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Author's Note: I'm going to say it right now, so don't bug me about it later. This story is going to mainly focus on Kagome, Itachi, and Sasuke. Thus, the other characters – especially Inuyasha, Naruto, and Sakura – will be downplayed.

Pairing: Kagome/Itachi

Defective Child


Hizashi Hyuuga paced restlessly back and forth down the hall, stopping every three steps to shoot an anxious glare at the closed shoji screen. Growling lightly in frustration, he quickly resumed his incessant pacing – back and forth, back and forth, back and…

The shoji screen slid open. The midwife smiled brightly and happily announced, "Congratulations, Hizashi-sama! You are the proud father of a set of healthy twins! You may go in to see your wife now."

"Thank you," Hizashi whispered to the midwife before racing into the room to check on his beloved wife. He felt a small smile tug on the edge of his lips at the sight of his wife cradling the twins in her arms. "Asako, how are you feeling?"

Asako smiled at the sight of her husband and gently answered, "I'm fine; you don't have to worry about me, Hizashi. Now, come over here and meet your children. They are such adorable babies."

Hizashi gently lifted one of the bundles – his beautiful girl – into his arms. "Have you decided on their names yet?" he asked softly.

"No, not yet…but I've been mulling over a few possibilities." admitted Asako.

"Neji." stated Hizashi, surprising his wife. "Our son's name is Neji."

"That's a beautiful name." agreed his wife, looking down at her son. "What of our daughter?" she asked, glancing at the small bundle cradled in her husband's arm. "What do you think of Megumi?"

"Megumi?" echoed Hizashi, shaking his head in disagreement. "No, what do you think of the name Kagesa?"

Asako made a face. "I think Kagoni sounds better."

"Kagome." stated Hizashi.

"Kagome," repeated Asako. "It's perfect."

"Of course it is," Hizashi snorted as he glanced down at his daughter. He blinked in surprise when he found her eyes open, staring at him in curiosity. He felt his hands tremble as he continued to stare into her eyes. Blue. Her eyes were blue!

"Hizashi?" asked Asako, scrunching her forehead in confusion when she noticed his expression – a mixture of shock, incredulity, suspicion, and anger. "What's wrong, love? Is Kagome all right?"

"Whose child is this?" he asked angrily, shoving Kagome roughly into Asako's arm. "Who do these children belong too?" he roared, clenching his fists in fury. "Who have you been sleeping with?"

Asako's face reflected confusion and hurt as she gaped openly at her husband, looking at him as if he had suddenly sprouted a second head. "What nonsense are you babbling?" she demanded angrily. "What has gotten into you?"

"Me? How dare you ask what's wrong with me when it's you who cheated on me!" snarled Hizashi. "Look at your daughter." he hissed, jabbing a finger at Kagome. "Look at her eyes and then tell me she is mine!"

"What are you rambling…." Asako trailed off uncertainly when her eyes connected with her daughter's. Instead of finding the genetic, white, pupil-less eyes that the Hyuuga family was famous for, she found herself gazing into a pair of deep, blue eyes. "I…I…" she stuttered.

"How do you explain that?" snapped Hizashi. "Who's the father?"

Tears welled in Asako's eyes as she pleaded, "Hizashi, listen to me! I don't know why or how, but I know that I've been faithful to you! Kagome and Neji are your children. I promise."

"Lying wench, tell the truth!" spat Hizashi, pulling a kunai from within the confines of his clothes. "Everyone knows that the Byakugan is a dominant trait in the Hyuuga family. Never in history has such a thing happened before! Woman, tell the truth now or forfeit your life!"

"I'm telling the truth!" shouted Asako, pained tears streaming down her cheeks. "You have to believe me!"

Hizashi's eyes were cold and unforgiving.

"These are your children." Asako whispered, choking over her sobs. "Believe me." she begged.

"How can you expect me to believe you when everything points to your infidelity?" hissed Hizashi, his lips curling in anger. "You are a disgrace to the Hyuuga family! Both you and your children will be tried and executed in front of the family council for this offense!"

"No, Hizashi, don't do this! These are your children – you can't kill them!" begged Asako, wrapping a protective arm around Kagome. "You can't!"

"You know the family laws."

"But I've done nothing wrong!"

"The proof lies before us."

Tears welled in her eyes. "You fool!" she spat, wrenching the kunai from his hands. "You of all people should know me! When have I ever lied to you? When have I ever shown signs of infidelity? Who could I have slept with? I have never left the confines of the Hyuuga District! Everyone knows that! So even if I had been unfaithful, the only possibility is I slept with one of our distant cousins! But even then, it wouldn't explain Kagome's uniqueness! But the matter stands that I have never been unfaithful to you. Not in body or mind!"

