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Title: Shall I Join

Chapter 1: Captured

Font in italics are thoughts/thinking/ the minds of the characters now.

In a once again lonely day... Sasuke was gone and Sakura is now the strongest Konichi and medic nin of all of the hidden leaf village. She changed and had no emotions. She didn't love the Uchicha anymore, and she didn't trust anyone, but Kakashi and Naruto. She is now on a high class mission...

Sakura was now kneeling in the bushes waiting to attack the enemies or to help heal any ANBU ninja's that needed medical attention. But, something was defiantly wrong.

All of a sudden she heard the captain yelling, "RETREAT! NOW!"

Sakura jumped up to meet the rest of team and running and jumping from tree to tree. She could hear and feel one enemy that was behind her and her captain of the mission

"Sakura, I want you to go ahead, and I will hold him back. You take the scroll with the clue to find out what is Ochimaru's plot. You hear me now! That's an order!" The captain demanded to Sakura was currently running with said.

"Yes. Sir. Understood." Sakura obeyed. She took the scroll and tucked in between her well shaped plumped grown chest. She didn't think any one will dare to stick their hand down her shirt.

She jumped and ran tree to tree. She was about 10 minutes away from her last order from the captain and she heard him scream in agony. As a medic nin she paid no heed to the last order and her job was to save people lives. It was her immediate reflex to run back t her captain. But, then she felt no life force that felt like his chakra. She stopped and feared what was coming to her. The enemy swished around and tried to sneak up on Sakura, but she dodge each blow. She broke out into a run. Sakura seemingly was to fast for him, and her agility was fast. Suddenly 6 enemies surrounded her. Se made sure and secured the scroll still between her breast, and fought the enemies.

Do they think they can take me down lightly? After all I am Tsunade's main superior student. Number one out of 5 countries. Wind, Mist, Water, Leaf, and Fire country.

She did some ancient hand seals that she has mastered within such a small amount of time, amazing Tsunade. The pink light filled the area and blew each enemy into pieces. Blood flew everywhere. Everywhere was tainted, except for Sakura. She was perfectly clean. There in one of the tree's Sakura did not notice or else she would try to kill the man she despised. The man that took everything away from her. Her teammate and love, Sasuke, and maybe her family. Ochimaru...

His black greased hair, his snake like tongue, and bendable body came down to her. Sakura was so ready to kill his ass.

"What the fuck do you want?" sneered Sakura.

"Oh I believe you know what I want. But, you know what? That scroll has nothing in there. Your dumb captain died over a stupid scroll with no use." chuckled Ochimaru.

"You fucking bastard..." Sakura could believe it. But, wait yeah she could.

"Then why in the hell are we here for? huh? Tell me?" Sakura asked.

All of a sudden, Ochimaru slid around and dropped sleeping gas around Sakura. Sakura hurriedly covered her nose, not to take it in. She was able to be vulnerable to the gas for awhile. She bend down to the ground quickly making Ochimaru miss hitting her neck.

"I am a lot stronger than that you know!" Sakura screamed.

"...ssssss...th...I know..." Ochimarus voice rang all over th eforest. Making it mysterious.

Sakura cringed. She bit her thumb so it'll bleed and did a seal to the ground. It brought forth a bright pink light shooting lightening and a fire all around. Her pink blaze of chakra were all around encircling her and made Ochimaru bleed and screamed in quite a pain.

But, the scream was just a diversion, and Sakura was hit in the neck making her fall and sniff in even more then she could have to stand longer. She fell into a certain darkness.

"Kabuto! Take this goddess and prize back home. She will be alot of use to me. More in wayz you could ever think. Even to a ceratin raven haired snobby man we have in our complex...ssssss...thh..." Ochimaru said with a fearsome look and a evil smile.

"Understood." was all Kabuto said. He went to pick up the, now beautiful firm and luscious woman on the ground. Kabuto took off her mask, and hat that hid her hair and face. Kabuto smirked. "We're in for a fun time...now.." Sakura's silk, now grown back to be long pink hair. Sh face matured and so has her body. She was now a sexy woman, then compared to her teen years where she had a stick figured body. Kabuto picked her up and went back to the complex. Her cherry blossom scent filled his nostrils. "Yeah, we're definitely in for it now. I wonder how the Uchicha will act? I'm bringing your certain item that use to belong to you ahahaha..." Kabuto laughed off evilly... The complex was a far way to go...