These gatherings have become a frequent occurrence as of late

To build up again the team spirit

In a crowded bar

Where she is in the centre of everyone's attention

And you hate it

You want her all to yourself

It's selfish you know, it's pretty stupid, too

She's not a toy or a pet that you own

You have no right to feel this way

Yet, when you see them look at her, want in their eyes

Madness boils inside of you

She's yours

Your dream, your fantasy

They flirt, touch, talk

While your body shakes with fury

You curse yourself for being irrational

As you try to bear in mind

You have no right to feel this way

Across the room your eyes meet

Gleaming dangerously

She moves over to your side

And under their watchful eyes

She claims your lips

Wordlessly announcing: You're hers