Hizashi fell into a pensive silence. After silently mulling over his wife's words for a few minutes, he finally whispered, "Then prove your loyalty to our family by killing those abominations!"

"No!" snarled Asako, "How can you be so cruel? Kagome and Neji are your children! How can you be so unforgiving?"

"I cannot allow them to stain our family name. Even if I believe your reasoning, others will not. People will spread rumors – Rumors that you have been sleeping with other men, disgracing and forever shaming the Hyuuga family. I cannot allow the honorable Hyuuga name to become the laughing stock of Konoha."

"Fool," cried Asako. "What is more important to you: Your child's life or upholding the family honor?"

"Family honor comes before all else." Hizashi answered without a moment's hesitation. "I cannot allow these abominations to live."

"Then kill me."

"Asako, be reasonable."

Faster than the blink of an eye, Asako thrust the kunai into her heart and out the other end. "S-Spare them." she pleaded. "My life…for theirs…P-Promise me you won't harm my children."


"Promise me!" she hissed, blood seeping past her lips.

"…I promise." Hizashi whispered after a moment's hesitation.

"T-Thank…you…" smiled Asako as her eyes drifted shut. As long as her children were safe…all was well.

"A-Asako!" Hizashi shouted, his anger dissipating as quickly as it had came when he finally realized his wife – his beloved wife – was dead. "H-Hold on!" he pleaded as he raised his voice and shouted, "Get the medic-nins! Hurry and get the medic-nins!"

As if understanding that their mother had left them forever, Kagome and Neji immediately began to cry – wailing at the top of their lungs for their mother's attention. Hizashi, overcome by grief and shock, spared Neji a brief glance…and immediately began to quiver when his eyes locked onto his son's pupil-less, white eyes…

"A-Asako…" whispered Hizashi, shaking his head in disbelief. "ASAKO!" he cried as he pulled his wife's prone form into his arms. "I'm sorry…I'm sorry for doubting you." he silently whispered to himself. "Don't leave me…"

I'm sorry

Three Years Later

"W-Weeve me awone!" yelled Kagome, fear clenching her heart as she stared at the leering faces of her cousins. "I-I tell Neji-nii-san!" she threatened, taking several large steps backwards.

"Neji-kun would never care about a freak like you!" shouted an older boy, chucking a shuriken at Kagome. It nicked her on the cheek, drawing a thin line of blood. "Mama told me you're a curse – a disgrace to the Hyuuga family!"

"I-I'm not!" protested Kagome, bringing her hand to her cheek.

"Go away! We don't want you here!" snapped another – a young, five-year-old girl. "You don't belong here, blue-eyed freak!"

"She was most likely adopted. Her real parents probably abandoned her!" sneered a small boy, clinging to his brother's arm. "No real Hyuuga has eyes like that! She can't even use the Byakugan! She's a freak!"

"She's not even fit to be a ninja!" added another, curling her lips in disgust. "She can't even learn the basics! What a disgrace! She's not fit to be a Hyuuga! Papa said she'll only bring the Hyuuga clan shame and humiliation!"

"Go away freak!"

"We don't want you here!"

"We don't want a cousin like you!"

"You're nothing like Neji-kun!"

"Auntie said she's a demon – a curse!"

"Go away!"


"Why won't you just disappear?"

Kagome covered her ears with her small hands and quickly turned and ran. Why? Why did everyone hate her? She never did anything to them! She didn't even know who half of them were! Why were they so mean? Why did they have to throw rocks and shurikens at her?

She felt her heart constrict with pain as the harsh words of her cousins echoed repeatedly in her head.




She stopped at the edge of the Hyuuga District. Another step and she would be in forbidden territory – the rest of Konoha. She bit her lips in indecision. On one hand, no one wanted her here…but the other, her father would punish her severely if she disobeyed him and ventured beyond the Hyuuga District.

A shuriken whizzed past her face.

That was all the incentive needed to send her scampering out of the Hyuuga District as fast as her small legs could carry her. She didn't dare look back...

She didn't know where she was going. She didn't even know where she was anymore. All she knew was that she had to get away – get far, far away before they killed her. She felt her legs crumble beneath her in exhaustion, sending her tumbling face first into the ground.

Her arms and legs stung from where the hard impact had scraped off her skin. She felt her eyes well with unbidden tears – more from fear than pain – when she finally noticed the small crowd of twelve-year-olds gathered around her.

What did they want? Were they here to laugh and jeer at her too? To tell her how worthless she was? How undeserving she was of the Hyuuga name? Her lower lip quivered with fear as she wrapped her small arms around herself. Were they going to hit her? Or…Or were they going to do something even worse?

