Title: The Shower Experience

Rating: K+ (for some content)

Summary: After the shower scene in 4x4, Greg told Sara he didn't see anything...or did he?

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

A/N: My first attempt at a little Greg/Sara. It's not a lot, it's just a tad bit of fluff ;)

This was definetly not how Greg Sanders had invisioned this in his mind. This was supposed to be...comfortable, romantic. Somehow being forced into a shower at a crime-scene and stripped naked because Hazmat had to come in did not seem in any way comfortable let alone romantic in his mind. Greg had it all planned-out...for the one day that Sara excepted his dinner invitation.

A warm fire in the room. Outside on the balcony there was a dinner table set for two with candlesticks luminated the small eating area. Most of the light was coming from the stars and the moon overhead and the only sound was that of the rippling stream underneath them. It was perfect.

He was standing in the mirror fixing the black tie of his over-priced rented tuxedo. His hair was fixed, no longer spiky or drowned in hair gel. It was its natural color, a light yet dark brownish color. Before walking out to the balcony he added the final touch- he picked a rose from off of the table and clipped it, setting it in the left breast pocket on his jacket.

Finally he headed out to the balcony and turned around, waiting for her to come out. The twin china doors opened and she emerged, her white dress blowing in the cold night breeze behind her. The dress sleeves fell just below her shoulders, and they wrapped around her arms. The collar was just below her heart, giving him a fair view of her breasts.

She shot him a smile and headed over to the table. Immediately he walked over to her seat and pulled the chair out for her, waiting for her to sit down.

"Thank you," she smiled, taking a seat.

"Anything for you, my love," he smiled.

Ice-cold water being poured over his head brought Greg Sanders back to reality. He frowned as the reailzation hit him that he was very much indeed not at a luxury hotel with Sara eating a four-star restaurant dinner on the balcony over-looking the courtyard. Shutting his eyes as soap was poured over his head, he looked down at the concrete that served as the floor of the shower as the soap fell onto the ground. When the soap was washed away, he cracked one eye open, only to catch a glimpse of a perfectly-tanned, freckle-dusted leg.

Oh shoot! he thought to himself, That's Sara's leg! He tried to be a gentlemen. He tried to turn away as best he could. But it was one of those things where he couldn't stare at it, yet he couldn't bare to tear his eyes away from it. Just a glimpse, just a little...peek...is okay, right? he asked himself. Looking over at her leg again, he watched as a trail of water and soap dripped down her thigh, and his eyes immediately followed it. Turn away, turn away, turn away! he thought to himself.

He felt eyes burning into the back of his head. He knew that feeling. His head shot him and he made eye-contact with Sara. Shoot! Did she see me? I tried to turn away, I swear I did! he thought to himself, as if he were actually apologizing to her right then and there. As they made eye-contact, Greg quickly turned away as more cold water was poured onto his head.

Greg brought his gaze back down to the ground. Just look at the ground, look at the ground, look at the ground, he told himself. But then he caught a glimpse of a foot. Must...not...look...

Greg looked. Sara's firm and perfectly-curved calve led him down to her ankles. And then he saw the tattoo on her foot. A blue sun. I didn't know she had a tattoo... Greg thought. And then he mentally slapped himself in the face. Duh, you idiot! You're not supposed to know she has a tattoo! You wouldn't know unless YOU WERE LOOKING, YOU PERVERT!

Greg turned around so that his back was facing Sara. Almost done, Sanders...think of something else, don't think about how soft and silky smooth her skin must feel... That was not helping Greg's situation. No! Think of something else... he thought, a lake! Right, a lake... This was still not helping Mr. Sanders. Thinking of a lake ultimately ended up with him imagining him and Sara splashing each other in a lake, both of them getting sopping wet, and then him carrying her into a log cabin by the lake and sitting down in front of a warm fire with her in his lap.

I can't believe this! Greg thought.

Finally the shower was turned off. All sound ceased except for the sound of small water droplets wetting the already-drenched concrete. Greg looked around and he was thrown a towel which he immediately took and started drying himself off with. Turning around, he was horrified to discover that his gaze was once again turned to look at Sara.

She had her back turned to him and her towel was wrapped around her waist, leaving her back and arms gloriously bare to his eyes. His breath caught in his throat as he looked at her back, once again looking at the tanned skin covered in freckles. Unable to falter his gaze, he soon found himself watching her get dressed right before his eyes. A pair of blue CSI scrubs were handed to her, and...

Greg turned around. He was sweating. He had just been soaked in freezing-cold water and he was sweating. Jeez! This wasn't supposed to happen! He was supposed to come to the scene with Sara, process, and go to the lab. That was it. He never heard the part about being crammed in a tight space with her, watching as water dripped over their naked bodies.

Greg quickly got dressed in his blue scrubs and almost ran out of the shower. Sara emerged shortly after, zipping up the front of the suit when she discovered the look on Greg's face. "You okay, Greg?" she asked.

"Yeah! I'm...fine..." Greg said, looking over at her. Oh jeez, she's not wearing a bra...

Greg almost screamed when a police officer patted him on the back. Flipping around, he saw the officer who pointed to a patrol car they would be escorted back to the lab in. Greg dashed toward the car, getting in and slamming the door behind him, trying to get the images of Sara he saw in the shower out of his mind.

The trip back to the lab was torture for Greg. Sara sat in the passenger's seat, the whole time looking out the window. Her wet hair was matted down and she kept having to tuck one stubborn strand of hair away from her eyes, granting Greg a free glance at her face; her beautiful brown eyes, her even skin-tone, her pink lips. Definetly not helping Greg Sanders try to calm down at the moment.

As soon as Greg and Sara had gotten themselves dried-off in the lab, they were headed into the layout room to look over evidence. Greg walked by Sara's side, fidgeting nervously. "Sara, I...just want you to know..." Greg started. "...When we were in the shower, I didn't...see anything."

Sara looked over at him, hair completely out of her face and tucked in a tight bun behind her head. "Oh really?" she asked. "Gosh, I saw everything..."

Oh my god! She saw me? What...if.. Greg tried to control the flush red color of his cheeks as they walked past Grissom.

He didn't even notice the look of shock that appeared on Grissom's face as he watched them descend down the hallway.

The End