A Hotel Room

There is queen size bed in the middle of the room, with muted colored walls and two night stands one on each side of the bed. Each table has a big, ugly lamp on it. On the bed is a body.

Suddenly there's a knock on the door breaking the silence.

"Housekeeping." The door opens and young woman enters. She

bends down and places a towel in front of the door to prop it open.

She turns and sees the body. "Excuse me. I'll come back later." She turns to leave but stops. She looks at the body again then places a hand over her mouth. "Oh my God". She runs out. Two hours later two people walk in and show their badges, one male and one female. The female walks over to the ME.

"What have we got?" She looks at the body then at the ME. "We

have a victim. Female. Early twenties. Very dead with no obvious

trauma." She looks at the woman. "We'll know more when we get her back to the morgue." The female detective looks around and sees her partner look at her. Two men are waiting. "Mind if we release the body Detective Eames?"

"In a few. I think Detective Goren is going to have a few questions."

As she walks away, she looks at the body. She thinks. "She's so young." Goren walks over as the ME is packing her

equipment. He looks at the body then at the ME. "Is this how she was

found?" The woman nods. "No one touched her?"

"No. The maid found her and called it in. She touched the outside door knob and the door itself to place a towel on the floor. She's outside if you want to talk to her." Goren looks at Eames and nods. Eames exits the room and finds the young woman by the railing visibly scared. She shows her her badge. "I'm Detective Eames. I was told you found the body."

The young woman looks up and nods. "You didn't perform CPR. Why?"

"It wouldn't have done any good. She wasn't breathing and she

was wrapped up all the way." The young woman has a slight accent as she speaks.

"Oh." Eames turns to find Goren standing there. He smiles at the

girl. "Find anything?" Goren shakes his head.

"Where are you from? I can't place the accent."

"I'm from Haiti." Her affirmation makes Goren nod. "May I go now Detective? I need to get back to work."

"I see. Have you seen this kind of death before?"

"No. I've not seen this kind of death before but I have heard of it." Goren looks at her. He's very interested. "So what do you think caused this girl to die?" The girl looks around and looks more frightened than before.

"The loa caused it." Eames and Goren look at each other.

"Voodoo?" Goren is frowning. "You think this was caused by Voodoo?"

She nods. "Ok. Give Detective Eames your name, address, and number in case we have to get in touch with you." Eames and the girl walk away as Goren reenters the room. He looks at the body.

"Detective? We'd like to take the body now."

Goren looks at them. "Sure. Go ahead." They load the body on the

Gurney and walk away. "So who was your mambo? And what did you

do to make her so mad that she would kill you" Eames rejoins her



"She really doesn't know anything except for what she's already

told us. And that wasn't much." Goren looks around the room then

begins to look around on the floor. He sees something there and he

kneels and picks it up, holding it up for Eames to see. It's a button.

"Button, Button. Who's missing a button."

In a Cheap Motel

Sam is on the internet looking through the online newspapers. He stops and reads and article then looks up at Dean. "Dean?" Dean looks up as Sam says "I think I found something."

Dean is sharpening a knife.

"What" he says and places the knife on the bed and closes the

whet stone. He walks over to his brother and looks around the dull

white room with ugly mint green rug. "These rooms are really bad." He

sighs and looks at the laptop. His eyes narrow as he looks at Sam.

"Sounds like our kind of gig."

"It could be." Sam looks around. "I think they just move these

rooms from one place to another." Sam thinks. He continues. "Do you

think these places get wholesale specials?"

"What?" Dean asks "Where's this going?"

"Dean, the last four motels have had the same color scheme.

From the white walls, green carpet to the ugly night tables and lamps

to this." He looks at the table they're sitting at. Dean smirks. "They're

doing it just to see if you're paying attention."

"That which doesn't kill us, makes us stronger."


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