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"Jack!" Daniel called from his crouched position on the ground. His glasses were coated in the vast amount of dust that lined the planet's surface. His hands, that were enthusiastically rubbing and wiping the grit off something on the ground, weren't even recognisable as skin. They were grey as the clouds that slowly filled the sky, threatening a fierce tempest.

"What, Daniel?" Jack said tiredly. He did not want to be around when the storm arrived. "Take a picture, I'll look later,"

"Rings!" he said completely ignoring the Colonel as usual. He was excited, if not slightly nervous. Fortunately the last word had caught everybody's attention and Jack didn't grace him with an O'Neill scowl. "There are no signs of any civilisation or worship…technology… I don't understand why the Goa'uld would want to come here at all,"

"I don't know why anybody would want to be here, Daniel," Jack said grumpily brushing down his clothes from the recent dust that had settled on them. "We'll check it out later. Right now, I think the weather is our biggest problem,"

"Weather?" Daniel said puzzled finally looking up after being so engrossed with the ground. "Those clouds are hardly anything to worry about, give me ten more minutes,"

"Daniel," Jack growled menacingly. "Pack up, now,"

The archaeologist completely ignored him and set about uncovering the rest of the ring platform.

"That's strange." Daniel muttered. Sam walked over to him from stuffing her pack and crouched down beside him.

"What?" she asked.

"There is a huge crack lining the outside of the ring and veering off to the left, I was just wondering what could have caused it,"

"An earthquake, possibly?" she offered.

"Maybe but wouldn't there be more cracks, instead of a single one?"

A heavy boot slammed down in front of them, disrupting their musings and causing both of them to jump. "Didn't I tell you kids to pack up?"

"Uh…Jack?" Daniel said with a real edge of fear to his voice. A loud crack brought the Colonel to his senses. The ground shifted below his feet and he felt the intense weakness of the earth which he had pummelled with his foot. Jack felt a sickening lurch in his stomach as his leg sunk into the ground breaking the fragile surface. His knee stopped the whole of his leg from falling through.

"Ahh!" he cried in pain as he felt his knee pop. His vision blotched in pain and he blinked away the dizziness. He glanced down at the damage; his knee had started to swell already underneath his clothes. The ground around started to crack and quiver.

"Sir!" Carter jumped to her feet, grabbed his arm to stop him falling further and tried to pull him from the ground.

A crack as loud as a gunshot sounded from near Teal'c a few metres away. The large Jaffa backed away from the crack that was slowly opening at his feet as pieces of the ground crumbled away into an abyss below them. Luckily Teal'c was on their side of the growing canyon. The whole ground was rumbling furiously, patches near and further away were starting to break off and fall into the chasm.

"Daniel! Get to the gate and dial it!" Jack barked through gritted teeth. Daniel nodded and set off at a sprint to the Stargate that was a good 15 minutes away, even if you were running. "Ahh!" Jack yelled as his other foot broke the surface, he fell a few inches until the ground pinned his waist. It looked as if the surface they had been walking on was actually hollow; the largest crack that had emerged near Teal'c was now a gaping hole, allowing them to see the large cave beneath them. The cavern was about the length of a football pitch and twice as wide.

"Colonel!" Carter screamed and locked her other arm with his. Teal'c had jogged over, not willing to get too close to the pair in case his weight compromised the unstable ground further.

The pair were circled by a spider's web of cracks and fissures; Teal'c was amazed that the ground hadn't given out already. The hole that had started near Teal'c's feet was widening further while the planet grumbled angrily. Teal'c stood helpless as Carter struggled to pull the Colonel from his trap. She had kneeled down to get to his level being sure to stay on the ring platform which seemed to be sturdier than the rest of the ground.

"Sir! I can't pull you without disturbing the ground further," she said, voice still strong and confident. "Is there anywhere below you that you may be able to use as a foothold?"

"There is nothing below, Carter, as far as I can tell," Jack said calmly. Teal'c often admired how his friends managed to remain so composed in situations such as these. O'Neill's face, however, had paled from the pain and Major Carter's forehead was sweating lightly but they didn't panic for each other's sake. "Teal'c could you see if you could make your way over here?" O'Neill said.

