Categories: Hurt/Comfort, Friendship, slight romance

This isn't particularly S/J focused, but the challenge word was 'Memorial' - for Memorial Day in the US. I didn't feel right trying to come up with my usual silly fluff for this challenge. Therefore, this is a stand-alone.

As Bra'tac said each name, those they had left behind remembered.

"Charlie O'Neill."

Bright laughing eyes, full of mischief, joy …


Beautiful, mischievous, loving …


Strong, passionate, stubborn, loving …

"Janet Fraiser."

Caring, dedicated, stubborn, fearless …

"Jacob Carter."

Stubborn, cantankerous, loving, a leader …

"We will remember them," Bra'tac continued. He thumped his fist to his chest.

"We will," O'Neill of Minnesota said, his voice cracking slightly. Colonel Carter, tears falling down her cheeks, slipped an arm around his waist.

Bra'tac was pleased to see that the two stubborn warriors had finally found each other.

"Martouf," O'Neill suddenly said.

The Tok'ra? Bra'tac was surprised at this addition, then remembered how the man had died – and that Colonel Carter had been very close to him.

"Martouf," the beautiful woman echoed. "We will remember them."

"Indeed," Teal'c said, thumping his fist to his chest.

Bra'tac watched as the four converged on each other in something he'd learned was called a 'group hug'. They were still close, despite O'Neill's leaving the SGC and Teal'c's frequent absences on Dakara.

"Bra'tac!" O'Neill barked suddenly.

"O'Neill?" The younger man had brought to mind Le'rak – Bra'tac's father – with that commanding tone.

"Get over here, y'old coot."

And, with that, Bra'tac found himself drawn into the group – no longer on the periphery.

"Thank you," Colonel Carter murmured, planting an affectionate kiss on his cheek.

Startled, Bra'tac gave her a wide smile, then returned the kiss.

"Hey, no funny ideas, old man," O'Neill said teasingly, one of the first to break away from the close hug.

Neither O'Neill's words nor his actions surprised the old Jaffa. O'Neill was always uncomfortable with his emotions, hiding them with a wry quip or anger, as the situation warranted.

"Of course," Bra'tac said. He had never married, had never even been in love, but now he began to wonder if he'd missed out on something special. Despite the losses these people had suffered in less than twelve years, they loved and were loved.

"Seriously, old man …," O'Neill continued, his fingers unconsciously seeking out Colonel Carter's, "thanks for this. I think we needed it."

"You are welcome, O'Neill of Minnesota," Bra'tac told his friend. When had these youthful impulsive people of the Tauri become his friends?

Bra'tac sat back and watched as his young friends drifted slightly apart, but still close, sharing their memories of their loved ones. Ler'ak of the Red Plains; we will remember you.