Vala frowns. She motions to the man and he goes upstairs. Dean looks at John and he frowns.

"Dad are you ok?" John nods. Vala removes his gag.

"I'm fine, son. Are you and Sammy ok?" John asks, concern evident in his voice.

"Yes sir. Sam did to the car what he did to Caleb's jeep." They smile. Dean looks at Vala. "Where's the vial Vala? It's not where you put it. So where did you really put it?"

"It's in a safe place. Don't worry, Dean. I know exactly where it is."

John looks at her. "Who do you plan on Rangda possessing?"

She smiles at them. "I think that you already know that answer. But it must be his choice to accept Rangda." John shakes his head.

"Sam will never do that. You're wasting your time." Vala smiles at them and it's not a nice smile.

"I think he will." She says quietly, conspiracy in her voice. The man walks back downstairs and Vala looks at him; he shakes his head.

She turns to Dean and he's staring at them. "What do you mean he's not here?" Vala starts toward Dean. "What did you tell him?" She stops in front. of him.

"That you're after him because of his abilities." Sam is watching from a room under the stairs. "You know you're not going to find him."

Vala slowly smiles at him. Dean cries out in pain. She looks at John. Suddenly he begins to gasp for air as Dean cries out again.

"Sam, I know you're close. I will keep this up until you come out or they die. It's your choice." Dean cries out as John is turning blue. Sam opens the door and steps out. He sees his dad and brother.

"Stop!" Vala smiles at him. John begins breathing. Dean looks at

Sam. "What do you want from me?"

"No Sammy! Don't!" John struggles against his bonds. Vala smiles at Sam. "Son, don't." Dean looks at him.

"What do you want from me Vala? What do I have to do to keep my family alive?"

"Accept Rangda. Embrace him willingly and they will live. If you don't, then I will forced to kill your family." Sam looks at Dean then at John. He looks at Vala. "Well?"

"Turn them loose; then I will embrace Rangda." Vala looks at John and Dean. She then looks at Sam. "They won't interfere. I just want a few minutes with my family." Vala nods. The man unlocks Dean's handcuffs. He cuts John's bounds. Dean and John stand up. Dean looks at Vala.

"Could we have sometime alone?"

"Fine. I'll give you ten minutes to say your good-byes." She looks at the man and they walk upstairs. John looks at Sam.

"Have you lost your mind Sam?"

"No. After she places Rangda inside, say this." He hand a paper to John. "This will place the spirit back into the vial."

"" Sam smiles.

"I wasn't just hiding. I used the laptop and found it." Dean looks at him. "I'm sure. The person's name is Carlina. She was calling to give this to Dean." He smiles. "I also paid a nice young woman from the fast food place to call the cops. Her name is Tori." Vala walks down the stairs. She smiles at Sam. Sam hugs John and shakes Dean's hand. He looks at Vala.

"Ready, Sam?" Sam nods. She motions to a chair. "Sit there. I need to prepare."

He sits down. Vala begins to place some candles in a circle around the chair. Dean watches her for a minute.

"Vala, what happened to you?" She looks at him.

"Rangda opened my eyes. He pointed out what I would gain from following him. He showed me that by finding Sam I would be invincible. I will not have to worry about my followers trying to get rid of me. Together Sam and I are invincible."

She looks at Sam then at Dean. Sam shivers. Vala begins to chant and walk around Sam. She stops in front of him and kisses him deeply and then her legs suddenly give out. She collapses onto the floor and closes her eyes. John takes the paper out . He begins to read the incantation in Latin. Vala's eyes fly open and she stares at John. She screams. She stands and lunges for John. Dean grabs her as Goren and Eames walk in. They stare as a thick black smoke is released from Sam's mouth. John forces it into a small vial. He places the stopper in it. He looks at Sam.

"Are you alright son?" John asks, and Sam nods.

"Yes, sir." Goren and Eames stare. Goren looks at John.

"What was that?"

"This is a spirit. There is the woman you've been looking for." Goren looks at Vala, as Eames walks over and puts handcuffs on her. Goren looks at John and Dean. They smile as Vala and the man are led away. Eames and Goren look at them.

"So... what just happened here?" Goren is looking at the three of them. He looks at Eames who shrugs. "Well?" Sam looks at Dean then at his dad.

"Detective, let's just say you got the real bad guy. You also saw black magic. What she was practicing was Hoodoo not Voodoo. There is a big difference." He smiles. "We'll get rid of the spirit where no one else will ever be possessed by it."

"Where would that be?" Eames is looking at John. He looks at Sam.

"We're going to send it back to hell." John replies, and Eames opens her mouth to say something. "Trust me. You don't want to know. But it's legal." Goren nods. They walk out. As they start to get into the car, Bobby looks at Alex.

"So should we include this in the report?" Alex looks at him.

"No. I think this is better left out." She looks at the house. "And, also, we should leave out the Winchesters." She looks at Bobby. "Don't you agree? Besides who'd believe it?" Bobby nods and they get into the car. They drive away.

Inside the house, Dean looks at Sam. "So Sam, how do we get rid of this?" He frowns as Sam walks to the room he'd hidden in. John and Dean stare. There are patches in the wall. Each one has a symbol and a name on it. Sam places the vial inside a hole. He picks up some patching material and begins to fill the hole in. Dean looks around.

"What is this place?"

"A graveyard for spirits. Michael showed this room to me a long time ago." Dean looks at him as John smiles. "I remember this place because I used it to hide from Dad." John shakes his head in memory.

"I don't ignore everything."

"Just me." Sam shakes his head. "What?"

"I don't ignore everything you say." They smile as Sam finishes sealing the hole. They exit. John gets into his truck as the boys get into the Impala. They drive away.