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Chapter One: A Predicament and New Friends

Jasmine Hattori, seventh year Ravenclaw and all-around good girl, was in a predicament. After moving from America to England to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she found herself in trouble on her third day. Blonde head lowered and blue eyes closed, Jasmine sat in Professor Snape's office awaiting her punishment. She had committed the ultimate offense; she had hit a Head Boy, a Slytherin Head Boy.

"Well if the idiot hadn't insulted me, he wouldn't have a broken nose." In all fairness, the boy in question did insult her and he had dared to do it after bumping into her in the hallway, causing her books to scatter across the marble floor. Jasmine sighed heavily, a massive migraine beginning to form behind her temples.

"Ms. Hattori, what on earth did you think you were doing, attacking another student?" Snape spat, hatred for the tiny girl in front of him showing plainly in his eyes. "Oh yes, I forgot, it is rather difficult for someone to think with a brain as small as yours."

Jasmine's head shot up, and the two glared at each other for a few moments. Finally, Jasmine took a deep breath and calmly replied, "I'm quite sorry for my behavior, it will not happen again… sir."

A look of triumph settled on Snape's face at the apology and he gleefully stated, "Let's make sure it doesn't. For your punishment," at this he paused for anticipatory effect, "you will serve detention with the house elves for the next two weeks, washing dishes after dinner without magic. Oh, and thirty points from Ravenclaw. Now please, get out of my office and out of my sight."

With an incredulous look on her face, Jasmine angrily made her way out the door and towards her common room. Along the way, she passed Harry Potter and his groupies. Jasmine had to admit that the black-haired boy was hot, but she didn't think he would ever notice the new girl. It would seem she was wrong in her assumption.

"Hey, Jasmine Hattori, right?" Jasmine wheeled around, suddenly standing quite close to the Golden Boy.

"Yeah?" she asked cautiously, wondering what was up.

"That was an awesome punch you gave that git, don't let Snape bring you down. He hates everyone. That stupid snake never should have insulted you like that. I'm Harry by the way, Harry Potter." Harry stuck out his hand towards the pretty girl.

"Thanks," Jasmine said as she shook Harry's hand, her headache seemingly cured, "I see you already know my name. You can call me Jas, though. Most of my friends do."

"Alright, Jas. I was wondering if you maybe… might possibly… of course you can do whatever you want... uh… would you like to study with me in the library tonight?" Harry stuttered over his words, an unsure look on his handsome features as he finally managed to get the question out.

"Oh, Harry, I would love to, but Professor Snape has me serving detention with the elves, cleaning dishes after supper every night for the next two weeks. I'm sorry." Harry's face fell, and seeing this, Jas quickly said, "But I'm free after lunch for an hour and a half. Maybe you can show me around the castle tomorrow during that time."

Harry's smile came back with those words and he replied by saying he would meet her on the front steps after lunch the next day. Then they both parted ways, heading to their respective rooms before dinner.

Jasmine spent the remaining hour before dinner finishing as much homework as she could, knowing it would be quite late before she returned from the kitchens. Also, she spent some time getting to know her roommates and a few others in the house, making a few new friends. By far her favorite person from Ravenclaw was one of her roommates, Amelia Cox, an outgoing brunette with a crazy sense of fashion. They had met on the train going to school and realized they shared common interests.

After laughing her way through dinner with Amy, Jas was led to the kitchens by a house elf named Gatsby to serve her detention. She finished at 11:45, and slowly dragging herself to the common room, she cursed the homework she still had to finish by the next day. Oh yeah, then she cursed Draco Malfoy, the Slytherin Head Boy she already disliked.

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