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Needing You

Revenge, Boredom, and a Prank


It was a month after the party in the Room of Requirements and the whole school was still talking about Jasmine and Draco's new relationship. Most people were supportive and happy for them, but some were not. Harry Potter and friends were most decidedly not pleased with the change. Harry still felt that Jasmine was his and his only, while the rest were angry at their social status being dropped from most popular to the bottom of the barrel. So, in true teenage fashion, they plotted their revenge.

Meanwhile, Jas and Draco spent as much time together as they could. They had been on several dates and "study sessions," still managing to hang out with their friends and keep up with their schoolwork. Things had been pretty quiet in the castle and Jas was starting to get a little antsy. It was time for a prank…

"I'm bored." Jas' words echoed through the silent common room where she, Draco, Blaise, Pansy, Amy, Seamus, and Dean were doing their homework. Collectively, six heads rose up and stared blankly at the petite blonde.

"Sweetie, it's homework, it was designed to be boring," replied Amy.

"I meant that it is time to spice things up in the castle. You know, cause a little mayhem?"

"Finally! Something to do!" Seamus exclaimed and the rest of the group joined in with various nods of approval.

"What are you thinking of doing, love?" Draco asked softly and Jas sighed inwardly as she leaned more into his warm embrace.

"Well…" Jas started and the plan was formed.


The next night everyone was in their positions, supplies at hand. The group was split into three groups for Phase One: Draco and Jas; Seamus and Amy; and Dean, Blaise, and Pansy. Their goal: set up magical booby-traps all within the castle for both students and faculty to find the next day. Dean's group was in charge of the hallways, Seamus and Amy of surveillance, and Draco and Jas of the classrooms. Seamus had known for some time of the existence of the Marauders' Map and had "borrowed" it for the night.

"Filch is on the fifth floor in his office, so stay clear of there for now. Over," Seamus whispered into the magicked walkie-talkie to the other two teams.

"Ten-four," came the responses from Pork Chop (Jas and Draco) and Merlin's Mum (Dean, Blaise, and Pansy).

The two teams quickly went about their separate tasks, setting up traps in as many classrooms and hallways as possible. After two hours and three close calls with Filch and Mrs. Norris, the team reassembled for Phase Two outside of the kitchens.

"All right, Amy, Pansy, and I will do the talking. The house elves respond better to us girls," Jas said as she tickled the pear. Once inside, a slightly startled and sleepy elf came up to the group and greeted them. Once the girls had explained the situation and what they wanted done, the elves convened to discuss the plan.

"Okay Miss, after much consideration, we have decided to help you with your ingenious plan. We have not liked the way things are being run in the castle for some time now and we think this will be enjoyable," Dobby told Jas and the rest of the group.

"Thanks Dobby," the group replied together, knowing that they would get away with everything.

The seven went back to their dorms quietly and cautiously, dreaming about the surprises in store for the school the next day.


The next morning, Hogwarts was in chaos. Students were running around with uncontrollable nosebleeds, vomiting, bouts of flatulence, and other bodily illnesses. All the students who walked past the portrait of Mildred the Morbid had their hair turn interesting shades of puke green, candy cotton pink, fire-engine red, Carolina blue, and other colors. All the teachers came careening out of their classrooms tap dancing and singing show tunes, none of their counter-charms working to stop the spells.

Dumbledore had had enough. Convening everyone into the Great Hall at lunch, he made an announcement. "I have seen many jokes and pranks played throughout my years as headmaster at Hogwarts, but this is not acceptable. Although nobody is seriously injured and many seem to think this situation is funny, I cannot condone this type of behavior. I will find the people responsible for this and they will be punished accordingly. Classes are cancelled for the day while the staff cleans this up. Please enjoy your lunch and head immediately for your dorms, where you will stay until dinner tonight."

As people started eating their meals, strange things began to happen at the Gryffindor table. Students started spouting out their innermost secrets, unable to stop themselves. The older students knew what had occurred, for they had been taught about the particular potion being put into motion. The other three houses were roaring with laughter and the embarrassed Gryffindors looked up to their teachers for help.

"SILENCE!" screamed Dumbledore as Professor Snape rushed to the dungeons to obtain the antidote. "Gryffindor House, please report to Professor Snape's classroom to be sorted out. Everyone else, go straight to your rooms. New meals will be given out there."

Knowing the teachers would not check to see if they were in their respective dorms, the pranksters gathered together in Draco's room in Slytherin House to celebrate their success.

"That was basically amazing. Did you see the look on the Weasel's face when he shouted he was gay? Priceless. We must thank the elves later for that special ingredient," Blaise said in-between laughs to the group as they munched on the feast the elves had sent up and the Butterbeer Draco had stashed in his bureau.

"It was definitely worth the little sleep I got," Pansy said. The others voiced their agreements after her.

Since the next day was Saturday and a Hogsmeade day, the group decided to have a little sleepover to continue the party. They were interrupted only once in the night, around 11:30, by Professor Snape. He opened the door, looked around at all the surprised and slightly worried faces, gave a smirk, and announced: "Thirty points to each of you. Goodnight." Seconds after he left, the shock wore off and they all busted out in laughter, passing around another round of Butterbeers.


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