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They all reached Tsunade's office.

"You both may leave now... Neji... Hinata..." Tsunade commanded.

Neji and Hinata left immediately.

Sakura walked in the office. "Sorry for being late... I was thinking about, well you know."

Tsunade looked up at her with a questioning look. "Continue..."

Sakura layed herself down on a couch next to Tsunade's couch that she was sitting on. "I... The... The mission ... all of them were killed, and Ochimaru came after me."

"Sakura, I know that stuff already, Lets just say the people on your mission are not dead..."

Sakura looked at her and smirked, "Continue..."

Tsunade looked at her and laughed, "Well, looks like I need to do the explaining. Ochimaru and I are playing this game, where is it Sasuke who can seduce you most or is it you, Sakura who can seduce Sasuke the most. SO basically whoever beds and has there way the most... um WINS! I Know i won't loose this BET! Or... Whoever leaves the person and the person wanting more gets the point!"

Sakura frowned at her sensei. "You always lose"

"Well, not this one! You can prevent that!"

Sakura looked at her "Motherly figure" senpai and laughed, "Hai hai, Number one seductress in service, number one bachlorette still, and best figure of all women!"

Tsunade grinned and downed her sake with her student.

"Uh Tsunade... You know the score, right?"

Tsunade looked at her. "Yeah you with 2 and him with one. 2-1. "

Sakura sighed, "It's actually a tie 1-1. Tsunade you really need to keep dwon your score, thats probably why you never win and loose ally your money..."

"HAHA! Whatever, you will WIN!!!! SAKURA FUCK HIS BRAINS OUT!!!!"

Sakura just looked at her with a ? mark. Yep a ? mark. "I can't believe I am doing this..."

Near by... Dark obsidean eyes watch Sakura and Tsunade with amusement... "Now, you know..."

Naruto and Hinata Time. "Hinata is not all that innocent" (This is why she has no right to judge Neji)

Naruto's HOUSE that Night

The tip of his cock glide inside of her entrance ever so slightly. A moan escaped from her lips.

He took it back out and put the tip of his penis in her again, and he stopped.

She laid there helplessly breathing irregularly in her lust and despair. She wondered why was he tormenting her like this? Why is he punishing her, teasing her?

He grinned. Crouching over his girl made him feel so powerful. He could ravish the woman he loved and make his dreams of her being naughty into reality.

He took his tip out again, and replaced it with his finger. Her eyes widen at the new feeling and moaned. Any thing. Any thing that he did made her be in a the state of bliss.

He used his fingers and pumped in and out of her. As he continued, his head lowered to her ear and demanded in a whisper, "Hinata, I want to see you even more naughtier."

He nibbled on her ear and trailed kisses from there to her neck. He sucked on her neck and moved to her mouth. Naruto suddenly slips two to three more fingers into her. She arched her back and moaned in lust. His tongue diverted in and out all over her mouth.

She could feel his fingers inside of her moving in and out. She could feel his pace slowing down. He was teasing her again.

He whispered again in her ear, "Hinatahhhh...I want you to be more naughty with me... Make me... Make me want you, make me feel like I should take you all night long."

He lifted slowly and looked into Hinata's eyes.

She was blushing real hard now.

Naruto has been very good with himself for holding back, but not tonight. He needed to take care of his needs. He always thought that Hinata hasn't really shown her real side in bed. Her place where she takes charge. Naruto wanted to see all that.

They continued to look at each other. Hinata smirked, all of a sudden out of no where, Hinata flipped there positions over.

Naruto layed while Hinata was crouched over on top. Naruto's eyes went in shock , he was excited to what was coming next.

Hinata's voice so sweet and innocent became smooth and sexy and she whispered in to Naruto's ear, "Naruto... There is a time when I will choose to punish you..." She puts on a very serious face, her finger slide upon Naruto's chest to his abs.

"Heh, and if your lucky, I will punish you in the most daring way possible... And now Naruto... you've done something worth for me to punish you..."

Naruto's hands suddenly were tied to the bed with chakra strings. Hinata's lip engulfed with his, he was a little startled, but knew it was all lust nothing serious.

Hinata blushed at what she was doing. Her hands suddenly grab hold of Naruto's shaft. Naruto felt a sudden hold on his manhood, and moaned .

The sudden contact with a warm soft silky hand, made him have a burning passion in the pit of his stomach. Hinata allowed her hand to move a up and down motion. She squeezed it ever so lightly but tightly that made Naruto squirm.

His hands were tied so there was no way to do anything to Hinata, and have his way. This is what he wanted right? A naughtier Hinata. He maybe asked for a bit too much... Naruto blushed at how much of a reaction he was getting from all her ministrations.

Hinata's hand kept moving while she kissed Naruto passionately.

"Hi-... Hina...Hinataaaa..." Naruto growled and his eyes wondered all over her and back to her seductive face. Naruto was in a state of bliss, until he was so ready to release, Hinata slowed down. He gave a disappointed look at Hinata, and she just smiled back.

"Naruto..." She whispered into his ear, "I have the best punishment for you..." Naruto grew chills along through his body. Hinata led a trail of varied kisses to his shaft. Some with tongue and some butterfly. She propped herself on her two elbows and looked up at Naruto who was looking down at her along with his manhood.

Naruto just wanted to take her there, but again.. he couldn't. Her chakra strings. bound him down. She blew on his tip, and made him squirm a bit. She blew it again, and grinned, "This is what you used to punish me... Na-ru-to?"

Naruto blushed and smirked at Hinata, "Hinata... What are you going to do about it?"

She smiled, "Oh, a little this, and a little that." Hinata rised to his face with her lips touching his lips lightly, "I'm going to punish you...and you going to WANT to fuck me all the way..."

Hinata traveled down to his manhood carrying a blush at what she just said... Did I just cursed?

She blew on his hardened penis again, and gave it a lick. Naruto shot up in bliss. "Watch me Na-ru-to... Your going to love it..."

His eyes tried to stay open while watching Hinata invade his hardened shaft. It felt so good that he couldn't barley keep his eyes open.

"aghhh... Hinata...," Naruto growled.

She licked, sucked, the daylights out of Naruto.

He squrimed so badly that he attempted to go in deeper to Hinata's mouth, which made her deep throated a couple of times. He released himself all over her, and she just licked it all up.

Naruto breathed along with his sweat for a minute or two. Suddenly he felt Hianta's hands again.

"Hinata... aggggghhh... you make me crazy for you..." Hinata smiled, " I know..."

Up. Down. UP. DOWN.

Hinata's hands squeezed and pumped onto his shaft. Naruto couldn't take it anymore. He felt his chakra coming about and broke Hinata's strings that bounded him to her bed.

Hinata looked up shocked and suddenly was pushed down with a strong force. Naruto shoved three fingers into her and pumped her wildly. Her juices came quickly, Hinata moaned.

"Hinata, I am going to take you and fuck you like crazy." Naruto growled.

I thinks I might of pushed him over the edge a bit much?...

"ughh...ahhhh... Na-- Naruto!" The burning of passion grew in her stomach, the passion filled with need. Naruto shoved himself into her and kissed her passionately.

He returned to stance, and pumped in and out of Hinata wildly. Hianta loved the feeling, this quickness, the hardness, everything was right. Hinata's head swung side to side with tears running sown her cheeks, it felt so good.

Her legs went around Naruto's waist, and increased the intensity.

They both came together in pure ecstasy... screaming each other's names.