A/N: I got a lot of people telling me they wanted Sara's POV, too, so here it is:)

Damn it, he's staring at my butt, I know it.

It was safe to say that Sara Sidle's day had gone down the drain relatively quickly. She always liked working cases with Greg; they were good friends- always joking around with each other and laughing. She thought that today was going to be just like any other day- another case, another victim (even though Sara knew victims were much more than just victims)...another crime. She expected having to take pictures of the scene and dust for fingerprints and run the AV over bed-sheets.

But she definitely did not expect to have to take a shower with her younger coworker. Actually, she had been stripped naked and forced into a shower with her younger coworker. But it didn't matter what had happened! This was definitely awkward for her.

So why was she here? Sara didn't exactly know. One minute she had been taking photographs of the scene; talking with Greg about what he had found in the victim's nightstand drawer. And the next she was being dragged out of the house with Greg by some guys from HAZMAT (Sara's first thought was that the government was coming to look for E.T.), along with Greg who looked just as confused as she did.

"We have a biohazard situation. You need to be decontaminated immediately."

That was all they had said. They didn't bother to tell Sara or Greg exactly what the situation was, and instead they dragged both of them into the make-shift tent.

So now Sara was in the middle of the tent having ice-cold water poured down over her head by a man in a HAZMAT suit. She could feel Greg's- or someone's- eyes burning into the back of her head. The situation was turning into more than just awkward.

This is ridiculous. Damn it, quick looking at me! I bet you have a wife; she's not going to be happy about this, Sara thought, looking up at the man who was spraying the water over her head. And it's cold! Can't you at least warm it up a little bit? Warm water kills more germs!

She looked down at her foot and rolled her eyes. Great place for a tattoo, genius.

She sighed and looked over at Greg. His eyes were on her. He turned away the second they made eye-contact with eachother.

Of course he's staring. Everyone's staring. At least I'm not staring.

And as soon as that thought crossed Sara's mind she caught a glimpse of skin. Greg's skin.

Damn karma... Sara thought, though she did not tear her eyes away from what she was looking at. It was Greg's arm. Her eyes travelled up and down his arm as she got a fair view of his chest. He was surprisingly muscular from what Sara could see as she observed his hairless chest.

What are you doing? Look away! This is Greg for god's sake! Sara thought, quickly turning around only to be sprayed in the face with another gallon or two of icy water. Good thing the water's cold... Sara thought to herself.


...did that mean...

...that she was feeling attracted...

...to Greg?

Who wouldn't be! You're both naked, you're, you're...sopping wet... Sara thought to herself. No! Get those thoughts out of your mind! This isn't you! You have to maintain your professionalism, even in a situation like this!

But he's sopping wet...look how the water drips over his body...tracing every curve...

Sara wanted to take a gun and shoot herself. This stupid voice in her head was making things oh-so worse.

I can't do this! I have to get through this...I need to take a deep breath, and just calm down. Steady my nerves.

Surprisingly, Sara found the little voice in her head shutting up. Good, then.

Sara had composed herself rather well and was relieved to find the water turning off. She shook some water off of her arms and legs and was thrown a towel which she took rather quickly. She dried her hair off as best she could, letting the damp strands of brown hair fall over her shoulders, and dried the rest of her body off before wrapping the towel around her waist. I need clothes... she thought to herself.

As if on cue, a pair of blue CSI scrubs were thrown her way. She took them and quickly put them on, not hearing Greg leave as she zipped them up. Turning around, she saw him nowhere in sight and walked out only to discover him looking a bit nervous and uncomfortable. She tilted her head.

"You okay, Greg?" she asked.

Greg jumped a little, looking over at her. She could see him wearing the same blue scrubs as her. "Yeah! I'm...fine.." he told her.

Sara just nodded slowly, looking at where his gaze was falling. Damn it, I'm not wearing a bra...well, I guess I walked right into that one, didn't I?

An officer showed them to a patrol car and Sara purposely sat in the front seat so she could be a distance from Greg. She wasn't angry at him...she was still trying to calm her nerves. This is normal, right? Of course it is, you were just in a shower for god-knows-how-long with the man, of course you're going to need to calm your nerves. And...get the thoughts of his body out of your mind- no, his naked body...out of your mind.

Sara bit her bottom lip so she wouldn't scream in frustration. Damn me and my observant mind.

After arriving at the lab and putting her hair up so it would be out of her face, Greg and Sara descended down the hallway to look over evidence and ask Doc Robbins why exactly they had been stripped naked and forced into a shower. Sara looked over at Greg who was walking along-side her.

"Sara, I...just want you to know..."

Sara watched as Greg began to speak.

"...When we were in the shower, I didn't...see anything."

Sara grinned a bit, supressing a laugh. Of course you didn't. "Really?" she asked. "Gosh, I saw everything..."

She smiled in satisfaction as she noticed the shocked look on Greg's face.

But not on Grissom's.

The End (for real!)