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A little flash of brunette raced around the room. Sophie quickly moved her basket of flowers before they were kicked throughout the Hatter's Hat Shop. The little two-year-old giggled and laughed as he ran from one point of the room to another.

"Morgan, I'm not going to warn you again," Sophie called to her little son, finishing the last sewing touches of the hat before she closed the shop. Morgan just smiled, holding up a flower he managed to grab from Sophie's work basket. Sophie smiled, accepting the little gift. "A peace offering. Come here, you."

Sophie pulled the door open to her shop that connected her to the castle. She carried Morgan then set him down in front of the heath. Morgan immediately went towards the fire, grabbing a little blue leg. Calcifer grew a little bigger, glaring at the young boy.

"You're lucky I don't burn, you little monster!" Calcifer stuck his tongue out at the boy.

"Calcifer don't call my son a monster." She looked at him. "Oh the irony of the statement, you little fire demon."

Calcifer stuck his tongue out at her, and it earned him a yank from Morgan again. "Funny Fire!" Morgan laughed at his new nickname for Calcifer. "Funny Fire! Funny Fire! Funny Fire!"

"Sophie! Stop the madness!"

Sophie just sighed and set the basket of flowers on the table. The Witch of Waste opened one eye to look at it. "Such a pretty basket of flowers. Are you going to weave them into hats?"

"Yes. Don't touch."

Just then Markl came through the portal door, Heen at his heels. Markl had a growth spurt in the two years of almost peace; though, not just in height. He was becoming quite a wizard in his years of studies. He chased Heen around the castle room, Morgan joining the race. "Markl fast!" Morgan screamed again and again.

Sophie ran a hand through her silver hair. Her eyes watched as the three jumped on couches, Markl claiming he wasn't too old to play around. Markl caught Heen and grabbed what was in his mouth. Morgan ran into Markl's leg, falling to the floor. Sophie rushed over, only to find him hovering above the ground by an inch. Markl casted the spell. "Heen had a potion in his mouth. I wasn't sure what it was, until I started chasing him in the house. Morgan is okay!"

Sophie had him take the spell off and pulled Morgan off the ground and took him to the table. The flowers were already scattered, the old witch flitting through picking out her favorites. Sophie sighed, told Morgan to keep his seat, and took the old witch to her room. When she managed to get back into the room, Markl was out the door again, Morgan was playing in a water bucket and Calcifer was throwing out threats for Morgan to not come any closer. Heen floated past her, and she knew she had just about enough of everything that went on in the house.

"Stop! Everybody stop, don't move!" Sophie yelled.

Morgan sat down, knowing his mother's angry voice. Calcifer shrank back into the fireplace, and Heen floated next to Sophie. Sophie didn't touch the dog, not knowing what spell he could have eaten, and took her son's hand. She took him to his nursery and striped off his wet clothes. He had a laughing spell, sprinting around the room in his birthday suite, before Sophie got him to come back and put clothes on.

When she came walking out Howl stood waving one hand to clean up the flowers, the other was trying to figure out why their dog was floating and spinning slowly in the air.

"Papa! Papa!" Morgan cried, pulling out of Sophie's reach. He ran to his father's arms. Howl picked him up, throwing him in the air and catching him. Morgan giggled.

Sophie sighed at the sight. Father and son laughing together. Little Morgan looked a lot like Howl, other than the hair difference. Both had a weird streak of emotions, Morgan's gigglier than Howl's always sudden seriousness. She laughed as Morgan screeched into a fit of giggles when Howl let him hang in the air with a floating spell. He caught him a second later, smiling at his son's toothy grin.

"Oops! Water floor!" Morgan said, pointing to the spilled bucket. Sophie looked down at it, momentarily forgetting about the slippery mess. "Funny Fire don't like water, Papa," Morgan explained to his father. "Momma mad." He pointed.

"Work on Heen," Sophie instructed. "Keep Morgan out of the way for a second. I need a mop." Sophie made her way to the kitchen finding the mop. She went back, cleaning the water off of the floor.

Howl got the dog onto the floor and got the spell out of his system. Morgan started to play with him, running into the living room. Sophie stretched back up, and sighed when she felt arms wrap around her waist. Howl planted a kiss on her cheek. "Your hair would probably be silver by now if it wasn't already."

Sophie laughed. "Maybe it'll turn back to brown when I get stressed." Howl chucked. "It's not though. I'm sure it would have been here by now." She set the mop in the corner and set her hands on top of his. "How did Mathilda's go? Did you find out the reason for your spark?"

Howl rested his head on her shoulder, nodding. "She said it was all of the stress before Markl got taken away. With the castle breaking down and the rush of the little war Davies was planning against me, I developed what she called 'insecurity.'"

"What were you insecure about?" Sophie asked.

"Who knows? Everything about life, I guess." Howl sighed.

Sophie turned her face towards his. This is what she meant by his sudden seriousness. "You don't need to worry about life. I'm okay, we found Markl—"

"I know, I know! It's gone away, the spark. I'm not worried about it anymore. No need for you to worry about it either." Howl slipped a smile on his face. Sophie would have to work on Howl's confidence more, she resolved. "Anyway, what's little Morgan been up to all day?"

"You don't want to know. He's been into everything." Sophie looked around the room, making sure there wasn't any mess around for anyone to happen to stumble upon. "Thanks for cleaning up the flowers. That old witch got into them after I told her not to."

"Not a problem. I figured you hadn't done that."

There came a crash, a bark and crying.

"Morgan Pendragon!"

Sophie ripped out of Howl's arms. She could hear his laugh as she went into the room, getting ready to work out the mess that was Morgan's adventures of the day.

The End


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