeah I'm here." Danny smiled "don't worry."

Sam smiled at him as she sat up. He watched her cautiously as her expression changed to one of shock and terror.

"Um, well put that down to another fake out make out okay?" he said anxiously not sure how pleased Sam would be that he'd taken advantage of her in her sleep." Seriously was I that bad though?"

Sam wasn't looking at Danny however. He followed her gaze to the doorway where a large woman stood brandishing two pink pins like little swords, her long grey hair flailing wildly behind her. Her skin was ghostly green and the amulet around her neck was glowing so bright it was almost blinding.

"NO boys allowed!" she screeched surging towards the cowering couple.

To be cont.

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