Just a little one shot!

Testing Lipsticks


Sam, as she rarely did, was testing lipsticks. She tried one on, then took it off. Danny tagged along, because apparently, he had nothing to do.

"Sam, I thought you were Goth! Come on! The new Doom is out!" he said. Sam turned around, one eyebrow up. She opened her mouth, then closed it. Then she opened it again.

"How many times do you see me testing lipsticks, Danny?" Said Sam. Danny sighed.


"And how many times, when your seeing boy things do I nag and say I want to test lipsticks?"

"Once." He replied. She smiled, waving the lipstick in her hand. She tried another one.

"Hey Sam, I have something to tell you something." He said. She smiled. Every girl knew that when a boy says they have to tell you something they are either going to admit their feelings or say something bad. Of course, nothing bad has happened. So…maybe he was going to say something!

"You have something right here." He said, dipping his finger into her face and taking something white. He tasted it. (EWW! I don't know why some boys do that!)


"Okay, eww." She said. He smiled. She turned around and tried another one. This one was strawberry. She, unusually, tasted the lipstick that was on her lips. It actually tasted kind on good. She turned around.

"This one tastes kind of good." She said. He chuckled.

"Now that deserves and eww." He said. She rolled her eyes.

"And what is wrong about lipstick? You smell like King Kong: The Aftermath everyday after PE" she said, cracking herself up. He made his hands into fists and pounded them into his chest, and started acting like a monkey, causing everyone to look at him. She blushed, and Danny grabbed her hand.

"Come on Sam." He said. And off they went. They came across a video game store, and Danny started to smile. She rolled her eyes.

"You can go." Said Sam. He looked at her.

"But I need you to do something for me first." He said.

"What?" she asked. He slowly moved towards her. He lightly kissed her, and wrapped his arms around her waist. She smiled in between the kiss and put her arms around his neck. The kiss became more passionate, as tongues fought for power. Before ending the kiss, Danny tasted her lips.

"Go buy that lipstick." He said. He ran inside the store, being followed by woos. She smiled and touched her lips.

She was so buying that lipstick.

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