"Hey kid, what are you doing here?"

"I'm sowry!" Kagome sobbed, shaking with fear. "Don't hit me!"

"Whoa, hold it there, kid! I didn't do anything!" he cried, holding up his hands. "I'm not going to hit you." he added, more to assure his peers that he wasn't a bully than to comfort Kagome. "Did you get lost? Where are your mommy and daddy?"

At that question, Kagome cried even louder. Where was her mommy? Dead. Where was her daddy? He didn't want her. She felt her body tremble with anguish as more tears spilled down her cheeks.

They were murmuring again – Whispering into each other's ear. They always whispered when she was around…She was the curse of her clan – The bane of their existence. Why? Why? WHY?

"What's going on here?" The voice was cold and emotionless, sending a shiver of fear running down her spine. "Shisui, explain."

"I-Itachi-kun, I don't know. This girl came out of nowhere and tripped…then she started crying and begging me not to hit her. I asked her if she was lost and she started bawling!"

Kagome stiffened when she felt the crowd suddenly part to allow 'Itachi-kun' through. She squeezed her eyes shut and prayed fervently that he wouldn't hurt her.

"Go inside and tell sensei I'll be in class shortly." he ordered.

"Hai," chorused his peers, who quickly scrambled back into the academy without question. After all, no one questioned Itachi when he made a decision or gave a command. That would be suicide.

"Pwease, go away." Kagome begged when she felt Itachi kneel beside her.


"Don't hit me!" she cried, flinching when she felt him grab her arm and haul her to her feet.

"Open your eyes." he commanded, his tone leaving no room for argument. "I won't hit you."

Kagome slowly cracked open one eye…and then another. The boy, much younger than the others, quickly dropped her arm as soon as she opened her eyes. "He looks so cool." Kagome thought silently to herself as she took in the boy's handsome features. "Maybe he won't hate me if he doesn't know who I am…"

"What's your name?"

"M-My name?" echoed Kagome, panicking slightly. "U-Um…"

"It's a simple question."

"H-Hyuuga…Kagome." she finally stuttered, mentally preparing herself for the disgusted looks and degrading comments.

To his credit, Itachi simply raised a questioning eyebrow before dismissing Kagome's answer entirely. "My name is Uchiha Itachi."

Kagome shifted nervously from foot to foot as she glanced at Itachi from under her eyelashes. He was different. He treated her like she was…normal. Nothing special or worth extra attention – To him, she was just Kagome Hyuuga, not the Blue-Eyed Freak.

"Come," he beckoned, walking a few feet ahead. "I'll take you back to the Hyuuga District."

Although she was reluctant to go back there, Kagome found herself instinctively following Itachi – limping slightly to keep her weight off her injured leg. She had taken less than three steps when he suddenly whirled around, causing her to stumble back in shock. She landed on her rear with a soft thump.

He seemed to mentally roll his eyes (even though his expression never changed) as he extended a hand to help her up. Kagome felt her heart leap with joy at the silent gesture and quickly placed her small hand into his slightly larger one. He effortlessly pulled her back to her feet.

"T-Thwank you, Itwachi-kun." she mumbled, smiling brightly for the first time since…forever.

Itachi seemed to visibly twitch at the mutilation of his name. She was almost as bad as his younger brother…almost. "Itachi." he stated, attempting to correct Kagome's pronunciation.

"Itwachi." repeated Kagome, struggling to pronounce the name.



"Never mind," Itachi stated, waving off Kagome's attempts to properly pronounce his name. "Let me take a look at those wounds."

Kagome seemed to visibly deflate at 'letting down' Itachi. "Itakshi," she thought to herself as Itachi examined her knee. "No. Itacshi…Itashi…I-Itachi. Itachi-sama!" she smiled to herself, proud of her own accomplishment.

"Your knee is fine." Itachi stated, snapping Kagome out of her thoughts.

"T-Thwank, you," whispered Kagome, "Itachi-sama."

Itachi's eyes reflected genuine surprise (small though it was) as he allowed a small, brief smile grace his lips. Kagome almost missed it…almost. But she didn't and she quickly found herself addicted to his smile – his approval.

"Come on, let's get going before I completely miss class today." he beckoned, waiting for Kagome to snap out of her musings.

"Hai, Itachi-sama!" she grinned, quickly latching onto his hand.

Itachi quickly shook off his shock and the urge to snap at her for the unexpected – unapproved – contact. He shook his head slightly and loosely returned Kagome's gesture, holding her hand lightly in his. She was just a stupid three-year-old…He would allow it this one time…


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