Teal'c inched his foot cautiously over towards them. He could feel the feebleness of the earth beneath his foot so brought his knee down and knelt to alleviate pressure. A crack appeared from where his knee touched the ground. Teal'c raised an eyebrow towards O'Neill. He nodded to indicate that Teal'c should carry on further. The large man stood up, returning to his original strategy, and checked each step he took towards them, treading softly until...

CRACK! POP! A fracture appeared at Teal'c's foot sped towards Colonel O'Neill and Major Carter. It stopped just short of reaching the Colonel's waist. Jack let out the breath he was holding.

"I don't think you can help this time, big guy," Jack grinned. His skin had grown very ashen and thin sheen of sweat coated his brow, his breath was heavy and sharp. Carter wasn't pulling on his arms any more but he still held on tightly to her wrist causing his knuckles to be as white as his face had turned. Teal'c couldn't tell if this was his fear of falling further or that he just needed the comfort at that moment, the Jaffa could take a good guess though. Teal'c nodded. "Help…Daniel," Jack gasped. Breathing was getting harder for him. The ground was gripping him tightly with nothing to push against his legs, it was constricting his breathing. "Tell the SGC what's happened. Both of you. It's too dangerous to stay longer and I don't think I'm going anywhere," It was then he let go of Carter.

"No, sir," she said firmly.

"Please Carter, don't argue with me now," Jack said "It's not fair, you have a better supply of oxygen," he grinned to reassure her.

"O'Neill," Teal'c said and pointed to the larger gap that was growing towards them from Teal'c's previous location. The hole had grown into a rectangular shape that was about 6 or 7 metres long and 2 metres across. It was increases in length towards them.

"Fer cryin out loud," It sped up towards them "Carter, Teal'c, move!" Jack ordered.

Teal'c immediately rolled away from the oncoming pit but Carter grabbed the Colonel's wrists once more and tried to pull him out of the ground. Teal'c watched wide-eyed as the crack met them and broke O'Neill free and he fell below the surface, Jack desperately held onto his Major as she flattened herself against the ground to lessen the pressure on the surface. Jack heard her shoulder pop as his weight pulled it out of the socket.

She screamed in agony and let go of his arm. "Teal'c! Get help!" she shouted. There were tears in her eyes and dust coated her face and lips.

Teal'c made one more attempt at getting closer but stopped when the cracks widened and snapped menacingly at him.

"I will be back soon, hold on," Teal'c said gravely and sprinted in the direction of the gate and hopefully where Daniel stood waiting.

"Sir! I can't pull you up, how far is the drop below you?" Sam asked facing the Colonel. Jack twisted his head to look below him and immediately regretted doing so and scrunched his eyes shut.

"Carter, I can't even see the bottom in daylight,"

"Are you near a wall?" she said coughing out some dust that was continuing to invade her nose and throat.

He glimpsed around at the wide cavern and found no hope; he looked at Carter and their locked wrists. He was slipping even now, he didn't want to grab the other one in fear of injuring her further. Her eyes were red and watering from the vast amount of grit that was attacking them.

"It's too dangerous for you to be here, Major," Jack said in his most commanding voice. His voice croaked "Let go,"

"No, sir," she whispered. Her shoulder protested loudly at her to get up from the hard ground, she could hardly see from all the dust in her eyes, that was also clogging her air passages.

"Sam…" she looked straight at him. His dark eyes were pleading for her to get away to safety. "Please, let me go,"

"No!" she shouted at him. The ground started shifting beneath her and crumbs of dirt fell away from the hole Jack had made. A loud snap sounded close by. The whole earth was falling away "Teal'c and Daniel will be back and we'll be able to get you out. You just have to hang on a little longer, sir,"

"Carter! The ground is literally breaking away around you! Get out before you fall too," Jack said "This is a direct order, Major, LET GO!" Jack released his grip fell a few inches. Without both of them holding on he slipped further and quicker from her grasp. Desperation was in her eyes, tears streamed her face as she watched him gradually slip away from her.

"No," she whispered. He locked eyes with her.

He fell from her grasp and out of her sight.

"SIR!" she screamed letting more grit coat her throat. Her eyes scanned the darkness and her ears listened for sounds of impact or his voice telling her he was fine or anything other than the ominous cracking and popping of unstable ground. "JACK!" her voice echoed.

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