Searchin' for a Hero

An Ashley Massaro/John Cena fanfic

I'll try to keep the story as close to reality (with ppv, matches, clothes, injuries…) that I could. Of course there will be the fiction part of the relationships and of Ashley already coming back.

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I'm sorry for grammatical errors, English is not my own language I'm Italian. I'm trying to do my best! I hope you enjoy it!
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Chapter 1
"Coming back"

Yeah! I'm coming back!
That was the only thing she could think of at this moment. She couldn't wait anymore to come back where she belonged. The injury took her off for like 4 months, but now her moment was finally arrived. The hardest part wasn't the pain of the injury but staying at home when everybody was on the road! She missed everything so much. Hanging out with the others (yeah even the bitches or psycho Mickey), training, the shows, her friends, the fans… everything! And now, after 4 months of inactivity, the chairman of the WWE called her to talk about her situation.

She was a little nervous but hold herself together and knocked on his door.

-Come in…

-Good afternoon Mr. McMahon.

-Good afternoon Miss Massaro. Please take a seat.

-Thank you.

-So, how are you?

-I'm fine, thanks. I mean the rehab is going well and I left the crutches 3 weeks ago.

-Good to hear. Ashley, we have to talk about your situation.

-Yes, I'm ready…

-I want to be honest with you. You weren't the best diva in our locker room before your injury… talking only about wrestling abilities obviously – he added with a smile.

-Yeah, I know. But I've worked really hard since I won the contest and-

-Yes, I know that too, Ashley. But btw this is not a problem, I mean, it's one of the consequences of our divas search, taking models and turning them into wrestlers. You were doing good, I know. It's why you teamed up with our women champion, to improve your wrestling abilities.

-Yes sir, Trish helped me a lot with the moves and so on.

-But now, as both we know, Trish is injured too and for the moment she couldn't train you. And after your injury you really need to be trained again to come back in the ring.

-Are you saying that it's not sure that I'll come back? – she asked with a worried voice.

-No, I'm not. Relax Ashley, I'm sure you'll come back. But you have to find a new trainer, you need to work hard with her/him and only then you'll be in that ring again.

-It's kinda a trial period… right?

-Kind of. But don't worry, you're still part of our big family so since now you're back with us. Now go finally back to your locker room and get ready for tonight.

-But I thought that-

-You will host the Kiss Cam with Maria 'till you'll ready for a match. I don't want that our fans are left without their 2005 winner anymore.

-Thanks Mr. McMahon. I'm really glad of hearing that and I'll work even harder than before. So who's my new trainer?

-Oh this is up to you. Pick whoever you want from our roster. I guess you're going to work better with some one you get along.

-Ok, thank you very much. Goodbye.

-Goodbye Ashley.

They shook hands and while Ashley was closing his office's door she was greeted by Trish who was there, waiting for her.

-So, everything's ok? Are you coming back?

-Yeah –she did her 'rock thing' with the hands- or at least I hope so!

-What do you mean by that?

Ashley told her best friend all the speech that Mr. McMahon gave her.

-You're definitely comin' back Ash!

-Trish did you hear me?

-Oh C'mon! If he wasn't interested to bring you back he would already fired you, you know!

-Yes, but-

-"But nothing". He only wants to motivate you so you'll improve your abilities! I'm sure!

-Ok –Ashley smiled- but now let's focus on the reality: I have to find someone!

-Right! Let's make a list, it will be easier.

-Well… a great, big, huge "NO" on all the divas… you know they hate me.

-Bitches. Are you sure there isn't anyone of them?

-You. –Ashley smiled

-I'd love to, honey, but my shoulder… anyone else?

-Well, I'm good with Maria… -Ashley raised an eyebrow while she was finishing her sentence.

-Ok, let's skip to the men! –Trish said laughing.


They sat down outside men's locker room and began to write the list:


Divas (bitches!)
Shawn (injured)
Spirit Squad
Kane (evil!)
Big Show (too big!)
HHH (king of jackasses)
Edge (with hoe)



-What about The Masterpiece?

-C'mon Ash, that guy is a total jerk!

-I don't want to marry him Trish, I only need a trainer!

-Not him.

-Ok, mmm Carlito?

-Yeah and then you'll start spitting apples all around and trust me that's not cool!

Ashley laughed while Trish put the last two names on the other side.

-I give up! There's anyone else! I'm going to wait 'till you'll recover.

-Wait! There's somebody else!

-Oh Really? I have no time to play with Eugene!

-Not him.

-And who?

Trish smiled as she pointed at men's locker room. Ashley turned her head to see in front of them the WWE Champion John Cena.

-Hi Trish, Hey Ash! Good to have yo finally back!


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